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Paramount may produce 'Paranormal Activity' sequel

ParanormalActivity2 Can lightning strike twice?

Paramount Pictures is hoping so, as the studio is actively considering producing a sequel to "Paranormal Activity," the out-of-the-blue horror flick that cost $15,000 to produce and has sold $62.5 million worth of tickets so far domestically.

"We have the rights on a worldwide basis to do 'Paranormal 2' and we're looking to see if that makes some sense," Paramount Chairman Brad Grey said in an interview today.

In an industry obsessed with building franchises, a second "Paranormal Activity" seems like a no-brainer. The studio acquired the movie for just $300,000 and has spent less than $10 million on marketing, relying primarily on word-of-mouth and Internet buzz. It is on track to gross more than $100 million domestically. That would make it, Grey said, the most profitable film for  Paramount since he took over in 2005 and, quite possibly, in the studio's history.

Producing follow-ups to low-cost movies that unexpectedly capture the nation's attention can be difficult, however, making a "Paranormal" sequel a potentially perilous task for the studio. "Book of Shadows," the 2000 follow-up to 1999's indie horror phenomenon "The Blair Witch Project," was very poorly received and grossed just $26.4 million domestically, compared to $140.6 million for the original.

Paramount has an extra reason to make a sequel to "Paranormal Activity" beyond trying to duplicate its success: Although the studio has only domestic rights to the current film, it would have worldwide rights to a follow-up, Grey noted.

If it owned the movie overseas as well, "Paranormal Activity" would be even more profitable for Paramount. The film, which starts playing in foreign countries Friday, is being sold to international distributors by IM Global.

-- Ben Fritz

Photo: Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat in "Paranormal Activity." Credit: Paramount Pictures

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Instead of the usual overproduced, insipid sequel, the clueless, gutless Hollywood studios should simply think small. I'm so fed up with formulaic, suburban-multiplex fare that I could puke. I saw the German film 'Jerichow' over the weekend, and it was exactly the kind of low-budget, character-driven drama that America no longer seems able or willing to produce. The film, reminsicent of "The Postman Always Rings Twice," was in no way inferior to the Garfield/Turner classic.

When web-based distribution of indie product becomes the new business model for movies, I'll be thrilled to see the multiplexes and their Hollywood patrons die a wretched death. Movies are so bad these days, really, that even when I am suicidally desperate to get out of the house, I can't bring myself to pay for some piece of unregenerate swill like 'Couples Retreat'. These days, it's almost as though the better the script, the less chance it has of being produced.

Rick, what does ANY of what you just said have to do with Paranormal Activity? O.o

Please no.

We got it. It's been done...find a new story to tell. That's why we like PA - it was something we hadn't seen before (well...). Paramount please...don't be lazy. Find other gems out there that were made with care and creativity, and get those out to the public.

I hope they don't. Great movie, but you know the sequel will be stupid and ill-inspired. The reason why it was good and did so well is because it wasn't a sequel and was fresh.

How scary is the movie, "Paranormal Activity"?

Take a sec and vote anonymously.


I agree with Rick's first sentence. For a sequel to work, Paramount needs to limit themselves with as low of a budget as PA. Force themselves to make a plot/character driven story with the simplicity of PA.

Please don't ruin this movie with a freakin' sequel!!! Leave it alone!!!

No!!!! That's one of the reasons the movie was scary is because Katie was never found. If they make a sequel that just ruins it. I mean the demon could kill Katie and move on to another person but that would basically end up as the first movie.

Can you say Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2?

I think there is some value to a Paranormal 2 but only if it is taken in a different direction to catch everyone off guard again. I've drawn up this storyboard in my attempt to consult on a Paranormal 2 - http://www.webdonuts.com/2009/10/paranormal-activity/

What are you guys talking about, sequels are always a good idea!

S. Darko anyone?

There is absolutely no reason to make a sequel. Go milk the fucking Saw franchise some more. I'm sure tons of dumbasses will be in line for Saw 16

Didn't take Paramount long to jump back on the bandwagon. Good grief, movie executives need their heads examined.

No!!!! That's one of the reasons the movie was scary is because Katie was never found. If they make a sequel that just ruins it. I mean the demon could kill Katie and move on to another person but that would basically end up as the first movie.

