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Rupert Murdoch plays what-if with NBC Universal

Fox Business Network interviewed News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch today (gee, wonder how they were able to book that one) and the media mogul acknowledged taking a look at General Electric's NBC Universal after word got out that Comcast was in talks to take control of the entertainment company.

MURDOCHGLICK "I thought it was interesting, but at that stage, Comcast was way, way too far down there," Murdoch said, adding, "I was late into the scene."

We have only a transcript, so it's hard to tell whether Murdoch was being witty or talking about the differences in valuations between broadcast and cable when he added that if he had done a deal, "I would have to sell off NBC, which would have been difficult, and MSNBC, which would not have been difficult."  We'd like to think that Murdoch was taking a shot at the liberal-leaning MSNBC, especially since there are no regulations on the books that would stop him from owning two cable news channels. 

Murdoch said he did not anticipate any major regulatory hurdles for NBC-Comcast, echoing a sentiment expressed yesterday by former News Corp. President Peter Chernin. Murdoch did say he expected some conditions to be put on a deal similar to those that were put on News Corp. when it acquired DirecTV. In that case, the concession was that it treat everybody equally when it came to selling its content. Requiring a company to treat everyone equally? Yeah, that sounds pretty extreme.

-- Joe Flint

Photo: News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch with Fox Business Network's Alexis Glick

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Former News Corp. President Peter Chernin worked for Murdoch for 20 years. Now he is trying to get Comcast to buy NBC.
That would set a dangerous precedent where the owner of cable carrier could control the ocntent of News and other programing on the stations it chooses No question if the deal goes through Pernin and Murdoch would be able to influence NBC and other and program.

One only has to consider the attitudes expressed by Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly, and other Fox Presenters to understand the danger wannabe Media Oligarch Murdoch and those he instructs, present to America. We quickly forget how his UK tabloid hacked the phones of Politicians and Celebrities to get dirt on them. Has he, will he, do less in America to control those who create opinion or oppose him. Of all the American media, Murdoch's assets are the most polarizing and divisive to the nation. At some point he may even control who is elected as President or the Party that controls Congress. He may be closer to that now, than we care to know.


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