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UPDATED: 'Shutter Island' shuttered until next year


Paramount Pictures is pushing the release of director Martin Scorsese's highly anticipated "Shutter Island," starring Leonardo DiCaprio, from Oct. 3 to Feb. 19 of next year.

SHUTTER The move means that the gothic thriller won't be in Oscar contention for this year. Paramount has spent heavily already marketing its summer movie hits "Star Trek," "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" and didn't want to shell out another $100 million on advertising and prints this year, especially when it has two other releases -- "The Lovely Bones" and "Up in the Air" -- that it will also be pushing for Oscar consideration. The best picture category for the Oscars has been expanded to 10 starting next year, but apparently Paramount needs one that goes to 11.

Still, the decision is not without risk. Scorsese was told earlier this week that this was being considered and if it ends up backfiring on the studio, it could strain the director's relationship and deal with Paramount Pictures and its chairman, Brad Grey. The move was first reported by Deadline Hollywood Daily.

"Our 2009 slate was green-lit in a very different economic climate and as a result we must remain flexible and willing to recalibrate and adapt to a changing environment," said Grey in a statement.

"Shutter Island" is an adaptation of a Dennis Lehane novel about two investigators who probe the escape of a female mental patient and get trapped on the island that houses the institution.

-- Joe Flint

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One of the greatest books I ever read by one of the greatest authors. THat is a very scary book. With Scorcese at the helm it might have a chance to equal the books nail biting scenes. I miss Dennis Lehane's writing, his writing is so visual with all his characters. Its been possibly 10 years since Dennis Lehane penned a new book and fans like myself are really hurting because I crave his awesome writing.

I am so disappointed. I really wanted this to release this year. I am to impatient to wait for a Leo movie. Lets face it, he needs an award bad, i do agree, but holding his movies just for that sake, I think that is nuts.

darn... i have been waiting for this... now i have to wait longer

Awesome, we'll just have to survive on the tripe that's available to us, I suppose.

memo to Paramount: recut the trailer so you don't GIVE IT ALL AWAY!

Totally, thoroughly, completely, utterly disgusted with Paramount's decision. At a time when so, so very few films are worth getting enthused about, this one had me geeked. While I do look forward to this WHENEVER it comes out, I just hope this blows up in Paramount's face, I hope Scorsese gives them hell. The only other film I've been anticipating for this fall is John Hillcoat's THE ROAD, now it's the only film, period.


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