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'Avatar' posts biggest-ever non-summer Monday, Tuesday

AvatarJapanAny worries about "Avatar" after it got off to less than a phenomenal start this past weekend have been erased.

20th Century Fox's costly 3D tentpole movie sold $16.4 million worth of tickets on Monday and $16 million on Tuesday in the U.S. and Canada, according to the studio. That's the highest-ever domestic gross on either day for a film playing outside of summer.

Including flicks that opened in summer, traditionally the strongest time of the year for moviegoing, "Avatar" had the third-biggest non-holiday Monday (excluding Memorial Day and July 4 weekends) ever and the third-biggest Tuesday ever.

Huge weekday ticket sales for "Avatar" are yet another sign, along with its higher-than-predicted Sunday, that word-of-mouth for the movie is fantastic and spreading fast.

According to people who have seen audience polling, "Avatar" will probably decline very modestly, if at all, this coming weekend compared with its $77-million debut. Combined with the $109.5 million it has grossed so far, it will probably be close to and possibly over $200 million by Sunday and on its way to an ultimate domestic gross of at least $350 million.

Combined with even bigger grosses from foreign countries, including a debut in Japan today that is expected to be very strong, a final worldwide total of more than $1 billion is looking more and more likely for "Avatar."

The $430 million that Fox, along with Dune Entertainment and Ingenious Partners, spent to produce and sell the movie is looking like a better investment every day.

-- Ben Fritz

Photo: James Cameron, second from right, his wife Suzy Amis, center, and producer Jon Landau, second from left, appear at the Japan premiere of "Avatar" in Tokyo on Monday.

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Less than phenomenal start? It made $77 million.

And it made only 242 M globally, despite the fact that there were severe winter storms in both most of Europe as well as on the East Coast of the United States. Man, this coming from the same people who claim "records" on a Friday morning between 10 AM and 12 AM. And as opposed to many other movies, this looks like a movie that has legs (I know I will see it again, but in January... Christmas is for family)

Cameron deserves this success. He's the hardest working filmmaker there is, and it shows on the screen. Fantastic film.

Who cares how much money it made. Is it any good is the question.

In 1997, Titanic made $1.8 billion dollars worldwide. It was very entertaining, I thought.

Avatar looks like an even bigger money maker, to me - I'll definitely see it more than once. But I won't see it because of its box-office, I'll see it because it looks like a ton of fun.

Avatar will make more than 500 million domestically and well over a billion internationally or more. I think the lack of 3D theatres is constricting the sales. Myself and others I know want to see it again. Another point lost pertaining to revenue, the rest of the world viewing audience will be much more receptive to the "Dances with Wolves" storyline than the U.S. which will really propell this movie to huge influx of revenue that will make Avatar the 2nd highest grossing film of all time.

Mike, that is the most important question. The answer is yes, this is an awesome movie. Who really cares how much it cost or how long Cameron took to make the film or how much it will make. Just inside baseball stuff that will soon be forgotten.

If anyone has the chance to see Avatar on the larger Imax screens, not the retrofitted smaller Imax theaters, do it. The visuals are incredible.

The storyline is much better than the early detractors described. This is the best movie since Star Wars. Yea, I'm that old.

I'm glad he's gotten this out of his system. Fun is fun, but let's get back to work Jim.
We all want 'True Lies 2' and 'Terminator 5'.
Hopefully he and Arnold can buy back the Terminator franchise and make a killing. If he could somehow make sense of the last film and work Arnold into the next...well...could be fun.

Good for Cameron ... he took a major risk yet again and it's paying off. But boy, I wish he could tell a better story to go along with his ability to push technology to the next level.

The snow storm kept it below $80 million domestically last week (probably would have earned around $85 million if VA and MD could have seen it).

Anyone who fails to mention this huge factor, has an agenda.

Why don't you go see it "MIKE", and stop relying on what other people think about something?

All the grand visual effects couldn't plug up the gaping hole of this shallow world.

Mike, did you even read the article? It says that Avatar has been selling so well mainly due to word of mouth, indicating that most moviegoers considered it to be a great film. I, for one, consider it to be Cameron's third best film behind the first two Terminator movies.

I plan on seeing it again in the IMAX 3D, but in a month or two when I can get a good seat without arriving 2 hours early. I arrived 40 minutes early but was only able to get seats way too close to the 10 story screen. Could barely get the 3D affect at all.

As I predicted (and it was pretty obvious to me and my friends), the worldwide total is over $2.728 billion - even adjusted for inflation, Avatar is the highest grossing film of all time. Huzzah for Cameron!

Forget Biggest sales for a non summer monday, how about the biggest sells ever in history to this date. I think it will be a few years before some other movie beats it. Probably the only that will is the Avatar Sequel...


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