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FCC Chairman Genachowski urges Fox and Time Warner Cable to keep signals on

After sitting on the sidelines, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski said he has "urged Fox and Time Warner Cable to agree to a temporary extension of carriage if they do not come to terms on a new carriage agreement today." News Corp.'s Fox and Time Warner Cable are in a bitter dispute over how much the cable company should pay Fox to carry its local TV stations. The current deal between the two companies expires at midnight tonight.

GENACHOWSKI The FCC's Genachowski, no doubt, felt the need to issue a statement on the matter after Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), chairman of the influential Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Communication, Technology and the Internet, said Wednesday that if Fox pulled its networks from Time Warner Cable, he would "ask the FCC to intervene and mandate continued carriage."

At the same time, in commenting on a similar carriage dispute between Sinclair Broadcast Group and cable company Mediacom in which both sides have agreed to extend their current agreement, Genachowski seemed to indicate that he was not looking to have the regulatory agency make it a practice to get involved in these spats. "Assuming that the parties negotiate in good faith during the extension, therefore, I will not seek a further continuation of carriage absent a new agreement between the parties," he said.

-- Joe Flint

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Photo: FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. Credit: Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images

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I still don't get why Fox thinks it can charge the cable company for a service it provides free to people without cable.


I guess Fox figures that since Time Warner Cable charges people to get the broadcast signals...

That's exactly what it means Joe. Time Warner has been charging 20 cents per subscriber for Fox's broadcasts over their cable circuits. Now Fox wants Time Warner to pay them $1 per subscriber for their broadcasts. Thats a 5X increase. And if Time Warner agrees, then NBC, ABC, and CBS as well as a lot of others are waiting in the wings to do the same thing.

The subscribers would end up getting screwed with cable bills probably at least twice as high as what they are now. I've been reading other posts on other sites from DirecTV users who are laughing at the cable users. I've got news for them, it could happen to them too. Getting local programming from DirecTV is still getting it through DirecTV's service and the local's could demand the same from them as well.

This isn't going to end well for anybody.

Is this the FCC? If it is, I would like information on what type of societal programming that you have on your programs that are scheduled. I am not much of a wacher of television due to the fact that it's just not good how some of the commentary is not appropriate to what I believe should be good, wholesome entertainment due to erroneous beliefs from others who may not know the other side of a person's personal status. I would like to learn how everything works though, to see if maybe I'm not the one that is just being too old fashioned in the belief that if you have a problem, deal with it head on in reality for better resolution. Thank you for your time.

So, let's see. We have people who think media content, like porn, beer, and health care, should be free. We have a rich democratic socialist anti-Constitutionalist prevaricator (Herr John Kerry) who is threatening Legislative Branch interference in a private contract (no doubt to his financial and/or political benefit). And, surprise!, the tool of now-socialist/marxist Executive Branch running the FCC (Herr Genachowski) is pulling a power play, too?

WAKE UP! There is no right to watch football. There is no right for one carrier to freely serve up another's content.

And if you can't understand why Fox has the right to do what it's doing, and why the government should not be doing what it is doing, either educate yourself or leave the US.


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