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'Twilight' countdown: Robert Pattinson answers even more of your questions

Trlrob 13 days left ...

In the second part of our fan-powered Robert Pattinson interview (Part I is here), Rob talks -- and giggles -- about reading his fan mail (yup, he reads a lot of it), that crazy trip to Mexico, playing Salvador Dali in "Little Ashes" and what he likes best about himself.

Again, if your question didn't make it this time, I'll be talking to the cast Saturday, and I'll make a final attempt to get some in. I'll also be speaking with Kristen Stewart at length, so any lingering questions for her should go in the comments section below.

Come back Saturday when the winner of this week's Caption This! contest is announced.

Do you read the fan mail?

Yeah. I do that quite a lot actually, because I get batches sent from London. I go through tons and tons of it at a time. I get sent some good stuff. I’ve gotten some really good books. I had this amazing thing made by a fan website, this really amazing bound book with all of these notes inside it. I mean, it must have taken ages to make. I remember thinking, "Why?" (laughs). But, no, it was amazing. Someone sent me a book I’m reading right now, a book of Charles Baudelaire poems. I thought, "Wow, I was going to buy that." That was nice.

Do you have a team that helps you wade through or do you go through it all yourself?

I go through it myself, but I think I might get them censored, because I’m always expecting to get the one thing that says, "I know where you live and I’m going to kill you!" I’m always expecting that to come, but it never seems to arrive. I never get any negative mail, so someone must be censoring them.

What is the scariest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

I haven’t really had any scary moments! I’m just scared of crowds (laughs). I just think people require things of me whenever there’s a screaming crowd, and I always think I won’t be able to provide what they want, so that’s why I look scared all the time (laughs). Mexico was quite scary -– but in a good way. I mean, it’s always kind of amusing because it’s all so new to me.

There was plenty of video of your trip on YouTube.

It’s just funny. Like, "What are you guys on?" It’s funny. We couldn’t get away in the car.

So what happens when you’re trapped? Catherine Hardwicke told me about fans getting up-close-and-personal with you in Italy during the book signing ...

When you’re in a situation that feels like it’s gotten out of control, I find that the more you stress out about it, the worse it would get. The whole thing is just funny. It’s like if you have a whole crowd of people running down the street at you, screaming, if you just stood there and didn’t make any attempt to move away, they’d probably get up to you and go "Ummmmmm." The whole excitement of it is the hunt, isn’t it? I don’t know.

Had you known how huge “Twilight” was going to become, would you still have taken the role?

Yeah, definitely. I think I would have done it differently though. When I went into “Harry Potter,” I knew what the deal was, so I had this level of acceptance in my brain. It’s nice to know the whole situation before you do a part. But I liked doing "Twilight." It’s been a very interesting and bizarre experience for me, the whole thing.

Talk about “Little Ashes.” What was appealing about playing a young Salvador Dali?

When I took it, I didn’t know much about Dali. It was a good script and it was shooting in various different areas of Spain, which was a bonus. I knew very little about him, but I knew from seeing videos of him when he’s older, that he’s obviously kind of an extrovert. I hadn’t played that kind of a character before, so that was appealing. I researched tons and I wound up finding a lot of stuff that I liked about him just as a man, not necessarily as an artist.

Are there any other kind of roles you hope come your way not that your profile’s been raised considerably?

I don’t have any ideas about it. When I like something, I’m always shocked that I like it. They’re always really different. But I don’t really have any specific hopes about it.

Is there any one you really want to work with on a project?

Not really. I’d like to work with Jack Nicholson because I was so obsessed with him when I was younger.


I just wanted to be cool? (laughs). He’s the one actor that anything he does…if you see a movie with Jack Nicholson in it, you know it’s worth having. He’s got a good record.

What is the best and the worst thing about being a celebrity?

The best thing is you’re seen differently in the eyes of the industry. And that’s kind of necessary to get the jobs you want. A lot of the time, it’s helpful to be famous.

The worst thing is getting photographed. I just never liked getting photographed. It’s not exactly that bad a thing. You really have to have caused it to get photographed all the time, so it’s not that much of a hassle for me.

If you had three hours of free time right now, what would you do with them?

Go to sleep.

What is your favorite thing to do all by yourself?


What’s the best book you’ve read recently? You’re not allowed to say “Twilight.”

(Laughs) “New Moon.” (Laughs again). I recently read a book of E.M Forster’s short stories that was really good.

It’s been reported that you said you’d originally wanted to do political speech writing. Is that something you still want to do?

That’s what I wanted to do while I was in school, yeah. I just liked the whole idea of it. I wanted to be involved with politics. That’s what my whole plan was. I was going to go to university and then I just thought, ‘Ah, I can’t be bothered to do anything’ (laughs). ‘I don’t want to do any more homework!’

What makes you cry?

Sometimes music. I very rarely cry about stuff. Or coughing. Coughing makes me cry sometimes (laughs).

What do you like best about yourself?

I like not really caring what people think of me. I mean, I kinda do, but at the same I don’t at all (laughs). I can’t really tell which one is true.

-- Denise Martin

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Awesome interview.....got to love rob!
A question I have for Kristen is what does like best about acting? and What has been the funniest moment on any movie set?

Awesome interview. Love that last answer. Thats so him.

I have an excellent question for anyone: If you were stranded in the middle of the ocean and knew you were going to die, would you rather drown or be eaten by a shark?

For Rob:

If you could have something flown in from England right now, what would it be and why?
Best wishes on your continued success.

awwieeeeeeeeeeeee robs so amazing can u ask him if hes actually dating annelyse schoenberger!!!!!!!! (hope hes not)

So, does that mean he read the fan mail I sent him?
Well, he sent the picture back autographed so he may have.

