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Discovery and Hasbro name new kids channel 'The Hub'

Cable programming giant Discovery Communications and Hasbro Inc., who are teaming up to launch a kids channel later this year, are calling the network "The Hub."

Margaret Loesch, a kids-programming veteran who was tapped last year to become president and chief executive of the channel, said she thought there was a significant opportunity for the network despite the strength of incumbents Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network.

The Hub will target primarily the 6-12 age demographic. Loesch said the other networks were focused either on teens or kids in preschool and that there was a niche for her network to exploit. 

Loesch said the channel will have an eclectic schedule but did not provide details beyond saying it would be a mix of animation and live-action fare.

The Hub is taking over the channel space that was occupied by Discovery Kids and will launch in roughly 60-million homes in the fall.  There has been concern from children's advocacy groups that the connection with Hasbro will mean the channel will be focused more on selling toys than in enlightening children.

-- Joe Flint

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If as I am reading today you will show Meerkat Manor, I think there will need to be a re-evaluation of your predicted demographics upward.

Watching Pictureka right now. Super cute show!

Just wondering if you are going to bring back the show Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls. I love that show and, I would to see it on the Hub channel. Thank you...

The Hub is a pathetic replacement for Discovery Kids. The educational value of the shows on the Hub are equivalent to junk food for the developing brain. My kids aren't even interested in it. We miss Bindi, Trading Spaces Boys v. Girls, Mystery Hunters and other shows that were much better than anything Hub is dishing out. Way to go Hasbro/Discovery. More dumbing down of our youth.

I have no kids but personally am enjoying the showings of Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Doogie Howser and Family Ties. And especially The Wonder Years. I think this is a better line-up for the targeted age group than anything else that's out there.

G.I. Joe and Transformers will be just two new offerings on The Hub.

Who do you write to, if you have some suggestions of some old shows that would be great on the HUB? Like Mort & Mindy, gilligans Island, Too Close for Comfort and others I know. Please let me know. Brenda Cannon


I'm sure on their website there is a way to email the Hub.

I just wanted to let you know that "The Wonder Years" is a great series to keep
on TV.
I'm in my 60's and it's a real treat to go from the O'Reiley Factor to "The Won-
der Years" and then back to keeping up with the news again.

I wish you could make more room for this program, at other times even if it re- placed something else. It's primarily for the kids, but there's always a
great message in T. W.Y. show. (Now Doogie on the other hand? Well, as F.D.R. would say,"Tell that to the Marines!" Total nonsense! At my age I hope
I don"t get (a teen-age doctor) looking at MY chart! =D.P.=

Sorry, I didn't know the age limit. But it's still good advice to double-up on
KEVIN. That's a winner for kids of all ages!


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