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'Twilight' sequel 'New Moon' gets the greenlight from Summit


UPDATE: "Twilight" will take in a staggering $70.6 million for the weekend. How many times are you going to see it?

Good news "Twilight" fans — "New Moon" is officially on the way.

After news broke that the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's vampire romance made a big $35.7 million in its first day of release — the second biggest opening day gross outside of summer after "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" — Summit greenlighted production on the sequel "New Moon."

Here's the word from Summit Entertainment:

Los Angeles, CA November 22, 2008 — Summit Entertainment announced today that the studio is officially moving forward with the production of NEW MOON, the second installment of its filmed franchise TWILIGHT, the action-packed, modern day vampire love story. The movie will be based on the second novel in author Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, titled New Moon. The first movie in the TWILIGHT franchise, the self-titled TWILIGHT, arrived in theaters this weekend to sold-out showings.

Stephenie Meyer stated, "I don't think any other author has had a more positive experience with the makers of her movie adaptation than I have had with Summit Entertainment. I'm thrilled to have the chance to work with them again on NEW MOON."

This isn't a big surprise. But, given the early fan reaction — which has ranged from ecstasy to, well, plain unhappy -- is this a good thing? (Or is that a stupid question?)

Is there anything you'd like to see that was left out of "Twilight" included in the "New Moon" movie? (Say, Carlisle's history with the Volturi, perhaps?)

And what about the Jacob dilemma? Is someone starting a "Keep Taylor Lautner" campaign? Do you all want to see him as older-looking werewolf Jacob? If not, which actors would you like to see cast in the role?

As usual, I want to hear all your thoughts and concerns. Leave them below!

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— Denise Martin

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the movie was pretty good. it rocked but it sucked. the other actors like carlisle, rosalie, alice ,jasper,etc should have had a bit more to do. and some scenes were added while others were taken away, why not instead use like for example the greenhouse scene and take that out so that tere is time for carlisles history. and they should have gotten at least the little things right, victorias hair should have been redder. the kitchen in bellas house should have been yellow, and when bella went to meet edward's parents she wasnt even wearing the wardrobe that was in the book, i mean come on even the little things matter. the part where edward shines is also a bit cheesy but...hes hot. and bella (kirsten stewart) looks like shes in pain all the time instead of having a thrill of her first love and being dezzled. and what happened to Ben chenney??? and bella MESSAGES her mom, not call. and bellas computer is SLOW and OLD. not a MAC. and she googled VAMPIRES not quiluetes. although some things they added were pretty hilarious. like when chief swan meets edward with the gun thing. and when theyre cooking for bella and emmmet says that bellas italian because of her name.
i loved the movie but would have loved it more if it had been more loyal, faithful to the book.
im very much looking forward to New Moon but hope that it is more loyal than twilight.

The ONLY character that I was not excited about was Jacob. I don't know the actor that played him, but I would have liked him to be a little sexier....The other actors were on -key. The movie was EXCELLENT. I think it was probably one of the best movies for staying true to the story in the book. I CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE! I can only hope we can get to Breaking Dawn as that is the best of them all!

I was not happy with a few things, but over all it was a good movie.
I wanted to see the blood typing scene... and the lunch time scenes because those are when Bella and Edward really began to bond.
i was not happy with the transition from Bella and Edward just meeting to Bella and Edward in love. it was very bare and to people who never read the book just see that they meet then the next moment, they were in love. it's quite a jump.
I did NOT like Taylor Lautner as Jacob.
Overall, a 3.5 out of 5.

first things first I LOVE THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!! IT WAS AWESOME !!! AHHAA

ok, back to normal. I think they should add alittle bit more of Carslie's story and I liked taylor as jacob black BUT i think Steven Strait would be a better choice. Taylor is a liitle bit short to be jacob.


i loved twilight i think they kept to the story as much as they could i mean they only had 2 hrs of the the movie and cant possibly put all the little details as the book, but i think the characters are great..Kristen and Robert are perfect for Bella and Edward, as a matter of fact everyone was amazing and just like a pictured. i think that only thing left out that i thought would be in the movie was when James confess how he wanted Alice at first and how she was the only prey that ever got away..but the movie was great...Stephenie Meyer wrote an amazing series and i love it i cant wait for THE MOON "]

I saw the movie over the weekend and have been talking about it since. I really did enjoy it but was a little miffed that they left out information about the Volturi and Carlisle's history with them because it will become very important in 'New Moon'. As far as keeping Taylor as Jacob, it would be somewhat difficut, but I hope they end up keeping him.

