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'Halloween 3D' coming in summer 2010

HalloweenII "Halloween II" may not have won the box office this weekend, but Weinstein Co. is taking a lesson from the movie that did as it prepares a sequel for next summer.

The independent studio's co-Chairman Bob Weinstein said today that the 3-D sequel, titled, appropriately enough, "Halloween 3D," is in development.

The investment it takes to shoot movies in digital 3-D has proved particularly lucrative for horror films. For "The Final Destination," this weekend's No. 1 movie, theaters with at least one 3-D screen earned 3.25 times as much as those that showed the movie in 2-D only, according to distributor Warner Bros. That's substantially higher than for other recent releases. The equivalent 3-D multiple for last month's "G-Force," for instance, was only 1.7 on its first weekend. For July's "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" it was 1.4 andm for June's "Up" it was 2.2. January horror flick "My Bloody Valentine" earned 6.4 times as much from 3-D theaters as it did from 2-D on its opening weekend.

Weinstein said Rob Zombie, who directed "Halloween II" and 2007's reboot of the 31-year-old horror series, won't return for "Halloween 3-D." He said the studio is in negotiations with a new director, whom he declined to name, who has experience in horror and has a "different take" on the franchise.

-- Ben Fritz

Photo: Tyler Mane in "Halloween II." Credit: Marsha LaMarca / Weinstein Co.

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It's a shame that they are going to use another director for 3D. Rob Zombie has a true talent when it comes to horror. It's not his fault that the latest movie opened the same weekend as other horror movies (Final Destination 3d)
I'm sure the 3rd installment of the new Halloween's will be the worst and Zombie will be successful at whatever new projects he pursues.

Let's see, this would be a sequel - of a remake - of a shitty movie to begin with. (Let's add 3D to try to improve box office.) Even Rob freakin' Zombie won't touch it. Turd polishing at it's finest from the Weinsteins .......

Ok...I like what Zombie has done with the movie,especially the lack of comedic scenes(which all horror movies have fallen in love with).Now you bring in a new director,they will funny it up and ruin the whole concept...good job!

No!!!! Why?!!!!!!!

Zombie has destroyed The legacy of Halloween!!!

Zombie and the likes of Tarantino should stop with this remake and homage sickness.

wait, zombie has talent? this guy could crap in a bag and some of these people would just love it. the only thing worse than rob dumbie is the fan who blindly follows his garbage.

Even if it´s just an average Movie it will be 10x better than HALLOWEEN 2...

Rob Zombie has a Talent for Visuals, but he is just a BAD Script-Writer and a BAD Storyteller!!!!!

HALLOWEEN 2 was stupid, pointless, shamefull and way too weird - Rob Zombie should continue to do Music-Videos, his Movies just SUCK!!!!

why why why. just let zombie go out with the last halloween film. at least he's doing it because he likes directing and horror films, this is just some hollywood stunt to make money off the franchise. LET IT DIE. zombie is the only one who knew how to direct a good halloween sequel since the 70's.

Rob Zombie is definitely talented, he definitely knows how to create intriguing visuals, but so far as creating memorable characters he's not quite there yet. Rob really only knows how to create one type of (one note) character, and his Halloween movies are filled with them, and it just weighs down the movies completely. That being said, halloween 2 is still an interesting, and good, film despite it's problems.

I welcome a new director with a fresh take on the material. So long as that director isn't Uwe Boll.

Zombie said in an interview even before H2 was released, that he didn't want to direct another Halloween movie.

For all the idiots that believe Rob Zombie did justice to the Halloween franchise, you're sadly mistaken or you've never seen the original Halloween. This guy destroyed a classic with that ridiculous remake and now he has the balls to put a hoodie (WTF!) on Michael Myers and make H2. Zombie thinks adding shock value, gore and his trademark 'Charles Manson' style will give his movies credibility. His movies are crap and I'm glad he won't be back again. Go back to your music and videos.

Thank God Rob Zombie won't be back for the 3D sequel.

