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'Twilight' Countdown: What you didn't know about Robert Pattinson

Robb 11 days left...

At Saturday's "Twilight" extravaganza -- otherwise known as a press junket -- I was able to glean a few more tidbits about Robert Pattinson. Cheers!

Asked what he misses most about his pre-fame life, Rob said he already misses getting to play his music live: "I used to love playing live at open mic nights. It'd be cathartic. I mean it was really key for me," he explained. Now that a few of his performances have been captured on YouTube, however, he's a lot less keen to take the stage. In fact, he's pretty sad about it. "I think, 'Wow, I just lost a huge chunk of my life.' "

How did a once aspiring political speech writer get involved with acting? His dad saw some good-looking girls going to drama club and encouraged his son to sign up.

After having been described as an actor with the agility of "a mountain goat," the actor revealed that shooting the baseball scenes didn't go very well: "I'm not athletic. I just thought, 'I don't want to hit a ball with a stick anyway!' "

He's not sure how, after he had refused to write music for "Twilight," director Catherine Hardwicke got ahold of his songs. But he suspects co-star Nikki Reed snuck it off his laptop, where he keeps some of his music. (Hardwicke later told reporters that she was eventually able to convince him to record the songs and it was only after she showed them to him together with footage from the movie that he agreed to let them be used.)

Vampires are supposed to have perfect teeth; apparently producers didn't think Rob's were good enough. He was asked to use Invisaligns, but, you know, chose not to: "I lied to them for about two months. They were like, 'Wow, That's amazing. You can't even see them!' " Also, it took him 20 minutes to get the vampire contacts in. "My eyes are super sensitive. I was always holding things up because it took forever to get them in."

As part of his tortured take on Edward, Rob "never wanted Edward and Bella to touch." That would be too painful for his character, he said. (Luckily, "Twilight" fans, he didn't get his way.)

Come back tomorrow to read my extensive interview with Kristen Stewart, who reveals why she called her "Twilight" dialogue "corny" in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, whether or not she wants to continue playing Bella in the sequels and why she's passionate about acting.

-- Denise Martin

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aw i feel so bad for him that he cant play his music the way he wants. that really sucks!!! Stop posting his performances online!!!!
haha i love the thing about the invisligns!! that was funny

rob is so pecfect for the role of edward he is sexy and danderouse looking at the same time but don't you find that robert pattinson looks drunk half the time his hair is always messy and he always looks tired. by the way did you fnow he is 22 by the they make breaking dawn into a movie he will be like 25 do you think he will be able to pass as a 17 year old. Lets just wait and see.

P.S. i love robert pattinson and i love edwart even more

I think that it would be pretty stupid to change the main characters actors and actressess

Robert seems to be a pretty good Edward and Kristen is fantastic for Bella

OMG! I feel bad for Rob :(.
Thanks Denise for posting this.


I like robert scruffy. He's so dayum pretty, it's almost like he tries to unpretty himself a little by toning down on clothes and hair and stuff. Aw, what a nice hot guy...he tries to dehot himself for the rest of the dumb schmucks who have to stand by him!

Aw, that's sad about not performing anymore. Robert just needs to tell people not to record it and I bet most people would honor his request, he just needs to use his edwardian dazzle to get the lassies to listen.

Based upon viewing Rob in the trailer and in his interviews, I'm sold! I just bought the four book box set in order to read them prior to the movie's release. Oh yeah. Bought the album for my iPhone, too. I simply adore him and can't wait for his other movies: How To Be, Little Ashes, and Parts Per Billion, which I read will co-star Olivia Thirlby as his fiance or wife, Dennis Hopper and Rosario Dawson. Is it the 21st yet? *sigh*

I love Rob as Edward and he seems like a good guy but out of that i have read on Kristen I don't think she should play Bella. I think that you should be a fan of the books before you go into a script. She keeps saying that SHE (as in kristen) wouldnt say some of the 'cornier' lines and like asked for them to be changed...I have news for you. You are an ACTRESS. You are suppoesed to be playing BELLA who WOULD say those 'corny' lines. It is the Authors and Directors creative vision, your personal opinian shouldn't affect the script. If you thought the lines were corrny you shouldnt have taken the role. There are literly MILLIONS of girls who would love to be in your place and you are complaining. Also you shouldnt take the role if you arent going to do ALL the movies. Sorry. This little rant had to come out.

