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Ratings Report: Might be time for Leno to create some controversy

Maybe Jay Leno needs to find something to confess about too.

LENO Thursday night's "Jay Leno Show" on NBC hit a new low in viewers with only 4.96 million tuning in, according to preliminary ratings information from Nielsen. In adults 18-49, the gold standard for advertisers, "The Jay Leno Show" tied its low with a 1.5 rating. To figure out what that means, each rating point in that demographic represents 1.3 million adults 18-49. In the U.S., there are about 131.6 million of those hanging around.

Leno was facing off against strong competition in CBS' "The Mentalist" and the season premiere of ABC's "Private Practice." The former won in viewers with 15.1 million while the latter took first in adults 18-49 with a 4.5 rating. 

On a side note, preliminary national numbers on how  David Letterman did on CBS Thursday night when he confessed office affairs and being the target of an extortion attempt will be out later today. In metered market ratings (don't ask us to explain), his audience was up.

The other story to watch last night (at least from our vantage point) was week two of the ABC serial "FlashForward." It delivered 10.8 million viewers, a drop of 13%. In adults 18-49, it tied CBS' "Survivor" with a 3.7 rating.

Overall, CBS won the night in viewers with 14.2 million, followed by ABC with 12.5 million, Fox with 7.6 million, NBC with 5.5 million (remember when the Peacock OWNED Thursday night?) and the CW with 3 million.

In 18-49, ABC cruised to first place with a 4.7 rating, followed by CBS' 3.8. Fox had a 2.5 while NBC averaged a 2.2. The CW posted a 1.4.

-- Joe Flint

Photo: Jay Leno. Credit: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

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He has a great show but I believe that we need to take into consideration people do DVR and watch the show with less commercial interruption online. He is a comical genius and this was an NBC pacifier for Conan and to prevent him from going to FOX or ABC! Love his humor and watch him online all the time!

This is looking bad. He has even lower ratings now than he did at late-night.

Conan dumbs down the already dumb comedy bits into a slow (crikets) painful waste of time.

Love his show! We do DVR and watch the show the next day without commercial interruptions. The Jay Leno Show is the only network show we watch!

Down with Leno! Howard Stern called this 100%... Jay is going to be out of a job soon! (He deserves every bit of failure.)

I personally don't want to see Jay at 10pm every night. NBC used to have shows that could compete with the other networks dramas at 10pm. It is just the wrong time slot for a show that is on every night. Remember "Who wants to be a millionaire" and "Deal or no deal"? Stop beating a dead horse during primetime, everyone gets sick of it.

We've tried watching the show several times this past week.
It's pretty boring.
Unwatchable would really describe it.

Something is missing from his Tonight Show magic.

Hope they fix it.

We've always loved Jay since is Comedy and Magic Club days.

Conan is so much funnier than Leno. So glad they made the switch but am disappointed that Jay didn't have a better idea or better show. Its not as funny as TSWJL. I enjoy headlines on this show but thats about it, and I've been watching Leno and Conan for a LONG time

I saw the new Jay Leno show for the first time last night and really liked it.
I had a great time watching and found it really entertaining and funny.


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