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'Twilight' sequel 'New Moon' gets the greenlight from Summit


UPDATE: "Twilight" will take in a staggering $70.6 million for the weekend. How many times are you going to see it?

Good news "Twilight" fans — "New Moon" is officially on the way.

After news broke that the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's vampire romance made a big $35.7 million in its first day of release — the second biggest opening day gross outside of summer after "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" — Summit greenlighted production on the sequel "New Moon."

Here's the word from Summit Entertainment:

Los Angeles, CA November 22, 2008 — Summit Entertainment announced today that the studio is officially moving forward with the production of NEW MOON, the second installment of its filmed franchise TWILIGHT, the action-packed, modern day vampire love story. The movie will be based on the second novel in author Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, titled New Moon. The first movie in the TWILIGHT franchise, the self-titled TWILIGHT, arrived in theaters this weekend to sold-out showings.

Stephenie Meyer stated, "I don't think any other author has had a more positive experience with the makers of her movie adaptation than I have had with Summit Entertainment. I'm thrilled to have the chance to work with them again on NEW MOON."

This isn't a big surprise. But, given the early fan reaction — which has ranged from ecstasy to, well, plain unhappy -- is this a good thing? (Or is that a stupid question?)

Is there anything you'd like to see that was left out of "Twilight" included in the "New Moon" movie? (Say, Carlisle's history with the Volturi, perhaps?)

And what about the Jacob dilemma? Is someone starting a "Keep Taylor Lautner" campaign? Do you all want to see him as older-looking werewolf Jacob? If not, which actors would you like to see cast in the role?

As usual, I want to hear all your thoughts and concerns. Leave them below!

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— Denise Martin

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I have read all 4 books and they are amazing. The movie was great but, not as good as I expected it to be. I Think they could have followed the book a little more and then it would have been better such as: in the book Bella always cooked and in the movie they ate out. In the book Bellas dad didn't come into the ER he waited on her outside. and from the movie it seemed like Edward was meaner but, the booked made him seem very sweet with everything he said and did.

Overall i loved it though and cannot wait to see New Moon. I wish Stephenie would right another book after Breaking Dawn.

I'm a DIE HARD Twilight fan, and i have to say i was soooo disappointed with the movie. There was so little detail, they were in love within the first like 10 minutes after they meet, it didn't show at all how they fell in love each other, and it also didn't really show the struggle Edward had to face. It was also very cheesy and a lot of random things were just thrown in there. I also wasn't happy with the choice of Bella, physically she wasn't THAT bad, but I hate the way she acts. She blinks like a spazz and she seems so emotionless in everything she does and says. Oh and whats up with not showing Jaspers powers? But..... all in all I still love Twilight and when New Moon comes out I hope they do better and stick to the story more.

With Taylor, I hope they don't change him. First because he does sort of look like a wolf lol, and second I think it would look a little stupid if in one movie he's one person and the other he's a different one. It wouldn't seem like he's really Jacob. I hate when movies change people in sequels cause then the whole movie I'm like "eh that's not them" or it reminds me they're just and actor and easily replaced. But they could do something with that hair.

OK, remember my comment up above, saw the movie the opening weekend and then read the books, all four of them the following week? Couldn't help it, went back to see the movie a 2nd time today. I loved it all over again. I wan't bored, I was totally engaged again! This is a great story and a great movie. Even though the story vaired a little from the first book, as all screen adaptations do, it still held together and I didn't mind those extra sidetrips at all. My husband still refuses to see the movie! LOL. He knows this is one of those romances and even though I told him there is a great fight scene in it, he isn't buying it! Hahahah. If it isn't Al Pacino or Bruce Willis, he loses interest1 Maybe they should have Al Pacino play the Volturi! Hahaha. Id like to see his eyes blood red! Huuwah! Love, Norine.

I'm stoked for NEW MOON! I read all of the books several times, and i don't think they could have done better with the movie. For those wondering, they say the movie should come out late 2009, early 2010. :)

On behave of my fellow little twi-hard group over here...

We insist that Tylar is to remain being Jacob, He fits the the entire character, it would truly make us sad to know that he wouldn't be in it.

I absolutely love the series, I'm reading Breaking Dawn for the second time, and I'd love to See Taylor stay for Jacob, but I'm just worried about how they'll make it seem that he's growing dramatically (or if they'll just ignore that little detail all together -_-) oh, and I seriously hope that they don't make the werewolves look fake and stuffed, that would ruin it for us all :/

keepin my fingers crossed and my hopes up,


i think twilight was great. The movie and book. But I believe that when she told him, she knew he was a vampire was in a car. And their first kiss wasn't in her bedroom. It was in the woods. That is the details i wish they wouldn't have changed. I saw the movie twice and cry everytime i saw it. But i cried more in the book. They only kissed in two scene in the movie, then kiss and held their hands more. When she was in the hospital her heart monitor went crazy, everytime thwy would kiss in the book something weird would happen. like pulling his hair or fainting. stuff like that needs to be included in the movie. But i absoultly loved twilight. and the book. and jacob is my favorite character, i actually hate him. But keep taylor as him. Not like they will be together at the end:D screw him.

