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Ryan Seacrest leaves WME for CAA

"American Idol" host and budding reality TV mogul Ryan Seacrest has signed with Creative Artists Agency after 10 years with William Morris.

The move comes only days after Seacrest signed a $45-million deal to stay with "American Idol" for three more years.

SEACREST1Seacrest's decision to exit the newly minted WME is not a complete shock. His long-time agent, Adam Sher, left to run Seacrest's production company last year, and his other main suit at the firm -- John Ferriter -- has only just returned after a long medical leave.

Furthermore, Seacrest kept the agency out of negotiations of his latest deal, which soured their relationship, people familiar with the situation said.

CAA will handle all of Seacrest's future television activities but not his radio work. Besides hosting "American Idol," Seacrest's Ryan Seacrest Productions produces reality shows "Denise Richards: It's Complicated" and "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" for the E! cable network and is developing a show with British chef James Oliver for ABC that will debut later this year.

For CAA, the deal with Seacrest gives it one more piece of the "American Idol" pie. It already packages the hit Fox show and counts creator Simon Fuller as a client.

-- Joe Flint

Photo: Ryan Seacrest. Credit: Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images

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Ferriter wasn't even back in the office yet..he'd been in the hospital for 2 months.
you'd think Seacrest would have shown a bit more loyalty to someone that built his career from nothing.

I think it is rude and selfish that Ryan Seacrest left William Morris after John Ferriter and others completely helped him build his career and made him who he is now. It just goes to show you that once again, another celebrity just wants to go after the greed and the cash flow and not the loyalty which made him who he is today! John Ferriter was in the hospital, he didn't even stand a chance to fight for Ryan. I used to like Ryan but not any more, you bet I will never again be watching Idol or any of Ryan's shows and telling all my friends all over the United States not to watch. Loyalty means a lot, greed is disgusting, after all how much money can one person have on this planet and if you have that much, you need to give back, but to leave an agency just to get even more money, especially an agency that made you who you are, that is just plain rude, sick and shows how selfish you are. My two sayings, which will happen, Karma comes back to bite you in the ass and "What goes around comes around!"


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