He destroyed one of the all-time classic horror series, by turning it into just another typical Rob Zombie movie.

Maybe with a new director, one who is more interested in the Halloween characters and less in himself, Michael Myers will live for many more sequels.

Typical, the weinsteins don't care about the audience, they just want more money.

Thank God Zombie is out of the Halloween franchise...then again, he said that two years and changed his mind. Zombie should stop writing scripts as he hasn't a clue what he's doing. "Halloween" in 2007 had way too many characters getting killed off immediately, too much emphasis on the unnecessary backstory of Michael Myers and not enough development of Laurie Strode's character (her first words in that movie were an unfunny breast "gag"!) Plus, Zombie being a rocker, every character had to SCREEEEEEEEEEEEMMMMM really loudly for about 30 minutes before they died (look at the trailer for the "Halloween II" and count how many deafening screams there are in it.)

I doubt 3-D will do anything to revive the Halloween franchise. It's a gimmick to try and convince the public that the mouldy reheat the Weinsteins keep serving up is something different when it's not.

Well considering that The final destination was made with a budget of $40 mil. and Halloween 2 was made with a budget of only $15 mil. Halloween 2 is still a winner. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm going to. I enjoyed the first one and the original.

Rob Zombie's directing the more imaginative and more expensive(than Halloween) The Blob. Will Halloween 3D be like Haloween III: Season of the Witch without Michael Meyers?

I think that rob zombies halloween movies were awesome, but the 3-D idea sounds like a stinker though. but i'll give it a chance.

u can't let the halloween movie die becasue the way the second one ended.so there has ot be a third one and we all know michael myers never dies and will never die.so there will have ot be a third halloween movie.i think it will be good and the second halloween was good but so fucked up.

It will suck without Zombie directing it!!! WTF

Zombie needs to direct this film!!

It is a shame, but hopefully they will go with a horror-friendly director/producer like Sam Raimi or someone close

Rob Zombie is the one of the worst things to ever happen to horror movies. He just doesn't "get it." One very basic concept he doesn't understand is creating sympathy for the characters/victims. It's a relief when they're finally killed, because they're annoying cartoons up until that point. Hopefully the new director can take things in a better direction.

Zombie had no idea what he was doing. The movie had NOTHING to do with the original. I mean what was with the damn white horse and his dead mother. It made no sense. Zombie needs to give up his directing and retire. As a fan I was highly disappointed! The fact that during the whole entire movie none of the famous Halloween music was even played until right at the very end. He could of atleast done something right and put that in!

I can't really believe i wasted money on this. I had to choose between 2 francises and i chose the wrong one. I'm very happy and thanking god that Rob Zombie wont touch the 3rd one. He made John Carpenter very ashamed in making this cause if i was a guy who made an original movie and someone had to ruin my original movie with a bad remake i would put my head down in disgust.

The whole movie was NOT about Michael Myers BUT about Rob Zombie's real wife. Like if you really and i mean really watch the movie its about Michael Myers seeing his mom and listening to her. I thought Michael Myers was a killer not someone who walks around seeing images of his mom telling him wait or its time and so on. It was just about the mother not about Michael Myers killing random stupid people to get to his real life sister.

This movie wasted my time and money and whenever i can go see Final Destination i will be happy to see it and glad that i can get Halloween 2 outta my mind.

Rob Zombie overachieved with Halloween I. Halloween 2 was merely an exercise on how to destroy a classic. The plot countered every trademark characteristic Halloween stood for over the years by trading blood and white trash language for psychological horrors, shadowy camera angles, and some unknowable motivations propelling M. Myers. Since when does MM grunt? We don't need to know his thoughts when assumptions are much more terrifying. Most horror movies have normal people in it, but systematically handing out dysfunction to every person and family is too negative and unbelieveable, even for a horror movie. Halloween 3D has to be better because Halloween 2, the remake was even worse than Resurrection (and that's saying something).

I love the idea.. I didnt see rob zombies films of halloween apart of the halloween franchise. Hopefully the story takes a turn back into the halloween franchise. Bringing back 1-8

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