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'New Moon' smashes 'Harry Potter' midnight ticket sales record

NewMoonSoldOut The vampires have beat the boy wizard.

According to four people close to the movie, "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" sold more than $22.2 million worth of tickets in midnight shows last night, beating a record set this summer by "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."

Two people close to the picture said the exact gross, which is still being calculated by Summit Entertainment, could be as high as $26 million.

In addition, one person with access to ticket sales data said the original "Twilight," which was re-released in theaters last night, collected $1.2 million from rabid fans who turned out.

Morning ticket sales for "New Moon" are also huge, according to the person, already totaling $13.9 million. That's a clear sign the  sequel is on track for a massive Friday at the box office.

Summit is expected to release  official estimates soon.Et-Newmoon20

Update (10:45 AM): Summit's official estimate for midnight ticket sales is $26.27 million. Its official estimate for the gross of the original "Twilight" last night is $1.3 million.

Update (7 PM): "New Moon" is poised to have the biggest day ever at the domestic box office. Details here.

-- Ben Fritz and Claudia Eller

Photo: Tickets for the midnight showing of "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" sold out at a movie theater in Nampa, Idaho. Credit: Mike Vogt / Associated Press

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I'm pretty disgruntled to be associated with this generation... THIS is what we'll reminisce about decades from now? The writing is weak, the story-line cliche and unoriginal. Get it together, Generation Y. This is just embarrassing.

Anything to escape getting an education and a job .

Ha...its just for girls and adolescent girls. Don't let it get to you, Gen X had some crap out there too!

This is just ridiculous.

Yeah, we had that who slew of John Hughes movies...and I still obsess about movies like The Last Starfighter, Goonies and The Navigator...which, even though I have watched them a blue-million times, were not necessarily Oscar-worthy films either!! :)

Why all the negativity? So what if its crap the teenagers and twi-moms are so involved with this series of books and now 2 movies it could be so much worse.Back off grow up and let people do what gives them some escape from this world that continues to take peoples futures and retirements and spits them back at you with everyone taking their piece.Save America before everyone just talks and no one acts.

I will never understand the appeal of Twilight/New Moon. The popularity in this terrible vampire series has totally ruined my love for vampire mythology. The only reasons why I haven't given up on the genre of vampire movies is films like Thirst and Let the Right One In which don't pander to the tween who are into emo rock. For those who want vampires with sex appeal, go rent The Hunger. The cast of the awful Twilight series has nothing on David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve.

The dollar amount attached to ticket sales cannot be compared to previous ticket sales because the price of tickets is continuously going up. Why isn't the number of tickets sold reported? The fact that more money is made from tickets sales than any other movie in history does not mean that more people saw it - it may simply mean that tickets cost more now than they ever have. Which they do. Please, please, report the number of ticket sales instead of meaningless statistics.

eff all da haters dis movie was da best so yall bettr stop saying crap just cuz u guys didnt have this oppurtinity wen u were small and u guys r embarrsing haterssss........

Is it really fair to compare MIDNIGHT ticket sales for Harry Potter, a film targeted at adolescents who do not usually go out alone after bedtime, with New Moon, a film targeted at young adults who love late night?

This movie was so great!Jacob was hotter than ever,when he took off his shirt OMG!I cant wait to see Eclipse.

Teenage girls are soul sucking beings of endless consumption. They make the crap movie industry go round ;D Bad, but probably not Tyler Perry bad.

I'm a "teenage girl" and this is just wrong. A) the Harry Potter Series trumps The Twilight Saga in writing quality times a million. B) Can never be beat by Twilight in the category of originality and C) the actors suck in comparison to the actors in the Harry Potter films. I mean come on! Harry Potter as an all star cast from Maggie Smith to Alan Rickman, and from Sir Michael Gambon to Julie Walters. Twilight has who? Robert Pattinson? Am I the only teenage girl (straight teenage girl) who does not swoon at the mention of that name? Taylor Lautner is a different story...:)...but i would take wizards over vampires any day. Just you all wait, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt.1 will top this crap.

As a part of the generation that will undoubtedly be defined by this generation, I'm appalled. The books weren't any good and the movies were worse. I can honestly say that I have no idea what got into everyone.

i agree with az Deathdealer , everything you said is true. And so what if people have become attached to this twilight craze. if you have an open mind its actually a pretty good series of books and this recent movie was really good.
so everyone else please get over yourself...

You don't say...Twilight's target market is older than Harry Potter's--Much closer to the age it would be appropriate to be out at midnight. And you say that Twilight sold more tickets? Get right out of town.

SMASHES is a bit extreme. If it had double what HP brought in, then yes, smashes would've worked. But 4 million? I would've jsut said breaks.

I'm officially ashamed of America. What is wrong with the female population?

dont like it, dont watch. simple.
"Born in the wrong generation" To bad not everyone has the same interest as you. The books are actually good. Not a Twlilight Movie junky but the books were good.

Hahahaha @Harry Potter. People said the same things about that, as you guys are saying about Twilight/New Moon.

I do not dislike nor like Twilight. I just feel as if it really does not come close to measuring up to other great films/books. I also feel like it's popularity is all based on the fact that its general audience is a younger demographic. It's horribly unoriginal(remember Interview with a Vampire?) I also feel like it really only has one underlying plot(yes I have read all the books.)It's an extremely easy read. Harry Potter, which is also, for the most part, an easy read, at least has more interwining plots and conflicts that one actually has to read into to understand. It did make me a tad angry to know that it beat out Harry Potter in the box office. Sad, really.

Harry Potter and The Dark Knight's sales were high for midnight, but they weren't AS high because most of the fans for those two film series actually have lives and therefore don't have time to go see a movie at midnight. But lets not forget how much money The Dark Knight and Harry Potter made overall. All the Harry Potter films are in the top 25 highest grossing films of all time and The Dark Knight is still sitting pretty at number 4.

So how much did Harry Potter midnight sales gross and how many tickets did each movie sell? Did New Moon blow the old record away or barely inch past it? This article basically tells me nothing... no context, no detail, unimpressive reporting.

Acting is a great job says lady gaga but of corse singing is her first and only job or is it?An insider called her and she was crying the person asked why and she killed her with kindness asking why and she said she is
a bad person and she is going to quit and
she is going to move to an island. then
she hang up the phone.

not a true story but is it good?im 13 years old

That's because stupid people (or, to be fair, people who are fairly intelligent but who jump right on the bandwagon) outnumber smart people (or, to be fair, unintelligent people with terrific taste). And I love that every argument for why the movie was good involves a] Taylor taking his shirt off b] how OMG LOL HOT the guys were c] atrocious grammar and/or spelling "lol wut u guys r jus h8rz." I am embarrassed for my generation. The Twilight books were fine; I liked them for a while, but they don't have the kind of timeless quality that Harry Potter has. However, the movies suck. That's really all that can be said: they suck. For many reasons: the casting, the acting, the script... Please take the time to notice that the original Harry Potter fan base usually enjoys, if not always ADORES, the movies, whereas the original Twilight fan base has turned 360 and hates all the hype.

To all the above haters, i feel so sorry that you couldn't relate to our Twilight obsession! Must be hard to fathom why we love the Twilight series so much. I myself love HP but Twilight just hits it in the center for me. Don't hate Twilight beating HP it's just that we love Twilight more than HP. We go back to the cinema not just once but twice, thrice or more.

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