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Viewers doing a 180 on Anderson Cooper's '360'

Kay Jones, a producer on CNN's Anderson Cooper's "AC360," recently blogged on the show's website that she "deserve[s] the month of May off." Well, she might as well take it because Cooper's fan base is doing just that already.

Kh6mwrncCOOPER Cooper's ratings have been in a sharp decline all year, and so far the month of May is no exception. According to Nielsen, the audience for the 10-11 p.m. hour of his show so far this month is 933,000 viewers. This is the first time he's fallen below the one-million mark since the dog days of last August. Anderson is losing almost 20% of his lead-in from Larry King and is in danger of being passed in the ratings by MSNBC's 10 p.m. repeat of "Countdown with Keith Olbermann." Since the start of 2009, Cooper has lost one-third of his audience.

CNN has invested heavily into marketing Cooper as the face of the network. The hype has never really translated into commercial success, and now that MSNBC is suddenly competitive, CNN finds itself being flanked on the right and the left.

-- Joe Flint

Photo: Anderson Cooper. Credit: Andy Kropa / Associated Press

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he's awful.
"i mean."
he's always saying "i mean,"just like a 2-year-old.

I used to watch CNN religiously, but over time the constant barrage of commercials become too much. They ought to call it the Commercial News Network! I switched over to MSNBC and have never looked back. Yes, they have commercials too, but not nearly as many as CNN.

I also agree that CNN chases after every little piece of fluff or shiny object that glitters and rarely does any real news anymore. And if Anderson's idea of news is YouTube videos, then count me out as a viewer...for good!

I like Anderson Cooper because his show is one of the few that is trying to report the actual news and not ultra biased opinion. Fox is now the network of correspondents competing to see who is more "conservative" than the other and MSNBC is the same thing for "liberals". I like the good old days when the news was just that. Anderson Cooper has actually traveled to Afghanistan multiple times along with Haiti, etc. I don't think Sean Hannity or Keith Olberman have ever been anywhere. I am a Civil Engineer with multiple deployments in the Middle East and I have great respect for CNN's attempt to present the global news as unbiased as possible. The other networks (Fox, MSNBC, and networks) are terrible in their global news coverage especially considering we've lost nearly 6,000 troops in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars in recent years.

I have like Anderson, but also find he is redoing what's already been done. This mining disaster for instance, the families are saying that no one from the mine has contacted them. Why isn't it shown that Anderson has tried to talk to them or even say, we tried but they refused to talk to us and what does that say. What about why is wrong with our economy that men feel they have to put their lives on the line every day just to make a living. Has anything been done in regard to benefits, such as health care and life insurance for miners. Why do news people always ask the most stupid question of all "how are you doing", let one of their loved ones been in the same situation and see if they like someone from the media sticking a microphone and camera in their face and asking that question. stop already!!! They're not doing good, how about 'what could be done to make things better?' I bet we'd hear an earful then.
I like Anderson, just not the platform is being given.

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