Posted by: Bibby | October 25, 2009 at 07:18 PM

hate to ruin it for you guys, but if you would have seen it when it FIRST came out in just the 15 college towns, you would have seen the original ending. Katie slits her throat right after she kills her bf.......sorry

What are you guys talking about? Of course a sequel is the answer, There are at least a dozen questions left unanswered. Just for starters; we are left out to believe that someone is walking around town totally possessed by a demon and what about the old good vs evil battle? and we'll never know why this demon pick up Kate? what did she do in her childhood? how does Micha meets Kate and when did they starting talking about some of her "experiences" with sounds, voices, nightmares? why kill Micha? was the devil after him or Katie? otherwise your asses are bound to meet Kate at single's bar and ultimately ended up dead too! I want see a full force of evil being battle by the forces of God a la Hollywood carte. Specially, I will like to see Kate (the actress) again. She's a natural and with good acting, beside I think she beautiful. I'll pay a ticket again just for that!

Actually, the original ending to the movie was that Katie comes back up to her room and sits in a zombie-like state for the rest of the day. Then, her friend comes and sees the dead body, then leaves. About 20 minutes later, police show up and find her in her room. I guess she wakes up (I couldn't really tell) and runs towards them screaming, "Where's Micah?" Then they shoot her because she still has the knife.
That's why at the beginning it says "Credit to the so-and-so police department."


How N The Hell Can They Come Out With PA2?????? Honestly.... Bring Them Back Form The Dead?! Give Me A Break, Leave It Alone

There are so many possibilities you've overlooked for subsequent theatrical content. For example: A prequel, following Katie from her youth culminating in the night the couple decided to begin filming. The insights delivered might include how frightened Katie was on previous events, but that as time went on the edge wore off, until the next....with each being a crescendo of blood curdling, nightmarish imagery.
In a prequel, as a child, Katie would be ignorant of the nature of the unwanted visits, perhaps attributing to pranks, imagination and ultimately a house based haunting.
As she gets older, having moved from the original location or her torment, she discovers, to her terror, that all her hopes about the previous events ending were shattered. Occurrences, previously happening every few years in several recurring events, now happen every few months.....as she enters college and meets here new boyfriend, Micha.
They move in together, her nightmares closing in around her, intentionally neglecting to inform him of her history so she won't have to go through the torment alone....

My question is, what did this demon do when Katie was sitting on the toilet taking a #2? Was the demon polite and waiting outside the bathroom door? Was the demon in the bathroom with Katie watching? Did the demon go fix itself a sandwich or something to pass the time while Katie dropped the kids off at the pool?

oddly, many people say katie was never found. but the version i just saw showed katie being shot by 2 officers as they investigated the stabbing of her boyfriend.. guess there's more than 1 version out there. either case, IT WAS THE BEST, and SCARY AS HELL..

The first one was a good movie but how could they possibly make a sequel? Everybody is dead. I didn't really get the ending. It was confusing.

this film was really unnerving and gave me the same feeling you get when you laugh so hard you tense up all over except i was not laughing i wasnt moving at all i was simply stuck in a state of mild trauma to be totally honest and to think all this came froma 15,000 dollar movie, its quite brilliant, im not a film maker so i dont how they do special effects but i'd like to know how they did the effects in this film? in particular the scene when she gets dragged out of bed its really quite scary i think its the way it moves her leg out of the bed before draggin her away not in one quick motion they take the time and really exagarates it and also why it has two different endings as ive seen them both and would like to know which is the original? the cinema i saw it in had people walking out crying (actually crying) just shows it was scary.

i thought that paronormal activity was a pretty scary move with all of the shadows and things like that i jumped a couple of times but sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night at like 3:00 in the morning when some of the stuff in paronormal activity happened. and i get a little scared and i cant go back to sleep!!!:( but one night i woke up at 3:00 and heared a baby crying!!! but i kinda liked it!!! but who killed mikah , kate or the demond?

I have just watched this movie here in the UK , passed on to me by a friend , many of my assciociates have also seen the movie and believe it to be of true events .
The special effects were excellent although when Kate was dragged out the bed her leg did seem detacthed from her body !!
The ending I saw was Kate being shot by the police , so NO a sequel would not work .
The film has certainly became a talking point .

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