Personally theres NO way that i believe tyler should stay as Jacob. For one he DOESNT FIT THE ROLE! I'm going to assume you people who think he does HAVENT read the second book. AT LEAST COMPROMISE. In the books Bella comments on how one day he looked like one thing and the next he looked completely different; almost 27! Have two actors for the 2nd book's movie, and actually EXPLAIN whats going on. Have him progress into the new actor in the movie. The fans would be more open to that instead of just throwing out a new Jacob... but it HAS to be done. That is TOO crucial to the books to leave it out. Jacob isnt a little boy, maybe in age; but in maturity he grows physically and mentally.

Another thing is Bella; jesus what were you thinking casting her!? SHES A HORRIBLE ACTOR (caps lock is required for saying that) Maybe it was the lack of detail they put in the script? oh wait NO EXSCUSES. A good actress would have researched the role and she obviously did not. Lets mention the spastic blinking and lethargy. WOW if I were director after I filmed the first scene with that chick I would have fired her...even if the scene was her just saying hello!

Overall they left out minimum details and only a FEW huge plot things. Personally I think thats pretty good compared to other books. (ie Blood and Chocolate; where the only thing that was the same were the characters names)(and Harry Potter; where they left out crucial plot details they just had to throw into the next movies.) Lets face it, if they did the entire book it'd be 10 hours long...but some things they could have left in and it wouldnt have been too terribly long for people who have read the books or people new to the series.

Other than the opinions i've just laid out; who they cast for the other characters were pretty much how i'd imagine them. Save Rosalie but we wont get into that until they delve into her story. Who knows she may be a great actress for the role.

wow.. i saw the movie or the first time on saturday night and ive already seen it three times and its only tuesday! i love the movie.. cant wait for the next one... im curious to see how it will come out with a new director.. hopefully not too different.. the whole cast was awsome together.. they fit perfectly..

yay! im so happy that they are already making new moon! But i think they should get a new jacob for it because Jacob Black is suppose to look older in new moon and i dont think Taylor laurent can get that tall! so i think Ben Barnes or Stephen Strait should be Jacob Black

OK, I have a lot to say so bare with me. I am a devoted fan, and I have to say that some of the crucial parts of twilight could have been better! Such as, in biology when edward smelled her. First he acted as though she wreeked instead of showing his excruciating lust for her. If i had'nt read the book, i wouldn't have known what he was doing. This is the type of movie you have to read the book in order to understand what is going on! Bella on the other hand seemed to STUDDER ALOT! We all know she anxiety prone but some of her was way to much! Last scene in the hospital, when edward said she should leave, i found my self wanting to tell her to "JUST SPIT IT OUT" I don't think they portrayed edward as though he couldn't live with out her! I didn't feel that. That was a let down. We all could tell bella true to the book that she was so in love with him. although edward had to show restraint, they could have given us a better "feel" of him!
JACOB, i loved his character in the book and some of you know the feeling of being pulled into 2 different directions when it comes to 2 people you love. He adds a great twist to the story and If you read Breaking Dawn, you know exactley what that pull is and why we need him. Tyler is perfect for the part, give him a chance, he didn't have much of a roll in the part but he is a Key player! as far as Rob Pattinson, he didn't get OH MY GOSH HE"S SO ENCREDIBLY GORGEOUS reaction that the edward from the book recieved. They could have come up with a better looking edward for this part. I think he did a great job as far as his acting goes accept for the biology part. I think either Jeremy Sumpter or Drew Fuller both have the sex appeal edward needs. I am glad that rob is coming back don't get me wrong, I hope he now knows how he needs to feel towards bella. Not too happy about Kristen coming back as Bella though, but she prove me wrong! I believe they need to stay truer to the book this time and not cut so much crucial parts out although edwards disapperance will pose some what of a problem if he spends too much away from the lime light because the fans are Screaming for him! Which is always good!
Thanks for listening to us Common folks

OMG... I cantt wait for New Moon.. its gonna be auesome !
I thought the movie was good, but mainly just because its Twilight!!!
I loved Robert in HP but didnt think he played Edward quite right.. Love Kristen as Bella thoughhh!...Defo keep Taylor, i didnt like Jacob much in the books but thought taylor was ace=]..

Yah for New Moon, but I will not see it if TAYLOR LAUTNER doesn't play Jacob! He already has a spot in Twilighters hearts and Summit has NO right to take that! Greed will ruin everything Summit so think about the fans the movie would have made nothing without us!

