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'Twilight' sequel 'New Moon' gets the greenlight from Summit


UPDATE: "Twilight" will take in a staggering $70.6 million for the weekend. How many times are you going to see it?

Good news "Twilight" fans — "New Moon" is officially on the way.

After news broke that the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's vampire romance made a big $35.7 million in its first day of release — the second biggest opening day gross outside of summer after "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" — Summit greenlighted production on the sequel "New Moon."

Here's the word from Summit Entertainment:

Los Angeles, CA November 22, 2008 — Summit Entertainment announced today that the studio is officially moving forward with the production of NEW MOON, the second installment of its filmed franchise TWILIGHT, the action-packed, modern day vampire love story. The movie will be based on the second novel in author Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, titled New Moon. The first movie in the TWILIGHT franchise, the self-titled TWILIGHT, arrived in theaters this weekend to sold-out showings.

Stephenie Meyer stated, "I don't think any other author has had a more positive experience with the makers of her movie adaptation than I have had with Summit Entertainment. I'm thrilled to have the chance to work with them again on NEW MOON."

This isn't a big surprise. But, given the early fan reaction — which has ranged from ecstasy to, well, plain unhappy -- is this a good thing? (Or is that a stupid question?)

Is there anything you'd like to see that was left out of "Twilight" included in the "New Moon" movie? (Say, Carlisle's history with the Volturi, perhaps?)

And what about the Jacob dilemma? Is someone starting a "Keep Taylor Lautner" campaign? Do you all want to see him as older-looking werewolf Jacob? If not, which actors would you like to see cast in the role?

As usual, I want to hear all your thoughts and concerns. Leave them below!

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— Denise Martin

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I have seen'Twilight' three times now and intend to go at least once more. I was so determined to hate this book series because I have never been one for vampires. But a friend finally convinced me to see the movie with her so I read the book first, of course, and it was AMAZING! I was hooked, and could not put it down. I was dissapointed in the movie, yes ut was really good but it could have had a LOT more in there and so many things were changed. Worse than they change things with 'Harry Potter'. I am excited for New Moon and cannot wait until it is released but I reccomend that they do some serious work on it. First off actually pay attention to the details in the book. Second, I would not make some of the scenes so cheesy and there really needs to be a bit more character development between Edward and Bella's relationship. It needs worked on quite a bit, and it should have been added a lot more into the movie. I however understand this film had a low budget, I do not however think the next one will, after all look at the money the movie has taken in and will continue to take in. I think it warrents more time and effort for the next to make up for the shortness and choppyness of the first.

ok so...i had never heard of the book ever...until i heard o the movie coming out.....i was very excited to see the movie even though i had never read the books...i saw the movie on the 21st the day it released....i bought all four books that night....i have never been more interested in reading a book in my life....but i am addicted to the series and i thought the movie was facinating and love every min of the movie..i have seen it 4 times working on the 5th..im going to see it again today..the love ,the conflicts,and the intrest my my mind is in for the twilight series....i love the books they keep me on edge...im getting ready to start the 3rd book eclipse....if there was anything i want to see in the next movie is def the carlisle history and the volturi....and not to mention the love between bella and edward....and the tension ......but i hope the next one is def a hit cause we need sequals lol......thanks jlclay1203 SouthBoston Virginia

Keep Tyler as Jacob Black he did amazing!! Also Steven Strait wouldn't be a good wearwolf person!!!!

I love Jacob Black Just how he is so KEPP HIM!!!!!!!!!!

I read an interview that was done by MTV and it said new moon was going to be out in 2010. And that they were going to film New Moom and Eclipse back to back, so that the actors dont look aged--since they dont age much in the books. That is a totally cool idea, because we wont have to wait so long after New Moon is out, to see eclipse!!