I was disappointed in Twilight. I devoured all four books and saw the film twice, but I think it could have been better in so many ways. I think Ms. Hardwicke and Ms. Rosenburg have underestimated the fan base by watering the story down to an after school special. It felt more like a music video than a movie. Though it was perfectly cast (Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart really made everything better) , the dialog came across as immature and even silly. It seemed clear that the actors were hindered by the direction and script. I realize that Stephenie Meyer's books have been published for the teen/preteen age group, but this demographic has the capacity to appreciate a film that is deeper and more artistic than what we have been presented with in Twilight. I love the books and I hope that Stephenie Meyer will turn to a more talented team to produce the upcoming films.

loved the movie, saw it on friday and on my way today to see it again! cannot wait to see the sequel...which promese to be awesome!

I liked the movie, but I agree with a lot of other folks in that a lot of details were left out. If I hadn't read the books I would not have known about the intense chemistry and forever love between Edward and Bella. Reading the books helped because I knew what Bella and Edward were thinking. As far as movies adapted from books it was great. I am looking forward to the sequel! And yes, keep Taylor Lautner Jacob.

I would love for Stephenie to finish "Midnight Sun" and at least entertain the idea of writing more books in the saga. It ended very well but I wish there were more. I mean can anyone get enough of the forever love between Edward and Bella?

Most definitely not a surprise to me, I always knew the Twilight Saga is going to be a great success in the movie industry.

I would most definitely like to see Jacobs and Bellas relationship grow in the movie as he becomes a warewolf as that's a very very key development in the storyline as a whole. I'm pleased to say I'd like Taylor to be kept as the original Jacob...I don't think the fans would bare changes in the movie at this point and the cast should be kept the same and unchanged. A little follow-up on the Volturi would be helpful for those who have not read the book, but would also make the movie more true to the book if that's included. The movie needs to have substance, summit has to figure out a way to do that. Because twilight seemed all over the place and the point in the original book was somewhat lost, but I won't complain the movie was a success even though it was made on a tiny budget.
Regardless I still loved the movie and I appreciate the embodyment of this amazing story.

There needs to be a balance between including vital little details but portraying the movie as a whole and getting the major points through to the audience with as much substance as the book did.

Thank you for reading this and hopefully somehow this advice will be taken into consideration. I'm a Twilight fan, I want what every other teen wants from this movie.
Good luck on this next new project!


I say for New Moon there should be MORE EMBRY!!
so adorable.(:
I don't really like Taylor Lautner as Jacob, but he did well. :)
can't wait 'til new moon comes out!

I loved TWILIGHT!!! the movie was awesome and the books are amazing. Keep the cast the same please!!! they are all amazing and play the characters right. I hope that in new moon it shows more history of the cullens, carlisle's history and how jasper controls emotions. i cant wait for new moon!! I love Twilight!!!

Get rid of taylor lautner. They need to cast someone who is much taller for the role
of Jacob to be believable in New Moon. He grows to over 6" tall, how are they going
to pull that off with Lautner? Not to mention I just plain think he is bad for the part.

I loved twilight i saw it twice in two days. I wished they could have put the blood testing scene in because then we know bella hates blood that also plays more into new moon but they cant everything right? I cant wait till new moon!!! i Love taylor Lautner dont get me wrong but im cocerned on how he is going to get huge for new moon and later on, hopefully, eclipse. They also left out Carlisle's past they need that for the second movie but, it should be no big deal if the glance over it with the second movie... i Cant wait to see who will all be playing the voultri members!!!! It will be a big suprise, hopefully a good one.

I think that they shouldnt change the cast at all.It is stupid and uncalled for.Why leave out all the parts in the book,just little things,it is so dumb,like the ending to twilight,Victoria isnt watching them in the book.And why change the things they say,and the meadow was all screwed up,and when she met the Cullens,Rosalie and Emmett were not supposed to be there,because Rosalie hates Bella,and James didnt say anything about Alice's past.Them shouldnt so many changes to the script,and the scenes.And in Breakind Dawn Bella is suppost to be beautiful when she becomes transformed into a vampire,if the get somebody prettier than Kristen Stewart,that is stupid,I've heard some people say that they will,you cant just get a completely different person and expect it to be fine.

Carlisle's story I would love to see in New Moon, but also Carlisle's time with Edward's mother when she begs him to save her son.

I'm hoping with a bigger budget, we will get to see the history of these characters translated into film.

Ok.. I liked the movie a lot. My son and I both did. But I have to repeat what a number of people have already said. It was choppy and left out a lot of important parts. But I also understand that they were dealing with a lower budget. So I expect New Moon to totally blow us away. Please stick to the book even though edward is not in it as much and the suggestion of having Edward's voice not just be in her head so we can have some spotty edward is good. Also, as probably most to all fans will agree, this series could easily be one of those where the movie is 3 hours long without it being overkill. Sometimes in a story like this one, it is necessary to accurately portray what makes the story so appealing to everyone. I think Kristen and Robert had good on-set chemistry. There just could've been more there for them 2. the next movie should be just over half spent on edward talking about how he thought about how to kill himself and introducing the volturi, the bday party and him leaving (about 30 mins) and then her pain and her relationship with Jacob (1.25 hrs) and then the rest Alice coming back, Italy and her relationship with edward AND jacob (1.25 hrs). If they do it right, they can pull this off without leaving out too many crucial things.

