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'Twilight' sequel 'New Moon' gets the greenlight from Summit


UPDATE: "Twilight" will take in a staggering $70.6 million for the weekend. How many times are you going to see it?

Good news "Twilight" fans — "New Moon" is officially on the way.

After news broke that the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's vampire romance made a big $35.7 million in its first day of release — the second biggest opening day gross outside of summer after "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" — Summit greenlighted production on the sequel "New Moon."

Here's the word from Summit Entertainment:

Los Angeles, CA November 22, 2008 — Summit Entertainment announced today that the studio is officially moving forward with the production of NEW MOON, the second installment of its filmed franchise TWILIGHT, the action-packed, modern day vampire love story. The movie will be based on the second novel in author Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, titled New Moon. The first movie in the TWILIGHT franchise, the self-titled TWILIGHT, arrived in theaters this weekend to sold-out showings.

Stephenie Meyer stated, "I don't think any other author has had a more positive experience with the makers of her movie adaptation than I have had with Summit Entertainment. I'm thrilled to have the chance to work with them again on NEW MOON."

This isn't a big surprise. But, given the early fan reaction — which has ranged from ecstasy to, well, plain unhappy -- is this a good thing? (Or is that a stupid question?)

Is there anything you'd like to see that was left out of "Twilight" included in the "New Moon" movie? (Say, Carlisle's history with the Volturi, perhaps?)

And what about the Jacob dilemma? Is someone starting a "Keep Taylor Lautner" campaign? Do you all want to see him as older-looking werewolf Jacob? If not, which actors would you like to see cast in the role?

As usual, I want to hear all your thoughts and concerns. Leave them below!

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— Denise Martin

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I think the movie went to fast and skipped over the developing aspect of Edwards and Bella’s relationship it went from them meeting straight to the deadly chase with James. Also they took out all of Bella’s humor and that was one of the reasons why I loved the books so much, they concentrated on the stressfulness of their relationship and didn’t pay enough attention to the loving aspect. For New moon they need to really try just to stick to the book in the way the plot goes and the way that the characters speak.

As a recent fan of the Twilight series, my anticipation for the adaptation was quite high. Understanding that books are always better than the movie, I did take into account that there might be slight differences between the two. However, what I didn’t expect was to feel angry, frustrated, and disappointment? I’m not quite sure which feeling won over but needless to say I wasn’t thrilled.

The attraction of the story isn’t about the action or the obstacle regarding James. For me the main action was the strife between Bella and Edward, three-fourths of the book conveyed the emotions of fear, frustration, longing, awe, adoration…etc. The story between Romeo and Juliet would not be as famous if the story was rushed through, and all the anguish and conflict were not explained in detail. Of course being obsessed the minuet details were unnecessary as long as the story was told correctly. I felt empty as I walked out the theatre, of course after feeling that way, EVERYTHING became an issue. Why the kitchen wasn’t yellow, or the brick drive, but more so did I miss scenes like the drive back from Port Angeles, their conversations during lunch, and of course the meadow. The ‘I’m falling in love with you’ montage just did not leave me with the impression that the two characters could even exist without the other. I was left with a feeling of a crush, something to easily be forgotten or left behind.

With that said, I watched the movie a second time, and I was able to appreciate it for what it was, a Hollywood movie trying to appeal to a broader base. Even though the vampire aspect was made more of an issue rather than the love and longing between the two main characters. The movie wasn’t horrible if the expectations are left at the door, and it will be easier to fall in love with ‘movie’ Edward and Bella rather than ‘literary’ Edward and Bella. My opinion, Robert Pattinson saved this movie, with just his looks alone is making this movie a blockbuster.

I am hoping with the popularity and fan base that is now more apparent, New Moon will receive a bigger backing than Twilight did. The only downside to any future films is that the true story of Edward and Bella wasn’t properly portrayed in the first movie. It is the most important aspect of all the books, why they continually put themselves in harms way, or the struggles that most relationships would never even bother with. It is not understood from the first feature that they CANNOT live without each other and that might get even more lost as the series continues.

for god sake, PLEASE keep tayor. we found a good jacob, lets KEEP HIM, ALREADY!!! i think he is the most amazing possible jacob, and getting rid of him would be a joke.

