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Roger Ailes says he's not going anywhere, and News Corp.'s Chase Carey concurs

Reports of Fox News impresario Roger Ailes' demise, to paraphrase Mark Twain, may be greatly exaggerated.

"News Corp. is 100% behind Roger Ailes," News Corp. President Chase Carey said, adding, "we hope and expect he will continue to lead Fox News well into the future." Ailes' current contract runs until 2013.

Although he oversees one of the most important units of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. and is coming off a year of huge ratings and profits, Internet speculation about Ailes being a short-timer at the company led Carey to get on the phone with us and douse water on the brush fire. Besides Fox News and Fox Business, Ailes also oversees the Fox TV stations and is one of a handful of News Corp. executives who report directly to Rupert Murdoch.

The rumors about Ailes were fueled by a quote from Matthew Freud, the husband of Murdoch's daughter Elisabeth and a PR guru, whose clients include Fox News rival CNN, according to his website. Freud criticized Ailes and Fox News in an otherwise fairly flattering New York Times story about the executive on Sunday.

“I am by no means alone within the family or the company in being ashamed and sickened by Roger Ailes’s horrendous and sustained disregard of the journalistic standards that News Corporation, its founder and every other global media business aspires to,” Freud said.

We were curious about the brouhaha and reached out to Ailes. He said Freud's remarks "didn't make sense to me," and added that stories that "I'm a dead man" are "being manufactured." Ailes said he's sure he has met Freud but, "I couldn't pick him out of a lineup ... most people who have a problem at least walk up to me and talk to me about it." (But Ailes has cameras around his office and a driver, so the casual approach might be difficult.)

Company Town has learned that Ailes has communicated with both Elisabeth Murdoch and James Murdoch -- the latter the only Murdoch sibling currently working at the company -- since Freud's remarks were published. "There is nothing to the idea that I have any problem with the children. The entire Murdoch family has been nothing but supportive."

Being diligent reporters, we called the family company to see what they would have to say. A News Corp. spokeswoman said in a statement that "Matthew Freud's opinions are his own and in no way reflect the views of Rupert Murdoch, who is proud of Roger Ailes and Fox News."

On occasion, Ailes has bumped up against the Murdoch kin. Several years ago, he clashed with Lachlan Murdoch over the operation of the TV stations. Lachlan Murdoch has since left the company and now runs his own media investment company in Australia.

Although he's received votes of confidence from both Rupert Murdoch and Chase Carey, Ailes knows that, ultimately, "everybody who works here is a hired hand, you go to work, you do your job." Even hands like Ailes, who made more than $20 million last year. 

As for Freud, Ailes isn't expecting to bump into him anytime soon. "I'm obviously not going to be invited to his house ... with him home anyway." Ailes cracked that the PR man, who is a descendant of Sigmund Freud, "needs to see a psychiatrist."  

-- Joe Flint

Photo: Roger Ailes. Credit: Jennifer S. Altman / For The Times.

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Roger Ailes is often hyped as a media guru. What isn't often noted is that he is responsible for killing the Republican Party:


The more Fox's rating have increased, the more Republican approval has declined. This is the predictable result of affiliating the party with the most radical and ridiculous right-wing rhetoric on the air.

Good work, Roger.

Fox News is America's version of Pravda. "Fair and Balanced" is even a lie.

Sounds to me like Freud is your typical hyper-partisan...trying to bring down the closest thing to an unbiased network there is.

Just like first poster on here, he cannot stand the fact that the left-leaning mainstream media has a non-partisan competitor (I am not talking about editorial programs people - the news at Fox is the most fair and balanced around - period).

Progressive politics is what killed the republicans. It started with old man Bush turning away from Reagans princibles. The decline of the gop intensified during Bush II. The modern republican party is filled with progressives just like the democrats. Fox is in tune with a majority of Americans. Look at the ratings. Look at the profit. People want a return to simpler times. They want to be served by their public servants. They do not like to be treated like peasants. If Roger Ailes can tap into that discontent in America and push both parties to represent the American people( Lord knows they only want to profit themselves at our expense ) then more power to him.

Roger Ailes is a hero. The Republican party needed to have its approval decline. Americans are realizing that over the years, the Democratic party has been taken over by stealth Marxists, while the Republican party has been taken over by stealth progressives. We need a party that represents the many millions of Americans who value the FREEDOM our country was founded to protect.

News Corpse,

Great job at posting a senseless comment. All this time, I thought that George Bush had destroyed the Republican party...thanks for letting me know that it was Ailes.

Maybe you should quit all the name calling and take an honest look at yourself in the mirror. If you do, you will realize that a lot of your ideas and beliefs are based on partisanship and not truth.

News Corpse, you're delusional. The mainstream media is to be congratulated on the success of FOX...and I think you underestimate the Republican Party, like Corzine did in N.J. and last November’s special election in New York’s 23rd Congressional District.

Hey Corpse what planet do you live on? The only ones in demise are the RINOs. Great work Roger.....Keep burying the corpses......

