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Anheuser-Busch taking over 'Saturday Night Live'

Maybe if we drink enough the show will actually seem funny.

As part of its push for Bud Light Golden Wheat, Anheuser-Busch has cut a deal with NBC Universal to be the exclusive sponsor of this week's "Saturday Night Live," which is being hosted by Gerard Butler and features Shakira. That means every commercial on the show will be for Budweiser. Lets see how many times some Bud shows up in skits as well. Maybe there is a drinking game in it!

Furthermore, Anheuser-Busch is going to host viewing parties across the country to hype the brew. No word if Comcast's Brian Roberts and Steve Burke will be attending the one in Philadelphia.

As a perk for those of us having to endure this onslaught of Budweiser, "SNL" is also going to feature a series of never-seen clips from the show's 35-year (yes, 35 years) history.

BTW, Bud Light Golden Wheat hit stores Oct. 5. Seems a little plug is the least we could do for providing us with such good material so early in the morning.

-- Joe Flint

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Maybe they'll revive the old Budweiser Taste Buds...

Last time I checked it was pretty well established pop culture history that SNL went on the air in Oct. 1975 with George Carlin as host, that makes them 34, not 35. Just because they put a "35" next to their logo doesn't make them 35, it just makes them guilty of using a fake ID.

While SNL isn't 35 years old yet, this IS their 35th season.

(Think about it. You're not one year old until the END of your first year.)

Austin Milbarge,

You should have put some more thought into it. This is the 35th season, which won't end until May 2010...35 years after 1975.

Thought you were being clever, weren't you?


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