I loved all of the books. There were some parts of Twilight that I would have liked to see in the movie as well. I think that the Cullen family should have had more lines in the movie, I love all of them and would have loved to see them more in the movie. Also, I think that Jasper's ability to control emotions should have been shown in the movie. I think that was a pretty big part in the book and it wasn't necessary to leave that out. I also would have liked Carlisle's history with the Volturi to be shown in the movie as well. There is a part in the book where Edward shows her all of the pictures of the members in the Volturi and that will be an important part to know in the coming movies. Also, I would have liked Kristen Stewart to show a little more emotion in certain parts. The hospital scene wasn't the greatest and I think they could have re-shot that. But, other than that I absolutely loved the movie and I have seen it every day since it came out! I am going again tonight and still feel the same excitement I did the first time I saw it!

I loved the movie. I 100% enjoyed. I've seen the movie 3 times and it gets better every single time. I thought the movie was very well made considering so much happened in the book. I thought the main points were highlighted beautifully. I loved all of the actors and actresses, they all did a wonderful job and I really really hope that all the same people are in the second movie. The only thing I wish they would've done was showed how strong the bond was between Edward and Bella. But other than that I thought it was very good! I am extremely happy that 'new moon' is coming out, I read all of the books in a little less than two weeks. I am completely obsessed. And the fact that the second movie has officially started is the most exciting thing in the world to me right now! I am expecting big things!

I am excited that they have signed on for New Moon. However, i am disappointed that they are keeping the same screen writer. I can only hope that they do not hire the same director, and that they allow themselves a MUCH larger budget. The story has so much potential to be an awesome movie.
I think they left a lot of information out of the first movie that they are going to have to go back and explain in New Moon. It's most definitely going to have to be a more lengthy film.

Tatlor Lautner had better stay as the role of Jacob because he is AMAZING for the part...(he just needs a haircut) but isnt there ways that you can make ppl look older in movies...plus it wouldnt be that bad if he didnt look older because its not really a vital part of the book.
But i loved the way that the movie made the cheesiness of the books make complete sense. in the book while reading things that Edward would say or do to Bella, it made it seem fake, but the movie explained it and made it make sense..plus robert Pattinson did an amazing job of characterizing Edward Cullen...when i found out who would play edward and i looked at his picture, he was exactly what i imagined edward would look like. All the characters are amazing, the movie was perfectly casted,, keep all the characters.

TAYLOR LAUTNER NEEDS TO DEFINETELY STAY AS JACOB BLACK. i couldnt imagine a better person to play jacob... he played the part really well in Twilight, he just needs a haircut. (plus did anyone else notice that his nose sort of looks like a wolf nose?? cause i did)
I am completely psyched for new moon now because they ended twilight so good and i love how they changed it so that it left you waiting anxiously for the next one. I also love how the movie explained the cheesiness of the books. When you read the book, you dont really think that the things Edward say of does to Bella make any sense or even exist, but when it was shown in the movie it made COMPLETE and total sense, because it was shown that way. Robert Pattinson did an amazing characterizing Edward Cullen, i couldnt have imagined a better actor. When i heard who was cast for the role of edward, i looked at his picture and he was exactly how i imagined edward to look. All the characters make sense and New Moon definitely needs to have the same cast, because the actors did an amazing job.
Also, the volturi in the book give off the sense of legendary vampires,, they better not be like that in the movie because otherwise it would make it all the more unbelievable to all the fans. anyways, Twilight was an amazing movie, they did a really good job on it and i hope that New Moon is EVEN better.