So does Kristen not want to continue to play Bella? I'm confused. POOR ROB! He should be allowed to continue his performances in peace.

HAHA half the time Rob looks like a hobo with his beard and his clothes and his hair and the tires look..lol kinda cool

I agree that if Kristen is not going to be Bella through out all the movies then she should have not done the first one. It will only make sense if Bella is the same person. It would be like taking Daniel Radcliff out of Harry Potter after Sorcerers Stone! I hate that crap! By the way Alice kicks butt!!!!!!!

I love Rob Pattinson... poor boy ...for he cannot perform anymore just like before he is famous...

ABOUT KRISTEN'S 'corny' lines... im VERY glad she changed them because its better to get a real and honest performance rather than a corny script which makes you go...'arhhhh thats not what twilight was about, corny lines nooo!!'
i think shes very smart about that, and obviously the director must've liked what she did or they wouldn't have let her do it.

well im like the 2000000000000000000 girl who just cant wait for twilight to get out
i've read the book about 5000000000000 times and i ever since i have gone crazy
my mother had to take the book away from me so i could do my homework
my dad got angry at me because i used all the ink up on printing twilight photos to put in my room
my grandfather was asked to take me out so i could have at least an hour without saying twilight
my english teacher asked me to STOP READING at lunch time

is it just me, or does kirsten seem weird about being bella.
saying its "corny" and such.
i find her highly irritating.

Word is both Rob and Kristen tried to change something inside and around the movie. You see, an actor/actress just speak the script out of the paper. A good actor/actress improve whatever was on paper, bringing the movie to live. I'm sure she's out of the movie if the director and producers did not like what she's bringing. Its silly (I rather say shallow) to generate her performance from the trailers.

twilight series is like a drug.... i went to a party on Sat. and all i could was thinking about was eclipse i wanted to go home 2 read it we i finally got home the first thing is go read all night my mom always is always saying i watch to much t.v but i didnt watch t.v all last week thanks 2 twilight..... Can i really be saying this but i think that i might love TWILIGHT more than i love HARRY POTTER......OF COURSE I LOVE TWILIGHT MORE THAN HARRY POTTER......and i really hope they keep kristen i think she makes a perfect bella even moen then Cedric...lol im Edward...ROB

omg! just as i begin eclipse the amazing book twilight turns into a movie! i saw the trailer and was immediatley like wow! even better it comes out on my birthday and im gonna c it the day it comes out!!! its like the new harry potter or the instyle harry potter etc... I LOVE IT! keep writing stephenie! i want more!!!

kristen stewart is getting on my nerves.

@ Lil: I agree with what you said about any actor can read a script, but a good one can improve it where they see fit (...That kinda rhymes, huh? lol.). If it doesn't feel natural, then change it (if you don't think so, then others won't either, and it saves us from cringe-inducing momoents). I'm sure Kristen is game for all of the movies, especially since the entire cast gets along so well; I'm sure they can't wait to work together again.

SEXY TIME ;))))))<33333333

That's so odd, I said this to my mom just this morning that it was so sad because Rob loved to play his music live and he wasn't going to be able to do that any more, and I was guessing he was sad about it. And then I read this! haha! I do that, I'll fiugre something our about Rob or I'll just get a feeling, quite suddenly, of how Rob feels about something and then I'll see it or read about it basically the next day. It's so odd and is really freaking me out quite a bit, so I'm going to bed now. Thanks for posting!

Such an incredible person and so humble about everything!! Let's get him a better life shall we...let's see, for starters he needs a really good assistant, a good home, a piano for that home, a new car, a new wardrobe, a maid for that new house...that also cooks really healthy food. That should do for starters...oh...and he really needs a hug and to be around some normal non-industry people for a few days, maybe a week to just sleep would be a good idea too. ;) We all love you Rob so we want the best for you!!!!!

I love Robert.Kristen looks like Bella but she has an attitude about fans ,and the book.She said she doesnot care if fans donot like her performance and other things .She keeps flirting with Robert .but Robert is so modest and down to earth and very nice and talented.

i think kristen will be great for bella. if you watch alot of her interviews.. she describes what she meant about the "corny" thing. she just though that because edward and bella's relationship was so intense, so melodramatic, and so like "life or death"... that "i love you" and "i'd die for you" were too corny to use.. because regular people say those kinds of things all the time. don't rag on her.. she just wants the audience to really feel how immense the love is between edward and bella.. thats why she wanted to change a few things!!
go kristen!

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