I read all 4 books twice and have seen the movie 4 times. The 1st 3 times I saw the movie I was really dissapointed that the director couldn't capture the confidence, passion and protectiveness that Edward had in the book. The meadow scene was lacking the intense passion that the characters felt for each other. Edward could have touched her more by running his nose up and down her chin and placed his face against her chest and just overall had more dialogue letting her know how he felt with confidence and passion. He seemed just as ackward as Bella and lacked elegance and again confidence! I liked Jacob but I hope he gets taller for New Moon. I hope they change directors for New Moon and capture the pain Bella goes through and the torture Edward is feeling. I overall love the series and Robert & Kristen as the characters so I surrendered to all my complaints and enjoyed my 4th time.

I have read the books three times, I know them by heart. I loved the movie but dissapointed at the same time. The actors were perfect except the way Edward is described in the book, he carries himself with grace and talks as if he came from centuries ago. Rob is perfect as Edward, but I feel they should have made him truer to the book. He acted like any teenager today. His room was a mess, yet he's described as someone who is articulate! Where are they going to put the huge bed in his room in the future? I feel they missed alot of important points and added the field trip? what was that about? I hope with the next movie they really concentrate on the importance of the book and stop adding unneccesary footage. Every actor was exactly how I pictured them in my mind. Keep them!! Please please try to stick to the book! every book from here on has so much to it. Don't dissapoint the fans! I would have loved to have seen more connection with Bella and Edward in the first movie. I feel somewhat cheated. Looking forward to the next one!!!!!!!


I loved the twilight movie! I've seen it twice already and I want to marry Robert Pattinson. He's amazing. I think the book and the movie had some differences, but it was still great :) I can't wait until the 'New Moon' movie comes out. I'll be counting down the days when I find out.

Okay, I absolutely loved Twilight! I saw it four time already. I read all the books and i thought they did a good job. Yeah i think they could of done a little better, but it was still amazing! I saw it at midnight on Nov. 21 then on Nov. 25, Nov. 28 and Nov. 29 and it was amazing every single time. YES keep Taylor Lautner! Keep everyone!

I am a very avid "Twilighter" i saw the movie opening night, and i was very happy with it. ill admit when i saw the first teaser, i was VERY worried about what the film would be like. i was sorta (okay quite a bit) disappointed in the fact that the Volturi and Carlisle's history was left out, but i think that it was a good movie. i think that person who was casted as Jacob SHOULD be allowed to keep the part, i think that it was very well done (casting). i plan to see the movie again...at LEAST one more time before it leaves...probably more. anyway, those are my thoughts.

i think that twilight was an awesome movie and book. I was so swept up in the ropmance when i read the book. I think that the movie was to short though because when you sat down to watch it, it then seemed like the movie was over. It did seem like the movie stripped away some of the finer points of the book but i think that the movie was good because other things were added that made this movie also good. Robert Patterson and Kristen had so much chemistry when you looked at them. Some things i wished would have stayed the same. I think that New Moon will turn our okay even if they change soem things in it because it is never going to be jsut like the book. I think that the inportant parts should be there. Hopefully this movie will have a bigger budget and as they go up and make the movies there will be a bigger budget. As long as they make Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I also do not think that the characters should be changed because they were good at the parts that they had and changing them would through New Moon off.

I am a 54 year old female, happily married for 32 years and have three adult children. I have several Morman friends and one of them was talking about going to see some movie called Twilight with a bunch of her friends. She told me that another Morman woman wrote the books and that I would probably like the story.

I mentioned it to my Son and his fiancee and asked if they'd like to go on the first weekend on Saturday. My treat! They were estatic! So, last week, opening weekend, I enter the theater with no knowledge of this story or the books. As the movie proceeded, almost right from the start, I immediatly made plans to see it again. By the time the movie was up, I could barely wait to get out of the theater and get over to Walmart or any bookstore so I could buy the first book.

