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Leno and Letterman have some fun with a little help from Oprah in Super Bowl spot.


Jay Leno's rehabilitation tour continued in full force on Super Bowl Sunday when he appeared in a commercial with archrival David Letterman and queen of talk Oprah Winfrey during CBS' coverage of the game.

The spot, shot last week, is a sign of at least a minor peace treaty between Leno and Letterman. It is also similar to a spot that Letterman did with Winfrey a few years ago when CBS broadcast the Super Bowl match between the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears (with Winfrey rooting for the Bears and Letterman for the Colts). 

In this ad, Letterman, Winfrey and Leno are on a couch watching the game and Letterman gripes that this is the worst "Super Bowl party ever." Winfrey warns him to be nice while Leno says, "He's just saying that because I'm here." Letterman then imitates Leno high-pitched voice. (For more dirt on how the three pulled it off see our sister site Showtracker.)

While the ad is promoting Letterman, it certainly won't hurt Leno, who will be back on at 11:35 p.m. going as host of NBC's "The Tonight Show" after the network's coverage of the Olympics ends.

Leno has already been on Winfrey's daytime talk show to do a little image work. When NBC decided to bring Leno back to late night after his prime-time show failed, which led to Conan O'Brien to quit as host of "The Tonight Show," Leno was attacked by Letterman and others for helping NBC push O'Brien under the bus. 

-- Joe Flint

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Trite green-screen LOL commercial. Leno is vanilla, Letterman is a snarky bore.

Loved it!

Yet another reason why Letterman is waaaaaaay better than Leno....Leno would never have done this for Letterman if the roles were reversed. Even after that BS cheap shot Leno took at Letterman's infidelity....David's the BEST!!!

The commercial would have been perfect if Conan could have walked in and said something to Jay like, "Hey, you're in my spot."

BEST Ad of the night.
Had 2 friends text me about it right after.
The Sorrento Ad with the Sock Monkey and the Robot in Vegas was #2.
As of start of the 4th quarter, anyways...

Uh, DRE DAWG, did it escape you completely that Leno actually did do this for Letterman, and not the other way around?

Thought it was fantastic. Hard to believe they got Oprah to do it.

It does seem odd to me that Jay does this promo for Dave's show when they are back against each other in a few weeks....I mean damage control is one thing, but the execs at NBC signed off on their guy promoting a CBS show??

Leno sucks... It will take more than this stupid commercial to revamp his image... wait, there isn't anything that can do that because at the end of the day, he still sucks.

Who cares?
Our TV have become a giant trash TV. I think there is a conspiracy to keep us in the dark while laughing ourselves to sleep. Rarely one sees a program that stimulates our intellect or fairly and objectively informs the general public without dumb spin.

Mind numbing, childish, idiosyncrasies are flooding our airwaves making the American people dumb and even dumber. If Palin can be dusted and hoisted on the American people, the media monopoly have long concluded that we are all fools.

If someone like Bush could be president for 8 years we definitely do not have a vibrant freedom of the press. If Bush can lied his war to Iraq, go unpunished for his ineptitude on 911, collapse of our economy, sold an immoral war violate our constitution and still go scott free, our press is worst than those under Gaddafy, Idi-Amin, the Saudis and other gulf tyrants.

May God have mercy on us.


That's a funny line you posted there...made me literally chuckle lol..

is it funny?

Here Here Pinky. Well put. Network TV these days is nothing more than mind rotting garbage. Fox TV is one notch below that.

I didn't get it. Or maybe I just don't think it was funny. Maybe I am thinking too much about this but it just seemed like it would have been funnier without Leno and if Oprah hadn't been nice to Letterman.

This is the kind of stuff TV needs to do more of.
All these players (Oprah, Dave & Jay) understand that they're on TV every single day and need to appeal to everyone. Great spot.
Yes, Conan would have been fantastic with an "I'm outta here" line.
But that's almost wishing for too much.
Jay and Dave go back almost forty years.
I'm sure they'll never hang out together again, but to bury the hatchet long enough to make a historic touchdown that steals almost all the thunder during the superbowl...color me impressed!

I'm guessing that Dave and Jay communicate and hang out more than we know. After all, who knew that Johnny Carson regularly contributed material to Dave's Late Show monologue until after Carson died? I'm betting that the Dave/Jay fued is more stagecraft than reality. After all, nothing draws a crowd like a fight!

"I didn't get it. Or maybe I just don't think it was funny. Maybe I am thinking too much about this but it just seemed like it would have been funnier without Leno and if Oprah hadn't been nice to Letterman."
I agree, it didn't work for me, Oprah should have been sneaky and passive aggressive, .... that would have been funny!

so were they all actually sitting on the same couch at the same time in this video? Because to me it looks like cut and paste.

That commercial was a big disappointment. All that star power and they couldn't come up with a decent script? Something funny maybe?


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