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'Paranormal Activity' moves into wider release


Following "Paranormal Activity's" robust debut in a handful of midnight screenings last weekend, Paramount Pictures said Monday that it is bringing its micro-budget thriller to 20 more cities on Friday. Paramount said more than 200,000 fans have registered interest in the movie via a "Paranormal" website, and writer-director Oren Peli's $15,000 movie about a couple's nocturnal nightmare will be coming to many of the cities representing the greatest interest.

The studio said the cities with the highest demand for exclusive midnight showings included Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, Phoenix, San Francisco and Philadelphia. The movie will also come to Atlanta, Miami, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Denver, Detroit, Baltimore, Sacramento, San Jose and Tampa.

-- John Horn

Photo: A scene from "Paranormal Activity." Credit: Paramount Pictures

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I've heard a lot of good things about this movie. Not sure if I'm willing to travel 2 hours to see it though. I'm a huge horror flick fan, so just maybe.

Where? Where? Where? I'm so excited!!!

I'll support it if it goes to theaters in Oklahoma in Norman or Moore or Oklahoma City but If this movie does not appear in a theater in my area I will definitely just download it from sum internet site.

That is how bad i wanna c it.

this is a movie i would pay 100000000000 dallors to see

I promote a Horror convention, I live in a house full of horror decor all the way to life sized statues of Jason, Letherface, Michael Myers etc. I live horror.
This movie scared ME.

Go see it if you have a chance.

0 ************** ******************* best movie ever

I watched this movies yesterday. It was a really good movie, :) it was so scary!


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