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Kids vet Margaret Loesch to run Hasbro-Discovery cable network

Veteran kids programming executive Margaret Loesch has been tapped to run the new cable network being launched by Discovery Communications and toy giant Hasbro Inc.

LOESCHThe unnamed channel, which is set to launch late next year, has already drawn a fair amount of criticism from media watchdogs because of Hasbro's involvement. The well-regarded Loesch, who ran Fox Broadcasting's kids programming unit during its "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"and "X-Men" heyday, says the channel won't be a shill for Hasbro products.

"They understand this can't be a channel devoted to toys. . . . That would not succeed," Loesch said, adding that if Hasbro didn't embrace that, "I would not have taken this job."

The channel, which is taking the slot currently occupied by Discovery Kids, should launch in about 60 million homes. It will face intense competition from already-entrenched networks including Viacom's Nickelodeon, Disney's Disney Channel and its new Disney XD and Time Warner's Cartoon Network. 

Loesch, who also ran the Hallmark Channel for Crown Media and most recently has been producing movies, says that while the cable competition is intense, she is just as concerned about all the other media platforms she'll be facing off against besides traditional TV.

"When we built Fox Kids, they were primarily watching television; now we have to make sure we provide an experience on all these different platforms," she said.

-- Joe Flint

Photo: Margaret Loesch. Credit: Berliner Studios/BE Images

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Does that mean DK will stop playing all their old shows and cartoons? They have some good stuff like Darcy's Wild life and Tutenstein and Strange Days at Blake Hosely High.

Now I understand why Discovery Kids is such a wasteland for re-runs and no new shows.

Animal Planet has even abandoned families, instead going for an older demo.
My family has in turn abandoned discovery networks and will not give this new venture a chance. After all, if they decide to do the dame thing they did with Discovery Kids, why bother?

Disney for my family, thanks.
Just wish there were a wildlife show for children there.

And don't get me started on how dumb my kids find "Bindi" - it's just a stupid clip show that features her dad's re-runs.

I'm so delighted to hear that Margaret Loesch has taken this position. Discovery and Hasbro are so fortunate to have gotten her onboard. There is no one in this business better prepared to make a success out of this new channel. We at KIDS FIRST! wholeheartedly support this!

I am absolutely furious by the change in programming that they are implementing. They have taken excellent educational shows that my kiddos enjoy and hi-jacked them with crap cartoons meant to market their toys. The new HUB channel will be blocked in my house. So disappointing.

My nine year old daughter asked "Can we save the seven dollars we spend each month to get the DK channel, and go back to the old package, so we don't have to watch this stupid stuff?"

We'll really miss the shows that we could all enjoy, and have discussions about after. What can you really say about "Strawberry Shortcake?" Nothing.

To: Margaret Loesch, You might want to read some of the hate mail you have been recieving on some of your websites regarding the Hub channel. There are TONS and I literally mean TONS of people that are upset by you changing the WONDERFUL Discovery Kids channel into the lousy Hub channel. This is a really HORRIBLE decision on your part. The Discovery Kids Channel was perfect and, there was no need reason to change it. The Hub channel does nothing for me and the cartoons you air are boring and non-educational. The Discovery Kids channel aired so many perfect shows and you changed it completely! I'm absolutely furious and disappointed in your decision!


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