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Fox shutting down reality cable channel

Reality as a genre may still be hot, but it's not enough to sustain a cable channel.

News Corp. is shuttering its 4-year-old Fox Reality Channel (what, you mean you didn't know there was a Fox Reality Channel?). The channel, which was available in about 50 million homes, never really established itself in the ratings but did provide a home for reality reruns such as "The Amazing Race" and "Beauty and the Geek." It had a handful of original shows as well. News of the decision was broken by The Wrap.

Although the channel will go away next March, Fox is keeping the real estate and will look to launch a new channel in its place, possibly with an outside partner, per The Wrap. After all, you don't just walk away from 50 million homes. Because of the leverage Fox has with its stronger cable networks, including FX, it was able to get a decent license fee of about 9 cents per subscriber for Fox Reality even though its ratings didn't really merit that cost, according to Kagan Media. 

A Fox spokesman said, "With the changing cable landscape we've made a strategic decision to shift some resources and refocus on emerging channels. However, Fox Reality Channel will remain on on our lineup for at least the next several months."

If Fox Reality wasn't emerging and it sure wasn't established, then what was it?

Guess we'll never know.

-- Joe Flint

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What a great start !!!!....how about cancelling right away E! channel!!!

If I were them I would have shut down their news channel.

Good. I'm glad. I think more studios should take note that reality has no longevity for reruns or DVD/Blu-Ray sales either.

TLC should be shut down as well. There's nothing to learn from The Learning Channel.

This is the Achilles heel of the reality TV concept. Reruns and DVDs have no value.

The world becomes a much better place when the Reality of Fox News goes away forever.


People should not watch any Fox channel on the airwaves. That includes sports too.

Yeah right FOX news is a cash cow for them, more viewers than CBS NBC and ABC. We love fox as we can get REAL news not what some news producer wants you to hear.I work in TV news and I see how a story gets it bend from the news producers.

Actually, given that Fox News gets higher ratings than CNN, HLN and MSNBC combined, it seems pretty obvious who would get shut down. Or perhaps you could just let everyone present their point of view. Oh, no, wait, that would be freedom of speech - can't allow that. Let's call for censoring or shutting down what we disagree with instead.


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