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'Twilight' Countdown: What's on your mind, Bella?

19 days left...


It's Caption This! Week 2. If you've seen the trailer -- and we've all seen it more than once -- you're well aware exactly what Bella's thinking in this scene. But creative "Twilight" fans, I encourage you to think outside that box. If you didn't already know that James wanted to suck her blood, what else could be on Bella's mind looking the way she does? I still get a kick out of a good LOLcats caption. Let them inspire you and leave your best shot in the comments section below.


And without futher ado, the winner of last week's "Why are you running, Edward?" contest is...

Chasing after Forks' only hair stylist... -- Rachel

This one made me laugh out loud. Yes, Rachel, I too have long been puzzled by Robert's hair. What he puts in it, what look he's trying to achieve. As you can see from the time I interviewed him at Comic Con, his unruly 'do sort of has its own life. He messes with it constantly, but it still stands straight up on his head. Fantastic job, Rachel!

However, the truth is there were so many excellent submissions that I couldn't pick just one. Here are the excellent runners up:

"I knew I shouldn't have eaten that third burrito..." -- Rachel D. (Gross, but fitting!)

Steroid use among baseball players reaches an all time high. -- Mara Hyatt (A little inside "Twilight" humor. I love it.)

"What?! I got a call back for True Blood?! Finally, some R-rated action!" --Meredith Allen (Ah, the wish of every fangirl.)

Well done, Twilighters! See all the submissions here. And keep checking back. This coming week, the Countdown will bring you interviews with director Catherine Hardwicke and a special fan-powered Q&A with Robert himself.

-- Denise Martin

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ya know in this light James looks really..NO no Bella you love Edward...i mean James is trying to kill you for god sake...but hes just soo NO!NO!NO!...what if Edward heard my..wait he cant hear my thoughts.....hmm....JAMES IS SO HOT!


What?! The Cookie Monster doesn't eat cookies anymore?!

"UH OH... I think I'm getting a brain freeze!"

Mike's really a GIRL!?

"Oh no... I left the iron on!"

While watching Blues Clues: "I just don't understand... what do the clues mean?!"

Robert...I told you to shower and gel...Robert...gel... before coming in to work!!!

"Edward....where did all your hair go??"

Rob said he wanted to cut his hair.....NOO!!!!! WE NEED THE HAIR!!!!

That is the biggest zit i've ever seen!!!! gross!

Oh gosh. Here comes more Twilighters!!

"That's your REAL hair, Rob? Really?"


"Did you seriously just ask me our again, Mike?"

Charlie...what did you just cook?

Charlie, what did you just cook?
Edward...you got me...PREGNANT!?!?!

"oh crap, Edward caught me wearing my team Jacob shirt to bed."

Grammer correction...
"Oh gosh, here come more Twilighters!!!"

Wait. This is a movie? DANG IT!!! Thought I really had Edward Cullen kissing me!!!

-"Did you seriously just ask me if I'd seen Robert's boxers, Twilightmom?" That one is based on that question from Comic Con!

OMG, James, you're gunna put this on YOUTUBE?!?!

"Oh my God! I forgot to TiVo Family Guy!"
"Wait...I remembered to bring Mase...right...Aww, crap."

"What!, you ate my last churro!"


"There is no spanish soap opera on monday!?...Mariaaaaaaa!"

"Edward and I do THAT in Breaking Dawn?!?!?!?"
"Alice! I am NOT wearing that to prom!"

"What! there is no spanish soap opera on monday!? Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Oh no, I'm going to die a virgin!

"I'm moving to a place that's actually called 'Forks' ?"

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