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'Twilight' Countdown: What you didn't know about Robert Pattinson

Robb 11 days left...

At Saturday's "Twilight" extravaganza -- otherwise known as a press junket -- I was able to glean a few more tidbits about Robert Pattinson. Cheers!

Asked what he misses most about his pre-fame life, Rob said he already misses getting to play his music live: "I used to love playing live at open mic nights. It'd be cathartic. I mean it was really key for me," he explained. Now that a few of his performances have been captured on YouTube, however, he's a lot less keen to take the stage. In fact, he's pretty sad about it. "I think, 'Wow, I just lost a huge chunk of my life.' "

How did a once aspiring political speech writer get involved with acting? His dad saw some good-looking girls going to drama club and encouraged his son to sign up.

After having been described as an actor with the agility of "a mountain goat," the actor revealed that shooting the baseball scenes didn't go very well: "I'm not athletic. I just thought, 'I don't want to hit a ball with a stick anyway!' "

He's not sure how, after he had refused to write music for "Twilight," director Catherine Hardwicke got ahold of his songs. But he suspects co-star Nikki Reed snuck it off his laptop, where he keeps some of his music. (Hardwicke later told reporters that she was eventually able to convince him to record the songs and it was only after she showed them to him together with footage from the movie that he agreed to let them be used.)

Vampires are supposed to have perfect teeth; apparently producers didn't think Rob's were good enough. He was asked to use Invisaligns, but, you know, chose not to: "I lied to them for about two months. They were like, 'Wow, That's amazing. You can't even see them!' " Also, it took him 20 minutes to get the vampire contacts in. "My eyes are super sensitive. I was always holding things up because it took forever to get them in."

As part of his tortured take on Edward, Rob "never wanted Edward and Bella to touch." That would be too painful for his character, he said. (Luckily, "Twilight" fans, he didn't get his way.)

Come back tomorrow to read my extensive interview with Kristen Stewart, who reveals why she called her "Twilight" dialogue "corny" in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, whether or not she wants to continue playing Bella in the sequels and why she's passionate about acting.

-- Denise Martin

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I can't wait to watch the movie!!
I am totally addicted to the series. I read Twilight and fell in love with it. Finished in one day and went to buy the other 3 books immediately. I can't wait till Stephanie comes out with another! I think Rob is great as Edward, his looks is what i imagine Edward to be. Am counting down the days to see the movie :))

I would like to know if rob has a myspace url and if so what is it?

Thanks love the movie and hope to keep the same actors/actresses in the movie, it would suck if they were changed. Thanks

He is sooooooooo hot i could fry an egg on him!!!!!!!!!! lol :)

i'm really addicted in twilight!!!
especialy edward cullen!!!!
i wish i can meet him one day!!!!
i love twilight!!
i love robert pattinson the more!!!
i love edward cullent the most!!!
i wish they can published DVD soon!!

am so much in love with robert pattinson a meid a poem for hem is like thise.
my name stard whit J your name star whit R that means just run to make a home run.
and a have make so much poems bot i dot have it whit me so thats all and i love you for ever and ever. to robert.
jennifer gutierrez

Haha, the thing with the invisalign is funny!...

As part of his tortured take on Edward, Rob "never wanted Edward and Bella to touch."

Haha,sure...he probably just didn't want to do a kissing scene or touch Kristin Stewart or anything...XD

I like Rob for who he is not for who he plays in movies. I'm glad that he said he didn't want edward and bella to touch... you just wait till they want to make the 4th movie and he'll proably be wanting to leave the whole twilight set right there when they tell him to take his clothes off and play around in the ocean! Rob is talented! I understand he wants to have a life outside of acting but this twilight stuff is never going to leave like harry potter did.

i like rob just not edward

i totally luv rob i think that he is way cute. i just finished new moon and cant wait for the movie. im starting a count down, 81 days till the movie!!! i will admit i own all the books and cant wait to read midnight sun!!!!! ~xoxo~i hart u rob~xoxo~ :)

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