In fact, I bought the first TWO books because, after all, I'd already seen the movie, and felt the first book may be a quick read! I actually read slow, but I finished the 1st and 2nd book by Tuesday. Got the 3rd book Tuesday night. My daughter bought me the 4th book for Thanksgiving as an early Xmas present and I finished it on Saturday. Exactly one week after seeing the movie.

To say my family thought I was crazed was an understatement! LOL. But this is the most perfect romance story I think I have ever witnessed in my 54 years. It was def. a Romeo/Juliet forbidden love and kept me intrigued till the last line of the last book. In fact, I really feel there should be more books, like kicking those Vultori's butts, and of course the adventures of Jacob and Renesme. I keep thinking that if Jacob and Renesme have a daughter, will it be a vamwolf or a wolfpire? Hahahaha.

No, I sure hope the words in the last book "The End" don't hold up and she continues on.

I loved also that I could read the book and not have to "GO THERE" if you get my drift, and just imagine the love scenes instead of having it splashed in my face. Nothing turns me off more than writers who feel they have to compromise and add sex scenes in order to get an audience. Sometimes, what is left to the imagination if more beautiful and usually hotter than what can be written anyway. That is why I was so turned off by Clan of The Cave Bears series. It just got ridiculous and I didn't enjoy it after the first book.

The other thing I loved about all this is Stephanie's personel story as well. Her story has inspired me to get back to my writing and music, and with my daughter in laws help, who knows. Her life story, all beit short compared to mine so far, is filled with I CAN spirit and belief that, if it's good, it's good, no matter who you are or where you are coming from in life. I thank her for that inspiration to not only myself, but for the example she is setting for all those wonderful young women and teens out there who certainly need a moral light house in times like these.

Well, that is it, and it was long, but I thought you ought to know the impact it had on me! My husband is grateful that my reading spree is over now and his life can return to normal, lights out before 4am as I drifted through the night, unable to put the story down. Hahaha.
Love and Light Always, Norine.

Twilight was off the chain!! I went to go see it 3 times already. I loved it. Im excited that they are doing the sequel New Moon. I cant wait to see it. I hope that they will continue to make the sequels to twilight= Eclipse & Breaking Dawn cuz I would really luv to see them as a move 2.. Oh and I hope that they dont change any of the characters.. No one should be replaced. Taylor Lautner should continue to play Jacob Black, Kristen Stewart should contine as Bella, Robert should continue as Edwary, & so on and so forth.. none of the actos should change... cuz I hate when movies come out then you go to see the sequel and there is a whole new cast, it just makes the movie suck..lol..

Some suggestions for Summit and Catherine, if they ever read these blogs. You are definitely in need of a new screen winter/writers. My suggestions would be firstly, the very top of the list, Grant Cogswell, and whoever else writes for “Bones”. They are able to portray chemistry without touching, action, humor, and everything else that is so desperately needed for Twilight and the rest of the books. Gavin Scott could possibly collaborate with him, he wrote for The Mists of Avalon, which was very well put together.

Also, I think Catherine needs a partner to collaborate with on the directing. My suggestion would be Mark Hanlon, and John Pogue. They directed Ghost Ship and did a great job. She can still be the “main” person, but also have another talented perspective that has already had success as well.

These changes should seriously be taken into consideration and thought about honestly, unless keeping it an “all woman” thing is more important than anything else. Oh, sorry, one more thing, even if you have t o make 3 movies, that are 2 hours long for only just ONE book, I am 98% positive that you would still make heaps of money, not lose it because you’ve added the details missing and the fans are craving desperately, in order to complete and satisfy themselves with the book v.s. movie fantasy love affair.

