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'Halloween 3D' coming in summer 2010

HalloweenII "Halloween II" may not have won the box office this weekend, but Weinstein Co. is taking a lesson from the movie that did as it prepares a sequel for next summer.

The independent studio's co-Chairman Bob Weinstein said today that the 3-D sequel, titled, appropriately enough, "Halloween 3D," is in development.

The investment it takes to shoot movies in digital 3-D has proved particularly lucrative for horror films. For "The Final Destination," this weekend's No. 1 movie, theaters with at least one 3-D screen earned 3.25 times as much as those that showed the movie in 2-D only, according to distributor Warner Bros. That's substantially higher than for other recent releases. The equivalent 3-D multiple for last month's "G-Force," for instance, was only 1.7 on its first weekend. For July's "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" it was 1.4 andm for June's "Up" it was 2.2. January horror flick "My Bloody Valentine" earned 6.4 times as much from 3-D theaters as it did from 2-D on its opening weekend.

Weinstein said Rob Zombie, who directed "Halloween II" and 2007's reboot of the 31-year-old horror series, won't return for "Halloween 3-D." He said the studio is in negotiations with a new director, whom he declined to name, who has experience in horror and has a "different take" on the franchise.

-- Ben Fritz

Photo: Tyler Mane in "Halloween II." Credit: Marsha LaMarca / Weinstein Co.

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Thank God Zombie's not returning, I didn't think it was possible for him to murder a classic twice but boy did H2 prove me wrong, terrible movie and terrible director.

Rob Zombie has no talent. any retard with a pirated copy of adobe after effects can create "stunning visuals" the likes of zombie. he doesn't know how to tell a good story or write good dialogue. The Devil's Rejects had so much cussing that every line felt cheesy and overwrought with the F word before every noun. at least Tarantino knows how to write dialogue with profanity and make it sound like Shakespeare. his wife sucks at acting too.

THANK YOU CARL B!!! Zombie destroyed a classic! When I first saw the pic of Michael in a hoodie I was like WTF!! I really would love to see another Halloween movie...I could care less if it is in 3D.

Okay sorry I didn't post this before but i haven't read all of the posts. Everyone really needs to leave Rob Zombie alone. H2 was not a Halloween Movie! It was a Rob Zombie Movie. If you don't like Rob Zombie movies then don't go see it because you will not like if you do. And the next person who says anything bout Rob Zombie is gunna get their ass kicked because he can write, and his movies are amazing!! So just leave him alone!!

The fact is, the new 3-D just does not deliver the same feeling of objects coming at you as the 3-D with the different colored lenses. A 3-D film should make you jerk your head to the side and neither of the 2 live action films using the new 3-D did that. That fact and the fact that all studios seem to be able to put out these days is bad remakes with bad actors directed by bad directors is a sad state. I remember seeing Friday the 13th 3-D and when
that harpoon was shot my head did jerk so it really didn't matter if the movie was good or not, it was an amusement park ride.

I am a huge fan of the Halloween movies. I wish they would revisit the old series & pick up where Halloween resurrection left off. Even better, "where H 6 left off" Resurrection was ok but, It just wasn't (to me anyway) as good as 1 - 7. But, oh well, one thing I am very ,very happy about is, ROB ZOMBIE WILL NOT BE DIRECTING!!!!

Rob Zombie did ok with the film 2yrs ago, but this sequel was as pointless and confusing as a movie can be. I've been a fan of this series for 18yrs and I've never been so confused at the end. Michael is a silent stalker, not a brutal slasher. If only Rick Rosenthal would write the script this time, he has done well with the series, I've always walked out the theater happy when I saw all his halloween sequels, and what happened to Michael's son? he is the last one in his bloodline, By next yr the kid will be 15yrs old. He could probably control and stop michael faster than anyone else has been able to.

Why do people like Rob Zombie so much? I saw his first Halloween, and the last half of the film was people screaming their heads off. It sounded like a cat dying. I'm sorry, you do not need to set the mood of horror through that tactic. It's a cheap ploy, and I'm sure all you Zombie fans will attack me for it. Whatever. He's a terrible director and hopefully in ten years, after his countless bad films, you'll wake up and realize it.