I did rather enjoy the film. That being said, it was a little disappointing in many areas. Not enough chemistry with Bella and Edward- not enough kissing, not enough tension, they barely touched each other at all, and they didn't lead up to it well- they barely talked to get to know each other! I never got the feeling that they were both madly in love with each other- before they confessed it or after- which I felt they never confessed to it, really. Edward looked like he was throwing up in his hand when she walked into the Bio lab and then after that it was "I know you're a vampire", "well, ok, I want to kill", "well, I don't care", "cool, now let me show you me and my family"- what?? They never touched, talked about it or even said "I love you"- it was Edward throwing a tantrum and showing off, then they say the lines about lambs and lions, and then they play baseball! HUH? I did enjoy the googly eyes, and Edward has the dazzling thing down pat (which again they don't mention) but I agree that Kristin was a bit stiff. I hate to do this, but I compare it to the 1st HP- inexperienced acting, cheesy scenes and lines, and a bit awkward for everyone. Loved the action though! Great, there! I truly hope this cast grows into their characters- though, I LOVED Jacob, Alice, and Charlie. The next one NEEDS a budget to match the book- please keep it simple and straight forward- some explanations and history is desperately needed, and so is the actual "love and tension" between the main characters. Overall, I will see it again and buy the DVD, but lets make the next one a show-stopper!!

I am such a fan of the twilight series and I was VERY happy with the movie! After seeing the previews, my friends and I were all worried it wouldn't even come close to satisfying our expectations, but we all loved it! Honestly, the only big issue I had was the scene where Bella had to sneak away from Alice and Jasper to meet up with James at the ballet studio! I loved the whole airport scene in the book...it showed how difficult it is to sneak away from the vampires! In the movie , Bella just strolls right past Alice and Jasper while they check out of the hotel and hails a cab! That scene was devestating to the cullen/hale vampiric abilities! All I know, if I was Alice...I would be seriously pissed that I was underestimated so much! Other than that...Great Job Summit! I'm on TEAM JACOB so of course I can't wait for New Moon! Hopefully movie Jacob will be just as lovable as book Jacob, and I think Taylor Lautner is upbeat, fun-loving, charismatic, and dare I say cute enough to handle the part!

i would love to see new moon, but i was kind upset that they didnt add the scene where bella faints in biology. and also some plarts of the movie never happend like the plot wasnt accurate. i understand that the movie didnt have a lot of money to work with on most of the stuff, but simple things could have been added like bellas wardrobe. it was too tomboish and even tho bella isnt so racy she still wore some femine things. its almost as if she was hidingher body the whole time. and also kristen stewart is a great actress but most of the time she almost looked terrifyed of edward and in the novel she wasnt afraid o him at all so that would also be a pointer. i just wish she would loosen up a bit with him. so yeah thats it :)

I am very disappointed. These are good actors and the screenwriter was given excellent material to work with. I laughed out loud at all the wrong places--I cannot fathom why the subsitutions in key scenes/dialogues are warranted. The idea that Hollywood did not see the bankability of this movie is insane. Who are these people? And why doesn't the makeup artist know how to use airbrush makeup?! It would be nice if for the next one they re-did the franchise and definitely fired the screenwriter, makeup team and spent a bit on special effects. Oh, and, served the story. I did love Kristen Stewart though and Robert Pattinson is the right guy and you can even tell a few times but something went terribly wrong. And, seriously, what IS the deal with Jasper? I laughed everytime I looked at him...

Keep taylor! Just feed him excessive protein shakes and send him to major buff-out sessins at the gym! Power (and power-bars) to Taylor!

I thought the movie was pretty good. I mean of course it's not going to be as good as the movie.
Thats almost impossible, there are very few movies who are even close to what the book was.
Yes, I thought they left out a few things, but oh well. One thing I wish they would have included was the part where Bella fainted and Edward ended up taking her to the nurse. But i heard they didn't include that scene because of blood or something? I'm not sure. But anyways, i am in loooooove with the series and i can't wait for all the other movies. (: it's going to be goood! :D

I've saw the movie twice already and am again on Thursday. I thought it was better than harry potter, I'm absolutly obbessed with the twilight sieries and loved kristen and rob before they did the twilight movie. I can't wait for new moon, breaking dawn was my favorite. I do hope they keep the Jacob they have now but I never liked Jacob in the books, mostly because he ends up being or going to be bella's son in law. Rob is perfect for the role, I was mad at first but he grows on you, besides he is cute. And like kristen said he was the only one who was really thinking about the role and not like look at me on camera. Kristen was also so perfect in every sceen and was awsome in the fight seen she really looked like she was In pain, I almost cried.

i liked the movie, some parts i would have loved to see more of Edward sparkling in the Forest, but i do think this is the best make of the book we could have got. i do like Taylor Lautner as Jacob but, if he stays he will need to do some buffing up to look older.

