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Prison Break video game to bust out this fall

PrisonBreak "Prison Break" may be done on TV, but the video game is getting a second chance.

Before the series was killed by Fox this year at the end of its fourth season, the Prison Break video game was canceled last fall by Brash Entertainment, the now defunct publisher of games based on movie and TV licenses.

But Slovenia-based developer Zootfly, which was producing the game for Brash, decided to fund the project to completion itself. It has just signed a deal with publisher Deep Silver, part of Britain-based Koch Media, to release Prison Break this fall.

"The cancellation was a blessing in disguise because we got to spend more time on the key gameplay features and get rid of the half-baked ideas Brash management pushed on us," Zootfly CEO Bostjan Troha said on the phone from Slovenia.

Releasing a licensed video game when the property on which it's based no longer exists is a difficult business proposition, but Troha said he's counting on the show's loyal fan base, many of whom protested its death, to support the title. The CEO said he's still working with Fox to secure some of the show's actors to do voice work.

Prison Break and Where the Wild Things Are, which is set for release this fall but is still searching for a publisher, are the last of Brash's games far enough along in production that they'll eventually see the light of day.

--Ben Fritz

Photo: Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies in "Prison Break." Credit: Fox / Isabella Vosmikov

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About time somebody believed in Prison Break good on Zootfly, I hope this gets on the shelves soon. I hope they secure the voice overs. Bring it on.


I would love a Prison Break video game.

But it will never come out for the Wii, the only gaming platform I have.

I always get screwed out of good games. Imagine playing with T-Bag with Robert Knepper as the voice...

i love you tibag

Prison Break game will sucks we will not gonna play as michael bu as company guy that is sent to fox river seasson 1 only to find out about michael..maybe the game would have been better with brash's half baked ideas..that were to play as all of the prisonbreak gang at season 1 only..grr stupid people ruined P.B game

I thought Prison Break The T.V Show was an amazing experience into the world of fast paced action, crime, and challenges and to endure everything to keep your family and friends safe. Now that they have a game going to be released we the many fans of Prison Break can experience it on a new level, I wish the show was never ended and it was a terribly shame to see it go when everyone wanted more, but now they will have this to enjoy just as we enjoyed one of the best Television Shows ever made "Prison Break"


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