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So far, Charlie Sheen's arrest has had no effect on 'Two and a Half Men' ratings

The ratings for Monday night's rerun of "Two and a Half Men" on CBS appeared to be on par with what repeats of the show have been averaging and did not rise or fall in the aftermath of star Charlie Sheen's Christmas Day arrest on suspicion of second-degree assault of his wife, Brooke Mueller.

SHEEN "Two and a Half Men" was seen by about 11 million viewers, according to Nielsen. That is off only about 400,000 viewers from what reruns of the show have averaged this season, and that drop can be attributed to fewer households watching television this week. The week between Christmas and New Year's is not usually a big TV-viewing week. Instead, that time is used for fighting with family and going to movies.

Of course, it is way too soon to say whether Sheen's most recent arrest will have any negative effect on the TV show. Sheen, not exactly a poster boy for good behavior, has managed quite a few professional comebacks in his career. Interestingly, his character on "Two and a Half Men" is that of a hard-drinking womanizer. 

The real test for the show will be when new episodes return next month. If the story has legs and continues to generate tabloid headlines, it could end up improving ratings, at least initially.

CBS' deal for "Two and Half Men," which is produced by Warner Bros. TV, runs for another two seasons after this one ends. Sheen is one of the highest-paid actors on television with a salary estimated to be north of $800,000 per episode.

-- Joe Flint

Photo: Charlie Sheen on "Two and a Half Men." Credit: Greg Gayne / Warner Bros.

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Two and a Half Men is the most entertaining comedy on broadcast TV aside from 30Rock. Charlie Sheen's' troubles will not affect my viewing one bit just as Tiger Woods problems will not stop the admiration of his game.

I think America has gotten into a bad habit of having its senses numbed when it comes to morals or many things of ethical value.
On the TV show 2 and a Half Men; What would you think the odds would be for young Jake to grow up with a problem with Alcohol and/or Prescription Drug Abuse?
What a role model Charlie is with jokes like when he said that he was not worried about venereal disease because he would just more antibiotics.
I guess people think that the show is funny because he is rich.

yeah, so where's the outrage over charlie sheen's behavior?

there doesn't seem to be the same venom spewed as with tiger woods. definitely a double standard.

I can't beleive this article is talking about a very seriois situation and they're thinking it will improve ratings, make them more business. It is a sick world. If the reports are true about what happened, he should do his wife and family a favor and leave them immediately until he is able to contol is anger, or they should leave him. She should leave him -- safety first. This behavior is not about love as we know, and he should remove himself from the equation before something really serious happens and he loses his entire career and freedoms. Be a real man. Learn how to communicate. If he wants his wife and family he must change, like many other men, and women have before him.

I would imagine that this awesomely entertaining show isn't too far removed from reality. LOL!!

Two and a Half Men is a great show and I will not stop watching. Unlike Tiger Woods everyone knows how Charlie Sheen is. This woman married him knowing of his past actions. If he pulled a knife on her he was wrong but from what I read she more drunk than him and got mad at him for something to do with his daughter from Denise Richards. I just read where his wife was out partying last night at some club in Colorado. Shouldn't she be at home with the kids? I think she married him knowing how he is, had his kids, and is now going to divorce and get some money and that was probably her plan to begin with.

If his real life behavior wasn't bad enough, his salary is obscene.

He's not Kanye West or Chris Brown

@jef: Where's the outrage over Charlie Sheen's behavior? It peaked when he did this same thing about 10-15 years ago. People now have come to expect it of him, unlike Tiger who has portrayed himself as squeaky clean since day one. Charlie has always been an oft-boozing/carousing, sometimes woman beater. Much of the American public is generally willing to accept a person for what they are, as long as they don't build an empire pretending to be something else... and we have a taste for bad boys who make no apologies for their shortcomings. At this point, we're looking at the women who choose to be with him, wondering why any woman ever would, knowing that he's done this type of thing in the past.

@Douglas Parker: Young Jake will grow up as young Jake will grow up. Alcohol and drug abuse happen in all sorts of households, moral, immoral, religious, unreligious, strict, lax, rich, poor, etc. What young Jake sees in his home with Uncle Charlie is no different than what he will see on TV, in school, on the Internet, at the movies, or anywhere else in this world these days. Rather than shield the boy from the truth, young Jake's mother and father should be teaching him that what Uncle Charlie does is morally wrong and potentially harmful to himself and others, but that ultimately it's a choice. Uncle Charlie chooses his own lifestyle just as young Jake will choose his. Present the facts, the consequences, do everything you can to make the "better" way look more attractive than the "wrong" way, and let the boy make his choice. At the same time, I think it noteworthy that Charlie, while a drinker and womanizer, has been kind enough to let his brother and nephew live in his home all these years, cared for the boy as best he can when his mother and father weren't around, and, in quiet moments of decency, has done some very kind, compassionate things over the years.

Now, since you're commenting on the immorality of this show, it would make sense that you wouldn't be one to watch it. My question to you is, "How, as someone who shouldn't be watching the show based on your moral stance, are you able to quote from it?"

