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'Twilight' Countdown: Check out Kellan Lutz in Hinder's music video

Still 10 more days...

But today brings a bonus post. Hinder just released a music video for the band's new single, "Without You." It features Kellan Lutz, who plays "Twilight" tough guy Emmett, a hot-headed, bad-for-you boyfriend. Click the image below to watch the video:


Kind of scary, isn't he? He also plays an equally dispicable jock on "90210." Does the bad boy thing suit him? Or do you prefer him as the Cullens' lovable enforcer Emmett? Leave your thoughts about his performance -- and the song -- in the comments below.

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Stay tuned for more!

-- Denise Martin

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I prefer him as Emmett because that personality is much closer to his own. Which is why I can't figure out why he keeps getting cast as d-bags. Although to be fair, the Hinder video never explains to viewers why he's the bad guy? He was talking to another girl, his GF blew a gasket, then the football players started a fight with HIM, not vice versa. So, why am I supposed to not like him?

did anyone notice that the brunette girl he is leaning over at the lockers is his real-life girlfriend?
love the song
love Kellan as a "bad boy"
love him even more as Emmett.

Kellan is so hot, but......I'm sorry, Hinder is just so generic-emo-wannabe-rockstar. They annoy me, and it was kinda hard to get through the video. I like Kellan better on 90210 ^_^ He does bad boy well

if he was a NERD i would love that boy!!! i love him as Emmett cause that's who HE can actually relate to =]

LOVE Kellan in this video ~ he is good at everything he does. Truly, he could do 'brick wall' well, but aside from his *ahem* physical assets, he is a good actor. I hope the whole Twilight phenomenon boosts him as high as he wants to go. The interview he gave regarding this video was wonderful ~ hearing how uncomfortable he was having to yell at his female counterpart. So very, very Emmett Cullen... ;)

Love him as Emmet, Love him as a bad boy (don't know why but, bad boy types are hot O_O), all in all Kellan Lutz has got hotness all over ^_^ where's the warning label??? ^_^

Hey Twilighters,
Please read all of this, it's very important information about Twilight!!
Summit Entertainment needs around 150 million dollars to make the sequal to "Twilight", New Moon, buy extra tickets, see it as many times as you can and spread the word so we can all get to see New Moon as a movie!! Copy and paste this everywhere you can! Come on! Let it spread.

(And wow, I love that pic of Emmett!!)

I loved Kellan in "Generation Kill!" I think he has a great personality and a great heart. I think playing the "bad boy" is so obvious because of his physical appearance, I think there's so much more there. Emmett at least is a good guy, someone who cares about others and isn't out to hurt anyone really. I hope his career goes far, I think he has tons to offer!

love the video, like him in twilight better...of course. haha
but i wanna buy this and cant find it on itunes...anyone know where to find it?

I saw this and said in like hypersonic volumes, "EMMETTTTTT"
And my parrot copied me the next day. So when I say Hinder he says "EMMETTTTT"

he is the sexiiest guy eva

He is so cool I just love him I really hope I get the part to Jane!!


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