This has got to be the worst idea ever. The franchise of Halloween has the one the biggest fan bases ever for a horror movie. There are two reasons why i think this will fail.
First off; Because this has such a strong fan base, with a title this bad, fans are going to already assume that it'll suck, that since they didn't take time to come up with a story and they waited only a year.
Second; They already lost a lot of the fans because of the horrible excuse that they call a sequel.
While this movie had some REALLY good parts and ideas, the whole middle of the movie SUCKED.!!!

I do not like the sound of this. Rob Zombie's two Halloween films in my opinion were very good, more so H2 as the plot was more original and I like how he made exactly what fans were not expecting. That said, the way I percieved the ending of H2 was that he is dead this time. Dimension films should leave it there instead of causing more inconsistency between the sequels, for me that was a major problem with the original series each film contradicted what happened in the one before it. I really hope they don't go ahead with this 3D nonsense!

i cant belevie the idiots who are putting down this movie and that they think they are great rob is an awsome director who knows his craft and i think its a shame to not have him in the 3d one. i think he ios a sick man but if you are a havy horror fan like me you would love his movies

I think a new director is good, but the 3D should be taken out, dont destroy the integrity of this movie now that it is doing good....and back at its roots...at least somewhat...The first Halloween film by Rob Zombie to me was awesome, a definate nod to the re imagining of the very first John Carpenter film, I would have to say it is probably the best out all the Halloween movies....It was disturbing, raw, and stuck to the story...H2 could of been done better, the Loomis character was completely destroyed, I wish they would of left him dead, cause it just dont match up to Donald Pleasance...And I also believe Zombie made the second Halloween for himself as well...He should of just made the first one and left them alone....Anyway, Im definately would like to see a third one if it is going to stick to the story, and mythology of the Michael Myers character, eff the 3d, leave that to cheesy FD movies...lol....

I loved Rob Zobie's "The Devils Rejects" he needs to go back to doing his own original ideas. Same with Tim Burton. He needs to getaway from the remake garbage and back to his own original ideas. I think its better to Create your own ideas and vision.

I just finished watching Halloween 2 and i got to say it was great. But the first Rob Zombies Halloween was the best. Having a 3-d Hallween would be the best ever. But Weinstein co. has to be pretty good to Make a movie better thab Rob Zombie.

rob zombie made michael myers go so hard in II. The only thing i didnt like was how he grunted when he killed people. But i guess zombie is tryin to show that myers is a man not a monster like stupid ass freddy krueger movies. I hope zombie reconsiders and directs part 3.

Thank you. So much. Rob Zombie did great with Halloween 1,,, but 2 was terrible. I loved 1,,, it showed another side of Michael and revealed things about his personality that I'm glad were revealed. Halloween 2 went way too far. It made Michael seem too normal. And yes I do realize he's an actual person,,, but Michael is also mysterious and this movie took all of that away. And the thing with his family telling him what to do,,, umm? Jason Vorhees much? I mean they didn't exactly "tell" him what to do I know but still it was way too tacky. Rob tried to give this one movie it's own story line,,, but that's not Halloween. Halloween is one storyline throughout. The white horse... You have got to be kidding me. His family and himself is anything BUT pure. So in all,,, thank you for replacing Rob. I did love 1,,, but 2 made up for that. I hope you do a good job with 3D! :)

Personally, I am a HUGE Michael Myers fan. The new H2 definitely wasnt as good as the original Halloween 2. The new Halloween wasnt as good as the original. However, think about like this. Imagine there was no original. The new Halloween WAS the original. Then you have nothing to compare it to. Think about it like that and then figure out if it was good or bad.

I just wanna add to the number of disappointed reviews on here! I will have to say Halloween 1 was not real bad I did like some of the plot behind it, but I was very disappointed in this sequel. Did Zombie have to totally come up with something when making this? I mean the first scene being back to the Sanitarium? What the hell does this white horse and his mother have to do with anything? If she is dead and an angel why would she be walking with him? And even if she was the devil it is way to weird? The first Halloween is way better! All of the killings were nasty and gory, way to disgusting! I was very disappointed! And he totally distroyed Laurie's character, what she turned into him at the end? Is that what that meant? I like the idea of a 3rd installment but as others have commented will it be a remake of a stinky movie anyway? I guess only time will tell! I think maybe Zombie should have forgotten about giving his wife all that air time and just made a good story, a believable one!

