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Fox News continues to roll, CNN recaptures (distant) second place

In cable news, it is an axiom that CNN prospers when there is a big story. But another axiom might be that Fox News prospers whether there's a big story or not.

In January, Fox News again dominated the landscape. It was the only news channel to make gains from a year earlier. Its prime-time audience average for the month was almost 2 million viewers, a 22% increase from January 2009. Among adults 25 to 54, the key demographic for news, Fox News averaged 637,000 viewers in prime time, a 51% gain. The special election in Massachusetts didn't hurt Fox News, that's for sure.

CNN and MSNBC were both way down from January 2009, but keep in mind that President Obama was inaugurated that month, which boosted their numbers.

CNN did beat MSNBC in prime time for the first time in six month as viewers came to the channel for its coverage of the earthquake in Haiti. CNN also topped MSNBC in adults 25 to 54.

Overall, CNN averaged 842,000 viewers in prime time, down 34% from a year earlier, while MSNBC averaged 703,000 viewers, a 26% decline.

Both CNN and MSNBC were up from December but traditionally comparisons are made with the same period a year earlier, not the previous month.

-- Joe Flint

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"CNN and MSNBC were both way down from January 2009, but keep in mind that President Obama was inaugurated that month, which boosted their numbers."

A story about three news channels - but CNN and MSNBC are way down from last year because of Obama's inauguration - why weren't Fox' ratings "boosted" last January because Obama was inaugurated?

Could be that CNN and MSNBC are blatantly pro-Obama, while Fox is just as blatantly anti-Obama ...

So the anti-Obama network is way up, and it is garnering 30% more folks than the two pro-Obama networks combined - whose audiences are way down ...

What does that tell us about Mr Obama and how the average American with a television feels about him and the job he is doing?

The rise of Fox News is possible only with the fall of Journalism to the agenda driven use of rhetoric done to mislead millions to bring about more of what the right wing would like to do to shape America into its own vision of for lack of a better word, a form of corporated run feudalism with political control in the hands of the far right elite. They want us to be a colony that is the irony of the tea party. Without reporters to dig out the unbiased truth about who owns what where and why then we are in a perilous place.


As opposed to the Obama cheerleaders - er, I mean unbiased reporters - from CNN and MSNBC? Or do you see Rachel Maddow as a pillar of integrity in the model of Walters Winchell and Cronkite?

It really irks the left wingers in the east and the west that those of us rubes in the flyover states get to vote too, doesn't it? And it sounds like the fly-over rubes prefer the Fox Propoganda over the CNN/MSNBC propoganda by a pretty wide margin. I guess we would rather take our chances as feudal serfs to the corporate elite than lackeys to the unethical jackals running the government.

Hey Bill From Chicago...You said "I guess we would rather take our chances as feudal serfs to the corporate elite"

So that means you would rather be a SLAVE than a FREE MAN? Keep voting for Republicans you will soon get your wish!!

You must be a Conservative Christian and LIKE being dominated, LIED TO, and feed BS in the dark!!!

Come on Bill...Stand up like a REAL MAN!!!!

Don't be a SLAVE TO ANYONE!!!

Getting too much of your news from Fox will cause your house to tilt markedly to the right. You may not notice this at first, but after awhile you will find it difficult to tell that your sense of balance has been lost. On a national level, if too many people watch Fox, the whole country will lean dangerously to the right, and may veer dangerously out of control. One of the symptoms of this will be the concentration of more and more money and power in the hands of giant corporations and billionaires.

Hey Bill, given your quote "I guess we would rather take our chances as feudal serfs to the corporate elite than lackeys to the unethical jackals running the government" I guess you long for the glory years of America under W? No wonder flyover country is dimsissed...

You folks gotta be kidding me!

The government under Obama has more employees than ever in American history, and is spending more money than ever in history. The libs want a law and government control for everything that moves, and you call that freedom?

The left wants government control of business, schools, churches, who can smoke and what we can eat. You want to control doctors and hospitals, and every product we buy. The left wants greater regulation of television and radio. Most of all, you want more and more of your paychecks to go to the government so the civil servants can decide what it will be spent on, rather than you.

It is only in matters realted to sex that the left advocates freedom - gay rights and abortion. Oh, and legalized pot. In every other facet of American existence the left wants greater regulation and more government restrictions on how Americans live.

The left wing of the Democratic Party is the party of Big Brother, and you ninnies talk to me about corporate feudalism? This from the supporters of Obama who gave billions to the banks and investment brokers on Wall Street - not Bush, but Obama gave away that money to the big corporate interests. The same Obama who lives in GE's hip pocket. . . and you say conservatives are in the pockets of corporate America? Wake up before you have no control over your life at all.

Note the name - Bill from Chicago. You folks need to get your heads out of la la land and realize that Obama is not going to lead you to the promised land. He is playing Chicago style politics in DC the way he learned it here. And anyone who thinks the politics he learned in Chicago are about anything other than grabbing power and lining his pockets is dreaming.


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