With the success of the movie, wouldn’t it only be right to make the corrections to the movie, at least for the DVD, to satisfy the fans. If this is done, the fans would be ecstatic, and you would definitely make the profit to cover the costs, and this will ensure that the sales will be there once you make “New Moon”, because the fans would be satisfied that you care how they feel about the story line, and not just making a cheap versi on of the story, destroying what it means to so many, just to make a profit.
It’s understandable that the targeted audience was teenagers, and they are satisfied with the mediocrity of the movie, but the older audience is infatuated with this love story as well, and they will be the true ones to spend the money to see it play out on fi lm, and they just were not at all satisfied. Many cuts made that were too important. For instance, The finger pricking scene. That was so important to the movie. It shows the irony and adds a little humor because she faints at the smell/sight of blood, and then wants immortality to be with Edwar d, knowing she will lust after blood forever.
The release of the DVD and the curiosity of fans to see if you’ve listened will be great, and this will tell you a little of what to expect of the release of New Moon. They may wait at home, instead of in lines to the movie, to see the reviews, as to not have such a huge disappointment again. Especially with Edward not being in New Moon as much as Jacob will be through out the rest of the story. (Which is confusing since the story was to be about a vampire and human love story with the wolf on the side, but it seems that the wolf and the human get more of the storyline than the vampire/human obsessive love.
These books have taken control of our lives, our thoughts, our sanity. Now they'e brought the visuals to life, giving it the faces, the locations, ect. to the fantasy we loved and followed, but could only visualize in our heads. I wish they would have mercy and put us fans out of our misery, so that we stop complaining, and feeling so consumed by greif, and able to live OUR own lives again. It's a sickening but, sincerely, funny plea. In turn, we, as fans, will do our part, and give you the profits from sales, to compensate for meeting our insatiable request and desire for Twilight to be done properly, as well as the rest of the series.

Initially, after seeing the movie, I just didn’t like Kristen as Bella. I felt that she just didn’t have the range to match Robert with the acting. She came across numb, void, and not very interested. After watching the movie 13 times, and watching the interviews, I have concluded that, Kristen just wasn’ t “into” playing the the character Bella. Since Bella IS so plain Jane, and offers no real charismatic quality, Kristen needs to st ep it up and GIVE her, BELLA, a PERSONALITY worthy of drawing this vampires, unconditional, obsessive love
When watching Kristen doing an interview, she wants/feels she can do better roles for herself. This was disappointing when I heard her say that the role she is waiting to get, a book she read, would be the best thing to ever happen to her, after she dropped all the lawyers ect that were negotiating. WHY would she express that when promoting Twilight? She didn’t even read the books, and just acted. Per her words. Why wouldn’t she prepare for the movie, knowing how many books were selling? And she seriously shouldn’t smoke pot while filming. That contributes to lack of personality, and lethargy. The very last scene, I DID see potential in her, but again, in watching her interviews, she just didn’t seem too thrilled about pl aying Bella, when this character is kick-starting her career in a serious way.

I had other issues with character selections, but the spot has been cast already and to change it mid-stream would not be wise. But Catherine should not cast Nikki in everything she does. Nikki just did not fit the role of Rosalie in anyway. But this is irrelevant now. I did LOVE Alice, Jasper, Charlie, Carlisle, Esme and Emmett. Wonderful choices there. They all did so well with what small parts they had.
I do like the drawn out chemistry. What REALLY got my attention in the movie and kept me waiting for more was when Edward said, “hello”, and introduced himself. I loved the different ways Catherine watched him through Bella’s eyes, with that song playing, his wry smiles, smirks, his eyes, that was really hot, and I DO give her credit for that. It was great, and I was waiting and hoping for more of those scenes. They are better than the make-out scenes people want you to jump to. But, to point out, in case it’s failed anyone’s attention, Edward, despite all of his passion, is a gentleman, and wants to do everything correctly for Bella. He and Bella do NOT have actual SEX, until they are MARRIED. Another big plus for this story believe it or not. The chemistry, and flirting, and interactions between them but not acting on, leave this sweet, intense, frustration, but it’s very wonderful.

