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ABC dances away with Monday's ratings crown

Is there anything Kate Gosselin can't do?

GOSSELIN The reality star made her debut on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" and helped power the talent show to its best season-premiere numbers ever. Almost 24 million people tuned in to the two-hour episode and helped drive ABC to a Monday night win in both viewers and key demographics.

Of course, many may have been tuning in to see if Gosselin would stumble and still others might have checked out the show to see what Pam Anderson would wear or whether football star Chad Ochocinco would score big off the field. Wonder if Jon Gosselin would get as big an audience.

Besides landing 23.9 million viewers, "Dancing with the Stars" scored a 6.3 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic, according to Nielsen. Each rating point in that demographic equals 1.3 million viewers. For ABC, the Monday numbers were its best since the 2001 Rose Bowl.

The strong numbers from 8-10 p.m. had a trickle-down effect for ABC's "Castle," which beat CBS's "CSI Miami" for the first time in the 10-11 p.m. hour.

For the night, it was ABC in first with 20.2 million viewers and a 5.4 rating in adults 18-49. CBS was second with 11 million viewers a 3.9 rating. 

-- Joe Flint

Photo: Kate Gosselin. Credit: Katy Winn / Associated Press

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Nobody wants to watch octomom compete.


and NO, I'm not Her brother.


Do you think people watched the premier of Dancing with the Stars because of Kate? You gotta be kidding!

Go Kate! Gosselin all the way.

Kate was just horrible. Talk about wooden! At least Buzz Aldrin is 80 years old and has an excuse for being stiff.

One of the judges said it looked like Kate's partner was pushing her around like a shopping cart. She looked daggers at the judge.

Kate is used to dishing it out to other people - not having to take it. On her reality show, footage was shot and then edited. It's not like that on live TV.

Kate Gosselin is not octomom. You have your moms confused.

Kate Gosselin is a narcissist whose goal is to be famous, kids be damned.
That is what propels her, and all the while she says she's 'doing it for the

I don't believe she's doing it because she needs the money. Maybe if she
didn't spend $500 on a pair of shoes (of which she has dozens), she'd be
able to save up enough to spend a few days with her kids.

Seems like the only time she's with her kids is when there's a photo op
involved. Those poor, lonely little kids! My heart breaks for them.

Actually...technically speaking...Kate IS an 'octomom'...Jon & Kate plus EIGHT? :-)

the reporter must be related to Kate since like all reality stars she actually has no talent.

Your opening sentence says "Is there any thing Kate Gosselin can't do?", yeah SHE CAN'T DANCE.

Yes there are things Kate can't do:
She can't keep her man.
She can't be a good mom.,
She can't dance.
She can't act.
She can't sing.
She can't write.
The list is really endless.

It would be nice if all of the people who have bashed Ms. Gosselin based on what they've watched or read in the tabloids, would be able to stand up the same "criticisms" they unlease on her. Bear in mind, that none of them can make the same condescending comments in person because they'd be subjected to taking as much as they've dished. Sadly, they wouldn't last.


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