Ok...I don't really know how I feel about Twilight the movie...
I honestly have to say that I wasn't entirely impressed. Once the credits were rolling I couldn't help but be rather sad and depressed about it really. I think that there were things that were added (i.e. the killing scenes done by James, Victoria, and Laurent...those could have been left out; the scene when Edward and Bella go to the police staion; the scene with the police trying to track down the killer(s)). I don't think any of those were necessary, they weren't in the book and I think it only took away film time for more important things that were left out. I really didn't feel like there was any character development at all for any of the characters. I was disappointed that there wasn't more interaction between Bella and Edward, (i.e. their playful bantering and constant questions for eachother trying to figure one another out, you didn't get to see enough of Edward smiling and being sarcastic which he does a lot in the book). In the book their relationship doesn't just happened immediately, it develops, it was't really portrayed that way in the movie. I think there was to much time spent in the diner with Bella and Charlie, I think they should have showed them at home more and Bella taking care of him more, cooking for him, etc. There was no real portrayal of Bella being clumsy or a subconscious magnet for danger. Other than her tripping once in the green house and Edward telling her to be careful, it didn't show his constant want to protect her from any harm. I think the La Push scene sucked...I think it was to brief and that it didn't give Jacob a chance to really show who he was. You didn't even get the sense that Bella was trying to flirt with him to get him to 'spill the beans' about the Cullens. Even that part honestly didn't make a lot of sense. I could have done without the cheesy flashbacks too. I think there should have been more back story on the Cullens and/or time spent with them. We needed more of Carlisle's history as well as why he decided to change Edward, Esme, Rosalie, and Emmett, along with how Alice and Jasper came to be with them. I hope they touch on that in New Moon. I really think they should have touched on the Volturi, and given a brief back history of them as well. I thought there should have been more about Edward's,. Alice's, and Jasper's abilities. Plus more time spent with Bella, and Alice, and Jasper when they leave for and go to Arizona. You don't get the idea that Alice really loves Bella at this point and how much Jasper does to keep Bella from going crazy. Plus there was one line that Jasper has in Twilight that I think gives some insight into what kind of being he is. That he is a sincere vampire and it's not all just about his thirst. In the book he is standing with Bella in the Cullen house just after everyone else has left and their about to leave...He tells Bella something to the effect that "she is worth it". Meaning that they would do anything for her at this point. Oh and the meadow scene...crap! I don't think they did a very good job at that. Plus I think that the part when Edward follows Bella into the forest...could have been left out. When she tells him that she thinks he is a vampire but she doesn't care, it should have been done on the way back from Port Angeles in the car, just like in the book. Plus when they were in the restaurant I think there should have been more script, like how they "playfully" banter with some edge back and forth about the "mind reading" thing. I don't know it could have been so much better. Edward just needed to smile more at times, I know he was all depressed at times and worried about hurting Bella but because of that in the movie he always just looked slightly constipated and sick. :(

There is so much that I think needed to be included in the movie that they either changed or just left out, they added way to much that wasn't in the book or needed for that matter. In my opinion...I really hope they do a better job with New Moon and I plead that they go back to the book and try to follow it more closely. I really felt that Twilight the movie was just another book-to-movie failure like Harry Potter 3. Sorry guys!! The one thing that I really did appreciate however was that they did an excellet job with the cast!! Keep that part up at least.

Ok wait sorry I have a little more...I was upset that they didn't include the lunch scene when Bella walks into the cafeteria and looks for Edward but doesn't find him at his normal table. Then Jessica tells Bella that Edward is staring at her, she looks over at him and he is sitting by himself at a different table. He beckons for her to come over to sit with him and that is where their "friendship" seems to really start. He tells her that she really shouldn't be friends with him but he can't stay away from her. They continue to sit together at lunch and learn more about eachother. Also I think they should have put the whole biology "blood" day into the movie. Edward tells Bella at the end of lunch that he isn't going to class that day. The reader doesn't understand why until Bella gets to class and their piercing their fingers to draw blood. Then the reader understands...this scene also shows Bella's weakness to blood, ironic...Also it shows more of Edward's concern for her when he comes to her rescue and carries her to the nurses office. Plus there is more playfulness and smirkiness from Edward in this scene.

