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Scene Stealer: Fashion in 'Eleven Minutes'

February 25, 2009 |  3:45 pm


Michael Selditch and Rob Tate's documentary "Eleven Minutes" follows Jay McCarroll, the first "Project Runway" winner, as he struggles to mount his first fashion show. The filmmakers capture moments of suspense (will the shoes get there on time?), emotion (the meltdowns as the day approaches) and inspiration coming to life.

"At one point the models are trying on clothing, and one [Michelli Provensi] tries on the all-yellow, all-balloon print," Tate says. "The entire room lights up; they're saying, 'Look, it's the muse! It's the muse!'"

"Jay says to her, 'Michelli, look at the drawing -- it's you!' " says Selditch, and it's true, the model looks as if she had sprung from the page. "You can always hear the reaction at a screening."

Until then, McCarroll's creations had been ephemeral things. "The drawing suddenly comes to life in the room," Tate says. "It's a magic moment . . . . We were all getting goosebumps."

-- Michael Ordoña

Photo: Regent Releasing