Everyone keeps stressing/commenting over “hope with New Moon is a lot better” comments. Nooooo......”TWILIGHT” .....is ....the.... founding book, ...the BASIS.... of the ENTIRE... series!! .............Edward is hardly in New Moon until the ending. And the details left out of Twilight ARE important. Yes, like James telling Bella about Alice’s past, the initial chemistry that fueled this “immortal love” story, showing other characters parts within because fans lo ve them as well. My biggest concern is that, Summit, Catherine, ect, just will REFUSE to make to alterations to TWILIGHT because they don’t want to spend anymore money, and that they will do slightly better with New Moon, drowning out Edwards importance, making Jacob the focal point, when this is not his story.
I love the books, seriously, but that is also my ONLY complaint about the books as well. They concentrated too much on Jacob, then on Edward, when in the end of the series, there is potential for Jacob’s story to go on and continue a totally different path for the series to go in with Nessie and the Vultri, the half breed in South America, ect.
Maybe I, as well as many others, are just expecting too much out of this book to movie adaptation and the people that are making it. I have seen the movie too many times to count, and it has potential, but always when it is over, I am left wanting for the parts that were left out, and every interview I’ve read so far, Catherine and Summit feel the movie is just fine the way it is. I am just left to resign myself to the fact that they have no intent ion of doing anything about satisfying the fans, and I must walk away for the Twilight series, and MOVIE, and anything else that’s associated with it because this dissatisfaction has taken control over all of my thoughts for some baffling reason, and trying to find someway to reach Summit and Catherine to plead with them has proved impossible. Anyway, they already are very aware of what’s going on with the fans and their upset and the cause of it, because many others besides myself have already stated how they feel this subject. As of tonight, I will no longer talk about Twilight or anything associated with it. Very EXTREME, i know, but this was strangely important, and I just can not ever get this attached to a storyline and let my hopes get so high again to watch it transformed into a movie only to be let down so disappointingly by the way they just threw it together for profit and to create a name for themselves, not for audience pleasure. Sounds so freaking crazy, being obsessed like I have no life, but I do, it’s just that I am sad, and feel real grief over this and for what could have been the best love story I knew of. I feel like something died, I am in morning, and that feels and sounds so ridiculously funny, but it is just so sadly, yet honestly, very true.

I have finally concluded why I just can not stop thinking about this dang movie. When I went to see it originally, I thought it was ok. Read the reviews of fans, and wanted to find out why they were all out for blood, literally. I read the books, and yes, I could fully empathize with their feelings of anger and remorse, disappointment, and disgust. The story is great because of how pure and full of potential it has to offer. The attraction and flirting, the pull of this unknown force, bringing them together with the details the book offered. The movie could have taken out the chase thru the mill, the waitress at the diner asking if they found the murder, the flying thru trees scenes, ect. to give the extra time to establish the baseline of this story. You could have made the same amount of ticket sales, maybe even more if all of the important stuff was added. The sales slacked off this week because, as you said, word of mouth, fans, were disappointed and they verbalized their dissatisfied action, and word got around that it wasn't't’t what it was to be. You could have done the extravagant shooting with the sequel but got the first movie right to start everything with.
Maybe Summit or someone that truly wants more than $$ signs, will throw up a web site with the strict instruction s to stick to the point, and let the fans tell you what is important to them to see in the movie. Get the feedback. Let them also say what could be left out in order to make this happen. Compromise so to say. If $$ is what Summit is truly after, they will have to show some integrity. It is rare that people around the world unite over anything, let alone books and outrage over how a movie is shot. This story has a special place with many many people everywhere, and the longer you can drag it out with details matching the books, the happier people will be. Twilight may have been close to 2 hours long, but when it was over, it felt like the story was just starting. It could have been 3 1/2 hours, 4 hours, and the audience would have been content to sit and watch enthralled with it being brought to life. Don’ t you SEE??? Summit people, you have an extreme gold mining potential here, but you keep throwing dynamite through the entrance of the walkway.

leave taylor as jacob black hes great
especially keep kristen and robert they are perfect the best for their roles as edward and bella keep the whole cast is what im saying i looooovvveeee twilight and robert and bellas awesome

I agree, we should change to a more experience director, not that i have anything against catherine, but i just think these films are bigger than she is- and for a few of the actors, but i agree, changing the actors would just be weird. So they all need to work on their acting skills- mainly kristin and Robert! Taylor, was great! however he only had like 5 lines, so couldnt really tell- but he's a doll! (jus fix his wig!)