I respect everyones opinion, but I hate it when people go around saying Rob Zombie is a joke to horror flicks. I think Rob Zombie did a great job on all his films. It is sad that he won't be directing Halloween 3. Maybe he will do something new. You never know with Rob Zombie...Atleast Halloween 2 was better than Drag Me To Hell, that movie was gross!

It's funny how everyone defending Rob Zombie cannot even form grammatically correct sentences. I thank God that Zombie and his white trash legions are leaving the Halloween series. Zombie basically killed off an already dying series. Resurrection was a horrrible movie and I'd watch it 100 times before watching either of Zombie's feeble attempts at a Halloween installment.

With this being said, I don't think continuing this story line is the answer. 3D is a terrible idea and simply a gimmick. I wish the series could return to it's origins. Halloween through Halloween H20 made for a solid series, with the exception of parts 3 and 5. This is if you include The Producer's Cut version of H6 and not the theatrical crap that was released.

completely agree with Adam Schwartz, except for the last part. Anyone trying to continue with someone else's work is never good. The series should just die for now, and we'll wait another 15 years or so for another remake and see how that goes.

I definately think someone should do another long term series of Halloween. It needs to almost be made like the old school version or even start off from a sequel of the old halloween.

Saw Halloween II in theaters, and I must say I was highly disappointed. You can tell by my profile that I’m a bit of a Halloween buff considering I work for a Halloween Costume Website. The first of these retellings was excellent. It added new depth to characters that were lacking in portrayal and took new turns into unexplored territories of the franchise. This newest installment did nothing of the sort.

I felt the original gave the appearance that the film was set in the 70s and then perhaps the 80s, however in this they have cell phones, make references to Fergie, there are new cars, etc. Also, they give no explanation as to how Michael miraculously survives multiple .357 (a gun designed to destroy tissue and organs) gunshot wounds.

Also, it's indicated that Michael was only grazed by the round Laurie fired into his face at point blank range. However, there is quite a lot of arterial spray for a simple graze. Not to mention, even though Michael is supposed to be this behemoth monster, the pain would be so immeasurable that he would not have made it ten feet. Then of course, there was the portrayal of Michael. After his mother died he never speaks in the slightest. He takes several extremely damaging blows and doesn't so much as whimper. I would have no problem with this but for the most part when he kills someone he grunts like a caveman, something he did not do in the first. I understand that I am referencing the first installment of the retelling quite a bit, but I feel that if you're going to make a sequel that follows nearly directly after the first, then you should at least stick to your character designs and plot concepts. Now, for the final nail in this coffin, Sherri Moon Zombie appears quite a bit in the movie as a ghost. I don't really consider this a spoiler, so I didn't mark it as such. The real reason she is in the movie, is because she loves attention and I don't think Rob zombie could deal with the fact of making a movie that didn't involve his wife in some way. Her ghostly appearances would have been freaky and weird, if she wasn't in every other scene, looking ridiculous and rattling off her dialog in the poorest manner.

Also, why is the child version of Michael a ghost with his mother? Last I checked he wasn't dead, he just grew up. I would accept that when Michael put on the mask it represented a fracture in his psyche, but the boy version of Michael is wearing a mask as well. So if Zombie was trying to achieve that point, he simply made it redundant.

I only give this movie a 2/5 because the gore was quite good. But if you're looking for something more than that, or perhaps you hope that this movie will broaden the characters more-so than the first, I suggest you look elsewhere. Reluctantly 2/5. (Also, fun fact, a third is already slated and is going to be in 3D. The best part: Rob Zombie isn't directing it.)

-Halloween Costume Kayla

To HalloweenCostumeBuff, Micheals child is dead, that is the significance of his child being a ghost, the pure childlike part of Micheal is dead and the evil has overtaken him.

I think that an experienced director should take over. So one who has been successful with horror movies. Maybe Wes Craven or Maybe we could bring John Carpenter back but just bring john carpenter to produce it and then bring in Robert Rodriguez or Quentin Tarantino

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