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Former head of Motion Picture nursing home got big pay boost in 2008

David Tillman, who resigned under fire this week as chief executive of the Motion Picture & Television Fund, received a $138,603 bonus in 2008 even as the fund's struggling nursing home and hospital lost millions.

A federal tax filing released by the fund this morning shows that Tillman's total pay rose to $928,862 in 2008, which included the bonus as well as $298,368 in deferred compensation. 

Fund officials noted that Tillman's base salary remained unchanged and attributed the bulk of the increase to a change in IRS requirements on how pension contributions are reported.

Tillman's pay has been the subject of much criticism among residents and their families who have protested the fund's decision to close the nursing home and hospital. The fund said it could no longer afford to keep them in operation.

Despite the fund's plans to close the facilities, many residents have refused to leave. About 60 residents remain in the home.

Tillman's pay rose 18% in 2007 to nearly $600,000 at a time when the fund acknowledged its growing financial problems.

-- Richard Verrier
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You mean to say that on the day he was telling me that he wanted to evict my mother and 130 others from the Motion Picture Home's Long Term Care unit because of lack of funds, he was making close to a million dollars after getting a healthy pay raise?

Is the motion picture and television industry okay with this? Does it now appear that we have not only been misled, but robbed of our future healthcare?

I hope Tillman rots in hell. I really do - how dare he. He is a doctor. He should have taken the sides of the families in this debate over the future of the Long Term Care Unit. Many people were muscled out - many have died since in places that they didn't ever think they would end their days in.

Good luck on your next position Tillman. I hope you end up lancing hemorrhoids in Simi Valley.

Beautiful. This probably doesn't begin to scratch the surface.
Isn't it time for the United States and California State Attorney General's office to get involved here, maybe the LA County District Attorney? The issues over money, deaths and damage to the elderly? These people on the Board and the people who work for them and are doing their deeds must be crazy. Don't they know the law applies to them?

Richard Verrier's item reads like some Oliver Stone conspiracy fiction. Talk about getting paid to fail as people died. Its absolutely grotesque. I wonder what the MPTF board paid the disgraced doctor to "resign"?


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