I've read all books and i love them. I saw the movie with my boyfriend which he has not read the books but now is interested in reading them, he bugged me the whole time though wanting to know what was going to happen. It was good to put faces with names. I think they did great with everyone's character. I personally thought the movie went along with the book very well, there was of course the occasional details that i noticed were left out but the book is so detailed that no one is perfect i didnt expect for every detail to be put in but they did well one thing was when charlie changed bella's tires in the movie in the book he put chains on them. I guess they wanted to make it more dramatic or something. As far as a previous comment that was left i wouldnt mind sitting for an extra 1/2 hr or 1hr for New Moon to get more detailed. And please do not change Jacob for another..he most definetly is what i had pictured for Jacob and he's so damn cute with his long hair. YUM! Alice was qorky and spunky like the book to which was great. Victoria, hmmm i think they should put in there explaining why she wants revenge. not for nothing but some people are just lazy and dont want to read the book even though they are great books. Thanks Stephanie Myers and the cast.

More emotions would be good but dont over do it! Never over do it !!! 2nd parts to movies are deficult in my opinion especially when the first went so well you are better budgeted to do more but some people over do it thinking "oh this would be great" and it's not. SO DO IT, BUT DONT OVER DO IT!


i loved the movie twilight and i have seen it twice in one week and i was so impressed by robert pattinson he was so convincing and so was bella. really the only thing i would like in new moon is that you keep the same actors for edward(robert pattinson) and bella (kristen stewart) because if you change the charactors that would just make the movie stupid so if you could please just keep them in it cause twilight was a freeking amazing movie i cant wait for it to come out on dvd. thanks alicia j.

I was utterly inpressed. I think they could have done much worse. So two thumbs up to the cast and crew. Rob and Kristen did really well. Two others that stood out where
Gil Birmingham and Billy Burke. They did really well as Billy and Charlie.
I think the biology part should have been in there but other than that I think that the movie was pretty good.
Now, with New Moon I think they should keep Taylor Lautner but they should try to make him look slightly older. I think he's a good Jacob, though.
In New Moon it would be awesome if they put a little of Carlisle's history in it. It would help the explain it a little better so the end would make more sense. With the charcters I hope they have a really good Voltori people.

Taylor Lautner IS Jacob Black!!!

I loved the book Twilight way more then the movie. why? because the movie was sooo rushed everything i wanted to see just flashed in front of my eyes. I was disappointed to not see some parts that were in the book on the screen I really think it would have been better....*Advice* Keep many of the things that happen in New Moon in the Movie!! Dont change so much like in Twilight. Maybe a new Screenwriter might be the problem?


I have never in my life written a comment for a blog. So, if there is a certain etiquett forgive me. I cant help wanting to put my two cents in for whomever eyes this falls upon. One of my favorite feelings that came forth from reading this series (over and over I might add. And then listening to them endlessly on my ipod) is the absolute unconditional love Bella has for the people around her. Her feelings for those define who she is and what she will do to protect them. Since Summitt agreed to film the whole series, I hope they will begin to touch on her extreme selflessness. The strong family bond and connection of the Cullins would add greatly to the ability to really fall in love with the characters themselves. I could talk forever on what is good and what could be different regarding the movie. Everyone has different opinions of course. I would just love to see more significant feelings come out of the characters. The pull Jacob has toward Bella I hope will be fun to watch in New Moon. Considering how the series ends I hope they begin to touch on that. A true fan of the series would know Stephenie Meyers love of great literature. It comes spilling out in the more dramatic parts of the books. I hope the creaters of New Moon can transform the characters we love into truly lasting figures that we will want to remember for years to come. All that aside, I'm too big of a fan to dislike any part of a movie that brings my favorite characters to life in any way. I will say I loved Charlie & Billy's one-liners. They brought more reaction out of the crowd in the theater then most anyone else. So keep the wonderfuly funny one-liners but explore the main characters connection to one another much more. We want this series to be loved for along time.

I say that Steven Straight should be Jacob in New Moon. All throughout the twilight movie every time that jacob came up I could only see Shark Boy.

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