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'New Moon' poised for biggest box office day ever [Updated]

NewMoonTheater "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" is poised to break its second box office record in a single day.

According to four people who have closely watched ticket sales data today but requested anonymity because they are not authorized to release the information, the teen vampire phenomenon is all but certain to gross more than $67.2 million, the record set by "The Dark Knight" last year for the biggest single-day take at the box office.

By 5 p.m., the movie had already sold more than $50 million worth of tickets in the U.S. and Canada. When evening shows are included, the total will likely be more than $70 million, the people said.

Given the huge amount of pent-up interest among fans, who are rushing out to theaters on opening day, ticket sales are expected to drop significantly on Saturday and Sunday. Nonetheless, a total weekend gross of more than $110 million is all but certain and more than $120 million is very possible. That would give "New Moon" the biggest weekend gross for any movie this year and make it one of the top five pictures of all time at the domestic box office, not accounting for ticket price inflation.

Ticket sales from the 25 foreign countries where "New Moon" is opening this weekend will almost certainly push the worldwide weekend gross to more than $150 million.

Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the "Twilight" films, will release an official total for Friday ticket sales on Saturday morning.

Update (Nov. 21, 8:50 AM): Summit reports that "New Moon" grossed $72.7 million on Friday, easily breaking the single day sales record set by "The Dark Knight." It will now likely collect more than $120 million through Sunday.

Inspirational drama "The Blind Side," starring Sandra Bullock, sold $10.9 million worth of tickets in the U.S. and Canada on Friday, setting it up to be no. 2 for the weekend with an impressive $30 million-plus.

-- Ben Fritz


Fans scream with delight for "Twilight: New Moon"

"New Moon" review

Photo: Moviegoers wait to see "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" at the AMC movie theater at the Westfield Century City shopping mall in Los Angeles Thursday night. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press.

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Who cares? Hey has anyone heard lately that 1/6 of all the people on earth are starving right now? I love our priorities in America.

ugh, its like american idol, no one shuts up about this crap


And how exactly are you helping those people by bitching on the internet? Nice priorities buddy.

They keep raising the cost of a ticket and claiming NEW BOX OFFICE RECORDS. Well I guess. If you keep making the inch longer, your dick will get bigger every year, too!

Um, actually if you do that to the inch, your dick will get shorter.

Everyone loves spending there time to hear about the price of tickets...Yipee!!!


Hefty return on investment for the studio/producers/copyright owners :-)

... seriously?

So should the other 5/6 hibernate and stop living. Priorities in America-----get a life. There have always been (and always will be) hunger and PESIMISTIC people that complain about everything.

If this brings entertainment and joy to people ….PLEASE bring it on. I think this country (and world) could use a little joy.

I could only wish that a vampire would suck the useless life out of your existence

this is so depressing.

I'm going to see it, and I'm 31. I'm ashamed that I like this saga, but I agree, it's blown way out of proportion. I could care less about how much money a movie makes. Teenage girls are a powerful demographic for the entertainment industry, though. And to be balanced, I dedicate time to help build for Habitat for Humanity. My priorities seem to be in order.

@ mateocafe i think you mean if you make the inch shorter you dick while seem bigger, just like making the dollar worth less makes the "box office record" for new films...

hahahah. I like the twilight series, but don't love it. But I think it's HILARIOUS that so many indignant cinephiles are going to gag with this news. You know, girls can get our geeky Transformers vibe on. And Robert Pattinson is our very own Megan Fox!lol

Insanity! I just don't see the allure. I feel like I'm missing something.

What inane comments.

Theater (movies) have inspired audience participation since the beginning of time. Thank goodness there is something to enjoy and escape in a positive way. I went to a matinee of NEW MOON today at 4PM and have never witnessed such a quiet and respectable young crowd who totally enjoyed this marvelously crafted film. Every aspect was artistically conveyed and beautifully produced. It could have been so tossed off and bad...the audience cheered...including me...And I'm seventy-one years young.

actually, it is impressive if NM does beat the record, because Dark Knight was shown in IMAX theaters too with bigger ticket prices.

LOL , jpe!

lol!! good comeback

Too bad all of the fans are going the first few days of its opening....anyone else predict this film will drop well below #1 next week?

there will time in the future when people track boxoffice data in hour.
The biggest first hour ever!
the biggest afternoon show ever!
the biggist evening show ever!
the best 12hour ever

movies are really frontloaded these days!

New Moon was exciting with an ending that I believe shocked many people! Good Job Chris Weitz!

Harry Potter will take back its crown in 2010, mainly due to increasing ticket prices..... Look for a $75m opening day, with a $180m+ opening weekend for Harry Potter, because unlike Twilight, even with a big opening, it still has legs and good word of mouth.... Look for New Moon to have an opening weekend of $125m, then close at $250m.... HP7 will open to $180m and close at $400m.....

Film producers must be paying the media in millions to write a load of crap each day abt this film to get the maximum publicity. I am sick of loooking at head lines titled "New Moon" everyday for the last couple of weeks. Useless garbage news items like this makes the most headlines these days...Media trash written by trashy writers. All you media people, why dont you use your brains to write something interesting and factual to read without writing showbiz gossip & garbage every single day????

God, what an overrated film. I have nothing against people who genuinely liked the film, but man, for WEEKS on end, each time I flip a channel, there's coverage on "New Moon", each time I step outside a bus passes by with the freakin' poster for the movie, I step inside a store and there are posters and other related merchandise, I cannot escape the mania for this stupid movie. Maybe it's just me, but I don't recall Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings getting this much press. Granted, it hasn't hurt either franchise's ability to break records at the box office, but at least those movies weren't thrown in my face all the time like Twilight. Or maybe it's not Twilight itself being heavily promoted, it's the constant updates on the actors' personal lives that I have difficulty completely avoiding. Well either way, it's stupid. When you have a product that's targeted towards teens, there is absolutely no way in hell you will avoid it knowing about it. That pretty much explains why I also keep hearing about Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers even though I don't listen to either ones' music and I avoid the Disney channel like the plague. Man, teenagers are one annoying demographic.

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