P.S.: People don't think the show is funny because he's rich. Like The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live, The Office, and all other comedy shows that employ absolute absurdity to get laughs, this show is funny because things are said and done in ways that would normally not occur in everyday life. And, people who have a sense of humor seasoned enough to know that a comedy show of this type is not presented as a moral primer are typically similarly evolved enough to find comedy in the absurd.

@JQ Public: LA Times falling circulation is typical of the newspaper business in general these days, and is evidence of the climbing trend within the younger generation, who, for the most part, don't take time to read in-depth articles, could care less about serious news anyway, are too distracted to read more than a few lines at a time without having their minds go adrift, and only care about sensation in lieu of substance. Once the last of the hard copy newspaper-reading generation dies off, neither "good" nor "bad" reporting will matter anymore. It barely does now.

Honestly, do you really think that this type of reporting is unique to the LA Times?

It's a great show. Who cares about Sheen's private life? I don't. He's just another playboy. So what?

Charlie Sheen is twice as old as Chris Brown, however, Charlie Sheen's career is not on the line and not the new poster boy for domestic violence.

Where is the outrage?

Hollywood has its friends; Sheen, Polanski?

He plays an a$$hole on the show, so why would his acting in the same light in the personal arena effect anything? He's funny. It's a funny show. She married someone with a violet, drugging and whoring history. She shouldn't be surprised. Viewers are not. Does anyone remember he shot Kelly Preston in the leg and was convicted of assaulting another ex? He is who he is. Get the children away from him and let's watch his funny show!

jef you can't possibly think that the image of a role model that Tiger Woods has tried to portray could possibly in any way have a likeness to Charley Sheen's

double standards indeed: where is the outrage we showed Chris Brown?? How is this different? As a matter of fact, this is worse because we know it's happened before...

First of all, there has been only one story told about this incident. How do you know that Sheen's wife didn't start striking him first, knock him senseless, call the police and then left while they jailed Sheen? (Oh please Officer, I'm a little woman....please stop the bad man....Oh of course Maam, 'cause we know you woman never lie)

In other words, lets wait for the whole story.

While somebody couldn't pay me to watch this show, I was curious for reaction and (inevitable) comparison to Woods.

Funny how a druggie/drunk/alleged wife abuser (didn't he shoot Travolta's current wife in the leg?) is still so "accepted" yet a cheating womanizer (as if this is a RARITY) is treated as though the histories and transgressions of the two were REVERSED.

Guess most people could never RELATE to Woods with his squeaky clean image (when he had one), while sheen continues to be the "guy more people accept because perhaps they could relate to him more." Yeah, like the Guy Next Door, just being himself again."

Pretty warped all around, I say. The difference is: If Woods only sucked at his craft half as bad as Sheen does with "acting", he'd presently be no less approved by the very same public now scathing him. People I know still love this guy, yet is disgusted with Woods. How can this be?? No wonder the same people laugh at this crappy show, when you can hear more entertaining banter at the corner PUB!

I do not think people should rush to judgement. We only know that she called the cops, she was drunk. Is it possible that she is using his once bad boy reputation for her own monetary gain? He was not drunk, and he passed his drug test.If, he is quilty then I will stop watching his show. Until then, I will wait for all the facts.

I love the show Two And A Half Men, i am ill and it is the one thing that makes me laugh my ....off....what humor.!!! I have not had the opportunity to see the show on Charlie Sheen, but, i must say, if he is drinking, if so....? He is the only one who must just say NO...that is it. There is no majic bullet to stop drinking...after many detoxes and a half way house and then sober living i learned don't pick up the drink..it is that easy. It was not easy, but, after a while, you hear it over and over and see people with 20 years of sobriety and dang i wanted it. I was tired of hurting others and myself. I wanted out of that mess and i have been for 13 years now. What a blessing.!! Yippee....lots of counseling, i had two times, each lasted one night that i made the choice to pick up a drink...my choice...all is golden after years of not drinking. I am only saying this in hopes that IF he is drinking, that he is able to stop. God Bless, and keep the stuff away from your mouth...Hugs, as far as domestic abuse, it goes along with the darn stuff...it is a horrible thing for those of us who get crazy when we drink. I can only say, never touch a woman or a man, it only gets worse and worse. No excuse, i was drunk just don't make it....I love everyone on the show, i laugh and laugh and wait all day to watch it over and over....thanks for the fun...and blessed be Charlie Sheen...you have it all....let it be and be Blessed....If it is anger, get counseling, or just remember it is a thought before an action. Everything is...so why not stop the thought, before your body goes into a full blown flip out...it worked for me with something and it is a golden choice....:))))))

Keep laughing, it is the best medicine. It is a show, and yes, maybe the moral of the show may be indifferent, I lived that life growing up and had issues due to the life. I am a happy person now, had to struggle, but, we all do with something. I do feel bad for youngsters who grow up in that enviorement for sure, i know from my heart. I became stronger because of it. The show is so funny, it is not our next door neighbor..just a show...morals? Rich has nothing to do with it...wish i was...i am poor, but, at the end of the day i can be happy with who i am...Keep up the good work all!!!...just love it...Janine


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