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'Jon & Kate' is running late

With just two weeks to go before its season premiere, the first episode of cable channel TLC's reality hit "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" still isn't in the can. It's not a salary dispute with stars Jon and Kate Gosselin and their eight kids, that would be an easy one to solve.

Gosselin No, the challenge for producers is how to incorporate Jon Gosselin's extracurricular activities and the fallout that has ensued into the show. For those fortunate enough not to be following the travails of Jon and Kate, here's the skinny. Gosselin was photographed with a young woman leaving a bar in central Pennsylvania and the woman's brother hinted to US Weekly that the two were having an affair. US' newsstand sales have skyrocketed because of its Jon and Kate coverage and a feeding frenzy has ensued. Kate went on NBC's "Today" and CNN's "Larry King" last week to both promote her new book and defend her husband, who she told Entertainment Weekly, "exercised poor judgment."

This will all probably spell ratings gold for TLC when "Jon & Kate" returns on May 25. The season finale drew 4.6 million viewers, a huge number for a cable show. But the producers are in an awkward position of having to address the scandal in the show, deal with a tabloid invasion of central Pennsylvania where the Gosselins live, and appear to not be exploiting the situation for commercial gain. Somehow we think they'll manage to get two out of three right.

-- Joe Flint

Photo credit: Jon Gosselin by Bradley C. Bower/Associated Press

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I think TLC would be doing the right thing to somehow address or incorporate the controversy surrounding this couple into the show. In light of recent events, I think it would be dumb on their part to air a season premiere trying to portray Jon & Kate as a blissfully married couple. They have always proclaimed their show to be the most "realistic" reality show out there, so keep it that way. They have faced other hardships in their lives and shown this, so they should do the same with the current situation. I do believe that Jon & Kate deserve some degree of privacy while dealing with all of this, but if Jon is indeed living in the garage, then that should be said, etc, etc. Just don't make fools out of J&K and all the curious viewers who are already speculating as to what's going on with them. If Jon & Kate are fortunate to work through this crisis and stay married, then perhaps they can be an example to couples all over who face these types of situations everyday. I watch the show, and I do think Kate is harsh and far too critical of Jon at times. I've read people say that she is getting what she deserves. I don't think anyone deserves this, whether it's true or not, Kate and her family are going through something very difficult and humiliating. I hope for the sake of the children that they work things out.

It seems to me like Jon has a lot of growing up to do. He is not being a good husband and
what kind of father is he?

They need to GO AWAY and take care of their children. Kate needs to get off of TV and "promoting" the book (which really isn't a book, but just photos of her children with bible scriptures attached) and go home to her children. Whether she deserved this or not is not the question, what makes me lose all respect for her and Jon is that they have clearly made it abundantly clear that they are both selfish and egotistical monsters. They don't care how this has affected their children. Kate goes out in public and makes sure she is spotted. Come on already. She is home one day in the month and on Mother's Day and is seen running all over God's creation. Nice touch TLC.

I agree Kate can be over the top at times, but she has to, she has 8 children and 9 if you count her husband. Jon can be very passive aggressive. He is much faster to yell at the kids than Kate, yet that never gets any attention. I think alot of the criticism of the Gosselins is jealousy of the money that they now have. We all can't have lots of money, and truly I'm ok with that. Look what money has done for the Gosselins! But in defense of them, they did have to find a way to support those children.

Sadly, I think Kate and Jon outgrew each other fairly quick which might be why they seem so incompatible. The reality of babies growing into children ... something Kate might not really have thought through.

Whether Jon or Kate is involved in some extra-marital affair is not really the point for me. The show is far from the "most real" reality show on television. It is as fake as a $3 bill. The situations are contrived, the product placement is so transparent and overdone and the relationship is so phony. Kate comes off as a nasty woman, and Jon as someone who has conceded that his life is what it is. They don't seem to get genuine pleasure from anything they do, or from one another. Every episode is a concocted scenario for filming, and is becoming less real with each new season. The children are suffering, you can see it in Mady and Cara, and you will see it soon in the younger kids. There are hand-drawn signs telling cameras to stay out, there is resistance. It is subtle, but there. But these children are being exploited by the parents for the mighty dollar. It is no wonder that they have alienated their families and friends as they have. To them -- it is becoming more clear -- it is about money and fame. Tummy tucks, hair transplants, new wardrobes, ski trips to Utah, trips to Hawaii. All shallow and selfish stuff, contrived in every way. If they wanted to help those kids, they would give up the show, save their money and get back to a normal life. The Dilleys and McCaugheys surface maybe once a year to satiate our interest. The Gosselins are greedy, overkill and exploitative.

There is so much that I admired about Kate when the show was new, but I agree that the almighty dollar has changed her, and not for the better. I'm sure the same is true when it comes to Jon, but it's not as obvious on screen. More than anything, I feel sorry for him (but not as sorry as I feel for those kids).