I just saw the movie for the second time. I have read all four books, and frequently have gone back and read my favorite passages. I started reading about 2 months ago, so I really did not have to wait as long as most for the movie. I definitely liked the movie better the second time around. The first time was Friday night and the theater was full of screaming teen girls. My book club (we are 30ish) had met at my house before hand for drinks and we were a little more than tipsy when we went to the show. I saw it today, sober and with a lightly crowded theater. I just let the movie be the movie with no expectations and I loved it. My biggest critiques are the same as most posts: more character development and more development of the relationship between Edward and Bella. New Moon is my least favorite book of the series - but I still loved it. They definitely have a challenge there, and I hope Kristen can carry the movie by herself for so long. I think with bigger budget and more depth in directing they can pull it off. I think Taylor did a good job with what they had him do, and he is only 16 or so, so maybe he will hit a growth spurt and be able to pull of the part in the upcoming sequals. Good Luck to them.

OME, I loved the movie!!!! Iit was nothing like the book but i just can't hate it, it was awesome. I honestly just wish they would've said, "Dazzle," not once did they mention Edward's capability to dazzle people also he should have been shinier. =] I hope they spend nore time and money on New Moon it desrves to be great...not that i was dissapointed in Twilight, I loved it...but it could have been better.

Let start with I a HUGE !! fan of the books I have at least 2 copies of each. ( No one touches my signed onee.) I went to a midnight release of the movie thinking "Okay, as long as they get the overall story right I'll be fine." I walked out of the theater after seeing the movie and couldn't wait to buy my ticket to see it again. I will say there are a few things that I hope to see in "New Moon". I want to see more of Jasper's powers. Was it even metioned? Another thing is definetly Carlises back story. That one I'm pretty sure we will get though. As far as keeping Taylor as Jacob... Yes Please. I think he was perfect Jacob. You can tell from the begining that he was completely enamored with Bella. As far as other casting I want to see All of the Cullens actors back. Kellen, Nikki, Jackson, Ashley, Peter, and Elizabeth were amazing. I can't wait to see more of the Cullen's back story.

I thought the movie "Twilight" would have been better, if they had incorporated some of the material from the Midnight Sun, such as the scene when the Cullens congregated to discuss Bella, after the car incident. It would have been helpful to hear what's going on from the vampires' veiw point, for instance, they should have emphasized the danger of exposure to the Cullens and they should have shown Alice visualizing Bella's two possible future. Also, I spoke to a lot of people who saw the movie but didn't read the book and they didn't really grasp that Edward, Alice, Jasper are gifted (this statement flew by too fast). Additionally, it would have been fun to see Emmets' comical characteristic. Geez, what's another 20-30 minutes.

I'm thrilled that they are making the New Moon sequal; however, if they disclude the Cullens, as in the book, I don't think it's going to be well received by Team Edward. I hope, unlike the book, they will give more insight to Edwards' thoughts. I personally don't really like how Stephanie wrote up Jacobs character (he reminds me too much of the many Jacobs in my life). I just wish he would just suck it up and move on (but not with Nessie - baby or not).

I cannot resist making this comment to the writers about the Eclipse and the Breaking Dawn movies. They should scrap the werewolf imprinting habit, it's perverted. As Jacob is not the most likable character to begin with (too immature), I don't want to see him portrayed as a (let's face it, Stephanie) a pedaphile. I hope they write him a happy ending like falling in love with Leah.


I thought that Twilight was okay I was sad when the mellow chapter and pretty much most of the romanic parts with Edward and Bella were cut out, like Blood type, Mind over Matter, Mellow. But I really hope that the New Moon includs pretty much the important parts of it. Like the twilight moive didn't have Alice's story and gave no real reason for James to get Bella. The history of why Emse turned. As for the actor for Jacab I thinki Steven Striait would be great but I know he is too old to be Jake. Anywho the acting as okay and pretty bad at times. Don't get me worng I love twilight and all the books so much, I just really sad that it moved so fast and didnt really follow the book. But there were alot of quotes! which warmed my heart. Anyways If you have read twilight go see the movie cuz your thoughts are more important then what I think. Good sound track(:

So excited for New Moon. Twilight would've been better if it was an hour longer, but it was still AWESOME! I hope they spend longer time and money on New Moon and make the best of it.

twilight is the best movie ever, but i still say the book is better, and Robert (edward)is so hot.

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