<3 MitZ

Keep the actor's as they were or it's going to confused everyone and make them criticize a lot more
and Yea...maybe stick to the book a little bit more this time? The volturi become a main thing within the other books, so twilight should have had it in there. Oh well, you can't go back and fix it. Twilight was a good movie, but there were certain parts that I still wish they would have out in like the lunch scene where they sit with themselves just chatting and she says something about daring him to eat food. and I think the part where she says she knows what he is should have been in the car on the way home like it was in the book!
but that's just my opinion...
Oh...a try not to be "cheesy"....the biology lab scene made a lot of us laugh because it was really dumb and it looked like he was going to throw up.

I loved the books and the movie. I would like to see more development of characters and some scenes in the next movie. Please make the movie longer. You have an Epic love story on your hands and you're killing it by not expanding in undeveloped areas. I know that time-frames are important, but think harder--you can make it happen.

As for Taylor playing Jacob in the next movie: Taylor is hot and people will be upset if he is not the one chosen, but you must stay true to the movie. Jacob is going to develop into a massive hunk in the New Moon; face, heigth, deep voice, and mega muscles. If Taylor stays, he needs to fit the mold. Taylor's voice is changing on Twilight--normal for his age. But, in New Moon, Jacob could pass for a 27 year old--I don't think that Taylor is there yet on heigth, voice, or muscles. I don't have a problem with Taylor---personally I think that his personality fits; he just needs help in other areas. Maybe God with allow him an enormous growth spurt to please us all. Good luck Taylor.

The movie was Hot and can't wait to see the next series of books brought to the silver screen. PS if Meyer is tuning in---please write the next book. Bella can not be in her true happy place if her family may still be threatened in a major good vs evil epic battle. We crave more. Jacob and Renesme must go through their ups and downs as well. There is so much more passion to be developed---please write the next book.

Your loving fans!!!!

I can't stress enough how important it is to try to keep the integrity f the books. If the "puppet-masters" behind the movie(s) are fans - I don't see it. Clearly a new scriptwriter is needed - that's a given, but I'm agreeing with some that said the director may have grasped a "Bite" she can't handle (without fangs - like the fangless vampires in her movie.)

As a die-hard fan, I've created a petition and could used people's signatures. My hope, is to get so many that they have to take Twi-Fans seriously and deliver the goods!!


I think that twilight was an awesome movie! They left out alot of things that I loved from the book but still was a thrill to watch. I hope in the next movie that they tell everyone a little more about the cullens and make the love story a little more passion. I love taylor as Jacob but if they do have to recast for an older taller jacob I would love to see steven strait play that role. All and all I loved all the books and am sure the movies will just get better and better!!!

I absolutely loved the movie!!!! i think it was great. i still think the movie shouldve been longer, i wouldve liked to see more.
i wanted to see atleast somethign mentioned about the volturi if there's gonna be a sequel. i think they got most of the characters right on the spot.
especially jacob, i think taylow was perfect for jacob, same for alice, rosalie, and emmett.
i think they did a GREAT job for carlisle. my mouth dropped when he came in, same for most of the cullens haha.
i hope the movies happen for all 4.
maybe even midnight sun? haha.
overall, i really loved twilight, i saw it twice in one week.
i hope the best for the sequels.


I think they really need to cast a new bella. It seemed very forced and like she was just reading lines. I would like someone who can portray a bella that isn't afraid of edward and can have that more natural fluidity while delivering their lines.

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