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'Twilight' Countdown: Robert Pattinson answers your questions

Robph 15 days left…

Or should I say: Only 15 days left. This is the home stretch, “Twilight” fans. In celebration, here's Part 1 of our Robert Pattinson fan special. I did my best to cram as many of the questions all of you submitted into the interview, and I must say, he was a pretty good sport....

You guys wanted to know what he put in his hair -- I asked him. You guys wanted to know about filming the love scenes with Kristen -- he revealed that Kristen's got one heck of a dark side!

Of course, I did not get to all of the questions. There were hundreds. But if you don't see it answered here, know that there's still Part 2 coming, and I'll have a chance to ask a few more at the press junket this Saturday, so do stay tuned!

As you can see, he had a serious case of the giggles Tuesday morning:

What goes through your mind when you’re greeted by crowds of screaming fans?

It’s kind of like being in some medieval battle (laughs). I mean I guess that’s the closest analogy, especially after yesterday. A ton of people ran down the street outside the Apple store. I felt like I was literally being charged by Celts (laughs).

How many bodyguards are around you when you do these events?

It depends. I don’t know how many there were yesterday, but there were like NYPD cops everywhere! It was completely crazy. There were four guys just literally carrying me out of the place (laughs). It was quite funny.

Have you seen yourself as “dazzling” Edward in the meadow yet?

No, I haven’t. I don’t watch my stuff. Ever.


Because it makes me feel like I’ll never want to do a job again (laughs).

Why did you audition for “Twilight”? What did you know about it going in?

I knew a bit about it. I didn’t know much about the book. I went into it thinking it was a vampire film directed by Catherine Hardwicke, who does like gritty sort of realistic indie films. If you’re doing a vampire fantasy shot like “Thirteen,” then that would be interesting. That’s why I went into it really, and it ended up being something totally and utterly different.

How so?

It’s very intimate. In “Harry Potter,” there are entire worlds encompassed in it. “Twilight” is so claustrophobic in some ways. The little town of Forks is so small, and the way it’s written is so obsessive. But because it’s so lingering, it takes on this different power, and the whole story becomes this sort of opera, which I didn’t have any idea about when I went in to do it.

Did you and Kristen become friends, and if you did, was it awkward filming the love scenes together?

Yeah, definitely we’re friends. Those things are really, really awkward. Especially because [in the movie] it’s supposed to be so intensely sexual and everything (laughs). You’re like really putting yourself on the line. It’s very embarrassing.

How did you prepare to do it?

The big scene where they try and kiss and he goes crazy, it’s like the climax moment of their relationship. Well, not the climax, but it’s like a pivotal scene in the whole movie. And, actually, a lot of my preparation for the whole character was kind of leading up to that scene.

Kristen was really into Bella being a sadomasochist. ...


Wait, not a sadomasochist! I mean a masochist (laughs). She was into that whole thing. She’d say, “Yeah, Bella just likes being hurt” (laughs). “Be really rough!”

Some of the “TwilightMOMS” have told me they’re trying to get you a gig as host of “Saturday Night Live.” They want to know if that’s something you’d be game to do.

It would be quite nerve-racking! No, that would be fun! But, um, I’m not very funny, I don’t know if that would work out. No, that would be cool, that would be really cool.

What do you use in your hair that makes it stand no matter what you do to it?

This kind of residue product from my youth (laughs). I don’t know, I guess just stressing out all the time, I’m just always grabbing my hair and stuff. It’s so funny how that’s become a thing, my stupid hair. I just need a haircut! I need a haircut and I don’t like hair being in my face. Now it’s like, 'It’s his signature style!' (laughs). I’m definitely going to cut it pretty soon though.

Is there an actor or musician whose career you’d like to emulate?

Well, there are always periods in musicians’ careers. I would like Van Morrison’s between 1965 and 1988 (laughs). Before he did that thing with Cliff Richard.

Will you be recording any of your own music soon, beyond what you did for the “Twilight” soundtrack?

I haven’t got any plans to. I mean, I might. But I have no plans to release anything.

What do you do to relax?

I don’t really have to do anything specifically. I like looking out the window (laughs). I’m pretty relaxed most of the time.

Do you prefer playing the piano or guitar?

It depends what mood I’m in. It’s an even balance. I haven’t played the piano in such a long time so whenever I play it now it’s like really therapeutic. I love playing the piano. I don’t have a piano anymore, annoyingly. I don’t have my apartment in London anymore. I don’t have anything.

What have you learned, if anything, about what girls want from having played Edward?


How have you upped your game?

(Laughs) Well, I always knew that girls liked six-packs (laughs), but that didn’t really make me change. Oh! Girls really like guys who drive Volvos. I would never have thought that!

What is your favorite kind of car?

I’d like to have a vintage Porsche or the '70s Ferraris are beautiful as well.

-- Denise Martin

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I loved the interview. Funny, endearing and very Rob. I'm greedy for a lot more but thank you for what you managed to ask. Only he could cramm in a Cliff Richard reference into an American interview. I'd like to dare him to shoe horn in a reference to Delia Smith next or Esther Rantzen ha ha

I don’t have a piano anymore, annoyingly. I don’t have my apartment in London anymore. I don’t have anything.

Poor Rob :(

Now I want to go buy him a piano or something. At least a little one :)

I love this...I love him. Thank you so much for this wonderful interview/Q&A! Can't wait to see the rest of it.

Thanks for the great questions!! What a normal sounding guy! I'm hoping that the movie's great and that the fans come out so Summit will make the other 3!! Thanks for the great interview with giggly Rob!

Thank you so much for asking Rob about SNL! We've been dying to know what he thinks and now we feel good about our efforts! To know that he likes the idea, thinks it would be fun....that makes it all worthwhile!! Thank you!