The same thing happened to the reality show "American Chopper". What started out as real and interesting turned commercial and contrived as the money started pouring in.

"If they wanted to help those kids, they would give up the show, save their money and get back to a normal life. The Dilleys and McCaugheys surface maybe once a year to satiate our interest. The Gosselins are greedy, overkill and exploitative."

Chris, I absolutely agree! I truly think one parent would like to get back to normal...but the other enjoys the spotlight way too much.

I agree with Chris and Lori - the show is totally fake and contrived.
Why mainstream media (LA Times, Larry King, Today) allow Kate G to get away with saying "we are the realest of the reality shows" is beyond me.
It's actually the fakest of the fake shows and quite sadly, only magazines like US Weekly are the ones exposing the truth -- ahem - actually doing "journalism."
(off the subject -- but that's why people aren't buying newspapers anymore -- they don't report or do journalism - nothing - just repeat what press releases tell them to say).

Even mainstream media is losing readership to gossip mongers and bloggers, because tabloids actually go out, do research and get the facts for the public.

I used to watch the show and actually enjoyed it (before the over-the-top exploitation began and became overwhemingly obvious.)

I could care less if they earned $10 and episode or $100,000 per episode.
What was a charming, inside peek at their lives became very exploitative of the children and that's what turned me off. Kate was also revealed to be extremely nasty, self-centered and extremely unloving toward her husband. That, too, turned me off.

people who say others are jealous are just stupid.
if that were the case - we wouldn't go to movies, buy cd's, go to ball games etc. where people with actual, real talent earn money off of us...the fans who pay for their own lavish lifestyles. The jealousy argument is just plain stupid, so you can stop with that.

The show isn't real - it's exploitation on the highest level.
TLC knows it.
Kate knows it.
Sicko people who show up at her book signings know it.

If Jon says he can't handle the publicity - how do you think his innocent little children are handling it?
I say stop the exploitation and get that wretched woman off the air.

I only started watching the show last year, but is clear that Kate is condescending, has OCD, is full of herself and mean. John on the other hand is passive/aggressive. Kate is proving a perfect remodel for her little mirror image, Maddy. That little girl is Kate to a T.

No reality show is totally REAL. They are scripted and edited for ENTERTAINMENT. They film 3 days at week during the season for a few months. It's not like they have a total invasion of their lives 24/7. These people have a bodyguard, housekeepers and nannies, you just don't SEE them often on TV.

People want Jon to grow up, when is he suppose to do that. He was ill equipped for marriage when he met Kate, let alone raising a family. He met her and the next day he dumped his girlfriend. By his own admission he was lazy with no goals in life and he was happy with that. Then comes Kate. After 2 years of dating, they get married in 2000. They started working on a family IMMEDIATELY. In 2001 they have twins. Not satisfied, Kate wants another child, Jon did not, but gave in; I'm sure after considerable nagging. They ended up with 6 kids in 2004. So when did he have time to grow up emotionally? When there was no time to hardly breathe between the twins and sextuplets? After the sextuplets were born? When has he and Kate had any sustained time ALONE. Not everyone is capable of maintaining a relationship under those circumstances. Last year he complained about not having an identity and he didn't want to do the show for another year; Kate clearly did want to continue the show. I'm sure she explained the financial implications of not continuing the show. None of their extended family have any role in their lives, what's with that. ONE Aunt and Uncle did for a while, but the grandparents NEVER. This thing was a mess in the making from the beginning, the only thing I believe about them is that they didn't see it coming.

I get a lot of ideas to do w/ my adopted son from your show. I am 70 1/2 and he is 11 yo. We have fun doing things.
I hope if the marital relationship between you do needs help-you will get help from a marriage counselor..and not the press.
Jon has good ideas, loves his kids,has patience,spends time w/ the kids,
Kate is organized,OCD,a good planner,teacher, but seems to really enjoy trying to make a fool out of Jon by laughing at him,correcting his speech etc. on film,She should know that this behavior just show how stupid that she is!!!!!!!!!

Jon at first was on equal footing with Kate, bickering back and forth and such. Then I noticed that Kate was doing all the talking and Jon just sat there, he gave no input but of course if someone is constantly criticizing you and nitpicking on nonissues I suppose you would get tired of talking and give it all over to them. Kate will lose her marriage if she continues to treat her husband so horribly and so disrespectfully.

I have enjoyed the show, but I do believe Kate has lost a sense of respect that wife needs to show to her husband. If they are having problems, they need to console with their pastor and work things out for their beautiful children sake.

I’m over it, everyone that I know that watched the show is also over it! I liked the first 2 seasons (my husband could not stand Kate back then). However now! It’s too much. An update once a year would be good just to see "THE KIDS" and see how much they have grown, but that’s it! No more Jon and Kate. Everyone can see right through her. Having a large family is not an excuse for why Kate is the e way she is.

hope they work evrything out for the kids sake but I also think everyone including poparozie should mind tthire own bizness


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