Thank God the anti American Radical Party formerly known as "the Democrats" will no longer have control of Congress in a few months. Also Mr. "One and Done" will no longer be in office after 2012. Its hilarious reading some of the posts that put down the Fox News and the Republican Party. Its funny to listen to liberals discuss how much the country despises republicans when liberals are about to lose the house to Republicans. Also, a majority of the country identifies themselves as Conservative while a small minority identify themselves as liberal. All the while the Tea Party Movement is more popular than either party. When push come to shove who do you think they are going to vote for? Liberals are like Al Gore walking around in below zero weather wearing shorts and a t-shirt telling people how warm it is. Liberalism is definitely a mental disorder. No doubt about it

News Corpse - in the words of Elaine from Seinfeld -- You're an idiot!

I love the fact that nut jobs like you accuse Fox of being for the GOP yet say absolutely nothing about ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and PMSNBC being the spokespeople for the Dems for the last 50 years. Bash Bush for 8 yrs with no thought of their own yet stand idly by as Baroke steers this country down a worse path.

And that is truly why their ratings continue to plummet. Thankfully people are awakening to their disgraceful behavior . PMSNBC, NBC has terrible commentators ( I can never call them journalists) which equal even worse ratings..

See you in Nov when the Dems get slaughtered in the mid terms. And oh - come back in 2012 when King Barry gets dethroned!

"New Corpse" must believe that all fair, rhetoric free news comes from people who have sensations running up their legs for Obama.

Studies show that Fox Nes is the most balanced television news station. It was proven throughout the 2008 election.

Do a google search for "project for excellence color of news" and look at the study of how Fox treated McCain and Obama (practically no difference in number of positive, negative and neutral stories) and compare that to MSNBC.

But don't let facts get in the way.

Thank goodness for Roger Ailes. He's from a working class family with no connections (like Mr. Freud) and made himself into the media mogul other cable stations could only dream about having on their team.

Nobody killed the GOP. The elites in the party insist on being Democrat-lite and the people don't like it. We like a difference between the parties. The Republican party killed itself and until there's a change at the top, it'll continue on the wrong path without anyone's help.

Roger Ailes killing the Republican party? What do they smoke and drink at 'Newscorpse'? That is a pretty backward statement by a nobody pointed (as the left always does) at somebody that is successful and happy doing what they do. Fox News is run better than ANY other cable news outlet, is fair and balanced and anyone who watches ANY of the hosts on their news shows would agree. Unless, of coarse, they are related to Freud in which case there is little hope.

It looks to me like the Dems are declining,not the republicans. CNN and MSNBC's ratings are in the toilt. I thought the job of a media station is to attract viewers, and that is what Fox is doing.

Fox is the only news organization which in my opinion is still a viable news source. They show both sides of the equation. Their coverage on everything from health care to global warming is superb. Even global warming is now being proven untrue. Check out this article and the attached scientific paper. http://www.thecrponline.com/entry.php?11-Is-The-Famed-Greenhouse-Effect-Just-A-Bunch-Of-Hot-Air

Everytime Fox is reported here on LAT it is ALWAYS anti-Republican. I guess not every American newspaper is unbiased.

"You can pick your freinds, but you cannot pick your family (or inlaws)."

Eh, "News Corpse" is partially right. The Republican Party has become more statist. The more Fox News shows, the more obvious it is, and the more the conservatives split away from the RINOs.

Ailes is single-handedly carrying the water (and making the money) for Murdoch and NewsCorp, and is also keeping the conservatives heads above water despite the best efforts by the likes of McCain, Graham, Ahnold, and otyher RINOS to completely destroy the party. It is easy to see who has the biggest weewee in this effort, to counter "NewsCorpse"'s fervent desire .

The LAST thing they should do is fire Roger Ailes. He is brilliant and way ahead of the curve. I don't think that will happen because Murdoch and Chase are not stupid men. Roger Ailes turned that network around and made it the hottest franchise on t.v. The other networks can only dream of having Fox News' profile. As for Ailes causing the demise of the Republican Party, that is simply rubbish. In fact, he has brought voters into the party.

I wonder who is behind the "kid glove" approach to the CAIR group which is now being sued for fraud by Muslims who were taken advantage of by this terrorist supporting organization? CAIR is a terrible group and not one which FOX News should identify with as is now happening with Bill Oreilly and his team!
I have understood the the SAudi Prince who gives or pays a lot of money to various groups such as the CAIR has also been involved financially with FOX news since he certainly would like to stop a voice showing up the evil that he and CAIR is conducting around the world.
I am deeply troubled by this "two faced" approach going on with these type of evil people. Money should not buy one's morals, patriotism and values! Someone is up to no good on this one, and is it Ailes, Murdoch and Bill or who and why?

I love to read opinions like the first poster. They might as well be reading a Keith Olberman talking point lol. I consider myself a libertarian, with no ties to Republicans or Democrats but I just can't help but make fun of progressives/ liberals. They are like mindless robots that will litlerally repeat anything they hear from the MSM verbatum without any fact checking what so ever. Then they get mad in a debate because they can't convince you of their stupidity because they have nothing to back it up, ever.

Modern Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Rupert knows how lucky he is to have Ailes and I just wonder if the current crazy Freud would know where is next meal is coming if he hadn't married Rupert's daughter.

Dem. president Kennedy "ask what you can do for your country" the time is now!!! Do not let Obama get away with all the lies! Please America think about your great.great nation. How America was founded.......

I guess you haven't been keeping up with the republicans new popularity and polls talking about buyer's remorse over Obama.
Thanks, Roger.

Roger Ailes, to me and many others, is incredible in how he runs FOXNEWS. We love the guy! He lets all the fair and balanced news get out, not the lies from the other networks.

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