I have some questions for Rob:
On what level exactly do you relate to a diplodocus? lol
Do you like traveling? If so, would you consider visiting other continents in the immediate future? *cough*ASIApaticularlythePHILIPPINES*cough* haha

Rob is so hilariously awesome. Thanks for the interviews LA Times!

*why yes, I do believe he has a growing fan base here in the Philippines as well. :)

wow intersting interview.
i think the reaction that robert
pattinson has to his fans is
really great since he doesnt take
it2harshly like i'm sure some celebrities
would. =]

Rob is that really your mustache in Little Ashes?

That was awesome! Thank you so much for the interview!! Can't wait for Saturdays. You guys are the best.

I love Rob more, I didn't think that was possible.

for Kristen: What was a typical day for you shooting Twilight? What do you like to do in your spare time? Any inside jokes or funny moments from the Twilight set? What are your hobbies beside acting?

AND, thank you so much to all the cast of Twilight and all the crew that worked their butt off making this movie real! i really appreciate how dedicated the cast were into making their characters come to life. the actors in this movie are so genuine, and not just any Disney stars. thank you Kristen, Rob, Nikki, Jackson, Ashley, Kellan, Rachellle, Edi, Cam, TAYLOR, Peter, Elizabeth, Melissa Rosenberg, Catherine Hardwicke, Stephenie Meyer, and all the producers and EVERYONE that made this movie possible!

For Kristen:

'how do you style your hair? and do you usually do it yourself?'

I would love to know how the actors feel about if they do turn the other books into a movie what goes through there mind knowing they could be signed on to this huge phenomenon for years to come and how that effects their lifestyles now. I would also like to know more about the upcoming movie Robert is starring in where he plays Salvador Dali and what a switch it was to go from Edward Cullen to playing Salvador Dali.

Does Kristen have any other movies she is working on at the time or palnning to if so what are they about?

I L0VE ROBERT! (0r as I like t0 call him, edward) he is s0 h0t! I can't wait f0r twilight t0 c0me 0ut in theatres! I'll be 0ne 0f the first ones t0 see it.... h0pefully... As s00n as it c0mes 0ut 0n dvd I'm getting it, wrapping it in bubble wrap and watch it 0ver and 0ver... I am 0bsessed... but wh0 isn't? L0L... i w0uld t0tally cry if R0bert gave me a hug... i'd pr0lly ruin his cl0thes...tee hee... and everytime I see a twilight c0mmercial I scream! My family pr0bably thinks i'm crazy, but R0berts w0rth it! I L0VE Y0U R0BERT!!!!! x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x

Awesome interview! You asked my question! :) That was so exciting.

Great interview! I love it!
The question i have for kristen is: How she feel about spend so long time with a cast and sometimes making really good friends and then when the film finish everybody backs to your own world ad new projects and you rarely see this people again... how is that feel? and If she still keep in touch with some one of the cast of twilight that she become friend.

There has been so much talk about the Rob and Kristen audition...the chemistry...and how Catherine just knew she had finally found her Edward. Will the audition tapes be on the DVD extras? They included some auditons on the extras of The Notebook, so I was just wondering since there has been so much talk of it, if we are ever going to get to see that tape? I think the fans would LOVE that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One more for Rob and Kristen...of all their work so far, which work or role have they been the most proud of?

Denise, these are GREAT interviews! Thanks for taking our questions!!!!!


It's been reported that Kristen knew that Robert was the guy for the part with the audition. He sounded actually intimidated by her in that audition. What did he do specifically that convinced her and what made him different with his approach from the other actors?

I agree Rob Pattinson...E.M. Forster's short stories is the bomb. Hmmmm...more interviews please LA Times...can't get enough of this guy!!! Hey so if I write him a fan mail will he mail back an autographed pic of himself????

Thanks for asking my question! =]

Rob is pretty much my favorite person right now. And that's saying something, considering I don't usually like people that much.


Thanks for sharing these facts. I really think that Mr. Pattinson is really one of a kind artist. He's like ordinary fellow and a supernatural actor at the same time (what did i just say?)

No kidding, I find him very interesting. I just started knowing him from HP-Goblet of Fire and now I'm excited with Twilight! I also heard that the plot is lovely that's why I can't wait. :)

I just wish him good health and true happiness!

P.S. I think Kate's question's in this thread is the best! If I were to answer, I'd choose get eaten by a shark! Why? I'm pretty sure sharks won't like me so just before they eat me all up i'm saved... hahaha :)


'who is the most inspirational person you've met? and if you HAD to trade places with someone (living) in the world, who would it be and why?'

Also, please tell her...
that she the most inspirational person in MY life, and she has a beautiful soul!

for kristen stewart...

what is your view on people who waste their lives away with drugs and does it affect you in the movie industry to see these people around you?

wishing you the very best!

Robert you are the most hadsome little charmer!!hahaha ahh you're very very very adorible and I laaav you,you are soo very talented and you just have this warm essecne about you!!!I just wanna hugg you!!<333ahh eeep!!

so yeahh I have some questions for the cast:
RPatz: What inspires you to write your music, and where do you go when you want to write your music?

Kristen Stewart: What do you truly think of the whole "Twilight" craze and the character you portray, Bella?

Kellan Lutz: Do you think that "Twilight" is going to break some box office records with it's release?

I really really really really hope you pick my quetsions!!!ANd thanks for all these interviews!!They're really awsumm and cool;D!~~

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