This boy makes me happy....

Celtic warriors...Lmao! He has some of the strangest analogies, yet I bet from his perspective it honestly IS like an army mobilized to attack at any sign of weakness. In my mind when Rob was talking about his hair, this came into my head..."I HAVE TO CUT MY HAIR BEFORE THE FAN-GIRLS COME AFTER ME AGAIN! OR WORSE PEREZ HILTON!" Personally, I hate Perez Hilton....Maybe Rob doesn't, but yeah. Perez is a hypocritical creeper that is a hundred times more popular than he should be. O_o In my opinion, of course.

I don't think he likes 'Twilight' much at all, but I still "love" him (I don't think Kristen is too fond of it much either). It always makes me wonder why exactly they continued on with it when they don't seem to particularly like it. Anyway, he makes me laugh frequently with his quirkiness and he and Kristen are very, very interesting individuals. I can't wait for the next interview, cross my fingers that one of my questions were in there and if not, I still get to read other awesome questions and answers.

That would be awkward playing certain roles with someone who is one of your really good friends of the opposite sex of course.. I always thought that he and Kristen have a really cool connection going on... I think that it is hillarious that he is always so blunt in his interviews and then tries to cover up what he says.. Ferrai's are awesome I wouldn't mind one of those I saw a really neat looking one onetime in LA it was a vintage 1950's ferrari.. I love his hair but I know how the whole hair in the face can drive anyone crazy.. ha ha Anyway over all I always enjoy reading interviews they have him or on the cast... I love the photo scans from vanity fair of the cast they are really fun...

What Priscilla and Sara said.

Even if he doesn't like it or always understand it, I'm glad he took the role. Otherwise, I might never have known about the guy, and that would have been a shame -- I've liked all of the work I've seen so far!

Porsche and Ferraris- sound like any Twilight at all.. cough Alice and Bella cars cough cough

haha I love Rob...remember the whole thing with Mike and the socks? Well I bet someone out there is going to send Rob a miniature piano or a Ferrari...haha you say no now but I bet some crazy fangirl would do it...I really hope that he gets to host SNL...that would be too awesome :)

He is so humble during these interviews. I totally want to buy him a piano now too. =)

Love Rob ! He is so sexy and adorable!

But,...excuse me....where is Kristen's head at??! Bella is NOT a masochist! Ewww...that just puts a creepy spin on it! Bella is just in LOVE,...and wants desparately to be close to Edward. Like most inexperienced girls, she doesn't understand the effect it has on him. Anyway, Kristen keeps saying that in interviews, and it kind of grosses me out. I don't even understand why her mind goes there! Why can't she see it for what it is: a pure love that is passionate and unconditional! Anyone agree with me???

I love you, Rob! I hope you don't dislike Twilight,...since hopefully, we'll get to see you as Edward in 3 or 4 more movies! You're awesome!
Thank you LA Times, for a great interview! Looking forward to part 2.!


Wow, this interview was one of the best Rob interviews I've read! I loved all the questions, most of them weren't too cliche like a lot of recent interviews have been asking the same questions to rob over and over. I really loved this interview! I learned a lot more about Rob, and learned some of the answers I've been wanting to know about him and kristen while shooting and stuff. Awesome Job! Can't wait for part two! I definfetly put this interview on my favorites!

I think Rob and Kristen like Twilight they just aren't into the craziness !!! They don't see what all the fuss is about and I think they could hate it more BECAUSE OF US !!!T

He doesn't have anything?! I find that hard to believe. Poor Rob.

He could have me....


LOVED the interview! Rob is sexy and adorable!!

What is up with Kristen's take on Bella being a masochist! Excuse me,...but, Bella is NOT a masochist! Ewww....that just puts a creepy spin on it! Bella is just a young girl who is in LOVE and wants desparately to be close to Edward. Like most inexperienced girls, she just doesn't understand how it effects him....and Edward being a vampire, of course, adds another complication! haha I don't even understand why Kristen's mind even goes there! It kind of grosses me out! Why can't she see it for what it is: just a pure LOVE that is passionate and unconditional! I know they're just "characters" in a book,..but that is what makes the story so endearing. Anyone agree with me???

Anyway,...Rob is awesome! I hope he doesn't dislike Twilight,..since we are all hoping he will bring Edward back to life in 2 or 3 more movies! WE LOVE YOU, ROB!
Thank you for a great interview, LA Times...looking forward to part 2!

awwww he charm slays me. everything is so adorably endearing that he says. he seems like such a down-to-earth amazing guy. hands down my favorite celebrity ever because he takes everything so coolly.
i <3 rpatz! =]

I was at the Apple store on Monday and it was craaaazy! You can definitely see a disconnect between the way the younger and older fans act (NO offense meant, but younger = lots of screaming). Rob was amazing charming and nerviously giggled throughout the interview, so I can imagine him speaking in this interview with the same laughter.

Rob Pattinson just makes me happy. Its as simple as that. This interview just made me happy too. Thanks ever so much for posting. I hope he cuts the hair. I'm sick of all the comments about it. He's so handsome and with such a wonderful jaw line it needs to be much shorter.

This interview it's so Rob, I love him. He's so down to earth and so "innocent" sort of ...great questions :)

no rob! dont cut your hair!! i LOVE it!!! <3 :]] hope 2 c part 2 rly soon!!! :)


I think if I were him, I would be freaking out. He's handling it brilliantly, actually. Very self-deprecating and gracious. Hope he maintains that amazing down-to-earth quality because I think he only partially understands what's going to happen after the film's release. Be prepared to be the all-around "it" boy, Rob!

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