I am looking forward to the release of New Moon. I picked up the book resently and was amazed at how fast I became addicted to the saga. I loved all the books and the author does an amazing job capturing Bella's perspective of the story - Can't wait to read midnight sun.
However, in comparison to the movie, I was very disappoint. I like the movie (even though a little corney) but was disappointed in the lack of detail and story. I didn't feel the chemestry between the actors. I would have liked to see more play on the emotions - like one of the writers posted - the increase beeping on the heart monitor. It might not have been a bad idea to have some more narrative pieces in there to illustrate what Bella was feeling. Also, I did not like the way they mixed some of the scence up. For example, how Bella related her knowledge of Edward being a vampire.... This is not the way it happened in the book.
They had a lot of material to work with in the book to prolong the movie and make the audience understand the profound relationship that they had for each other. As usual, the book is better then the movie. I encourage all who has not red the book to pick it up.
I would also love to see all 4 books made to a movie - especially Breaking Dawn.
By the way - I feel jipped in the wedding night scence. I expected more in the writing - not pronographic but just more.

I heard they're nixing Taylor, and getting Michael Copon to play the new Jacob Black.

i really think they needed to give better clues to what victoria did to bella at the prom, and yes the movie was phenominal. i cant wait till the next movie called "new moon" but i hope it doesn't ruin twilight and bella and edward.
ps.does anyone know when twilight comes out on dve and blu ray?


i just wanted to say i love the books! the movie could of had more but it was still great!! i cant wait to see the rest!! i really wanted to leave a comment about breaking dawn as a movie... everyone saying it wouldnt be able to be pg13 bc of the sex and the bloody birth and so on but does it really matter if it is pg13.... that is the best book the most eventful bella becomes a vampire you get to see her as what she wanted to be... you get to see her with her true love... YOU SEE BELLA HAPPY!!! i think the fourth one should be made no matter what....

Im 18 years old and i have never read a book in my entire life until my friend told me about Twilight...i read the book and fell in love with the series without even trying. I just cant put the books down. But i was i watched the movie Twilight i felt a little disappointed in some of the scenes. i kno money is an issue, but the fighting scene between james and edward was so off and so was the dance and jacob interfering, and the most important part, the beach scene when bella gets info out from jacob! it was off and i was mad. I have been reading around on the New Moon movie and i seen that they said "Leah Clearwater" was "Sam's" girlfriend???!?!?!?! not at all true. EMILY was her name....soooooo personally i expect the director of this movie to read the book carefully for him/herself so that they dont make me or any others who read the books disappointed like we were in Twilight!

I think TWILIGHT was amazing.
cant wait for new moon and the only things i would like to see is, jaspers gift...carlise history and Taylor MUST play Jacob Black... theres no better actor...for the part that is.

I would also LOVE to see Eclispe and Breaking Dawn made movie too.
You cant start a series and not complete it through the movies....=]

Breaking dawn will be an interesting movie... cant wait!!!!
btw, is stephenie meyer going to release Midnight Sun or what?????

First note...I absolutely loved the books, they were more than amazing. On a second note..the movie was a little more than disappointing. They didn't stick with the book as much as they should have and cut out & added too much stuff. And as far as Jacob is concerned, he is exactly as I pictured him to look and act. I think they should stick to who they have. Honestly I think changing actors would be the most moronic thing to do. Plus they knew going into casting that they were not only looking for actors to play characters for TWILIGHT but also every book that comes after & Jacob is a huge character in New Moon and to change up like that is basically setting up for failure. Why cast someone and then change up right when the audience clings to them? Idiotic move. And I'm really happy that they're changing directors. Probably the smartest thing they could do. I WAS aware that they didn't have such a big budget to work with but at the same time all the crap they cut out could have been put into place for all the extra stuff they tried to add along with the plot. I understand budget was an issue and I'm really trying to keep that in mind but even so, the movie was still disappointing. And real Twilight fans SHOULD agree with me on the disappointing part. And if you don't you're just too overwhelmed about how "hot" Robert was. Yeah he makes for a great Edward, I'm not denying that fact but at the same time that fact alone doesn't make the movie great. I'm really hoping that New Moon does a come around and blows me away. I can't stand to be disappointed again.

As far as Twilight goes for just movie it was pretty good, but when comparing it to the actual Twilight book, I for one was disappointed. So many things were left out that I was dying to see(details, details), and the vampires... yes they were beautiful, but beautiful in 'human' standards. They didn't appear to be 'gods' or 'goddesses' to me. I understand the limitations of this but it annoyed me. If they keep going how are they going to do Bella's transformation, will she still look like normal Bella?
Taylor's great keep him.
In the movie Edward and Bella seemed very desperate, serious, and tense, not what I expected.
Definitely include more background info in the future movies.
It did seem rushed and very awkward at times.
But good movie, I enjoy re-watching it.

U betta keep Taylor in the movie aka Jacob if he's not in the movie I'm not seeing new moon

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