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'Twilight' Countdown: Fans sound off on 'Twilight'

We're here! Today's the day! By now, many of you have already crossed the finish line. Congrats!

But was it worth the wait? Some of you have already posted your reviews in the comments of previous "Twilight Countdown" posts. Others e-mailed  their ideas directly to me.

In general, the consensus is that the movie gets the job done and many of you thought director Catherine Hardwicke and stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson delivered the goods. You're even planning second and third trips to the theater already. A minor complaint among the majority of you is the movie's special effects, which are of the low-budget variety. (However, nearly all of you qualified that, keeping in mind that Hardwicke was working with $40 million -- not a large sum by Hollywood movie standards.)

Of course, some of you were let down. With expectations so high, it's not surprising.

So what did I think? I should say I enjoyed reading "Twilight," a guilty pleasure with equal parts breathless romance and suspense. I read through the whole thing the day I started it. After two screenings of the film, however, I ultimately felt that the movie deviated from the book in ways that made the story better. Less of a "guilty" pleasure. True, as some have complained, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg stripped much of Edward and Bella's back-and-forth moments of dialog. But I thought having shots of Pattinson looking anguished and Stewart looking like she craved him worked a lot better than having Edward tell Bella repeatedly about how torn he is about their relationship and her pushing back. Kristen Stewart's Bella, too, comes off as stronger, her feelings more grounded albeit obsessive. In Hardwicke's version, Forks is a little more diverse, a little grittier, and the love story more real and less sweepingly and conventionally romantic.I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Here's a sampling of how the rest of the fans who wrote to me felt:

For some, like 14-year-old Marie from Norcross, Ga., the anticipation was overwhelming. She attended the midnight screening, "the moment of my life," and said her "heart wanted to explode as the movie started, and I couldn't even breathe." Needless to say, she was pleased.

Bailey from Houston, Texas
, credited Pattinson for bringing "depth to Edward that went beyond good looks and chivalry. He has the ability to say so much without saying anything at all." Props go also to Stewart, but where are the Cullens? "I wish we could have seen more of the Cullens! One of my favorite scenes in the movie was when Bella went home with Edward to meet his family."

Less enthusiastic was Darci in Iowa, who called the film a "mockery of the book I fell in love with!" "I think, perhaps, if the screenwriter would have been an obsessed fan (as I am), the movie would have been better. More like the book. You would have 'gotten' that Bella was selfless, brave, and more of a  caretaker. You would have seen her as more of a mature intellectual."

Gaby was happy with a couple of reservations: "The one thing that really bothered me was Edward's reaction to Bella in the biology room; he isn't supposed to be so obvious about the smell thing and he acted repulsed by her. The other major thing that i noticed was that they never said they loved each other and i think that is pretty important."

Pac4eva15 said he -– "and every single one of his friends who saw it with him" -- hated it. "This movie is nothing compared to the book. I am an avid 18 year old fan who has read the Twilight series since the beginning and i am seriously disappointed. I sincerely regret waiting in line for 8 hours, hours which i won't be able to ever recover… The movie seems like another 'Epic Movie' only this time parodying 'Twilight.'" Ouch!

Twenty-one-year-old Alex took reviews that said Edward and Bella’s love develops too quickly to task: "I actually really ended up liking the fact that Edward and Bella's relationship felt very rushed, and I'll tell you why. To me, their relationship in the film felt much more wild. Their love is a force of nature; it's chaotic and rushed and sudden and it doesn't make sense at all. That's what makes it so wonderful."

But Peggy said the movie missed the point: "Listen, I love the Twilight books. True, they are not great literary works, C+ at best, but what made the books so popular was the story itself. It brought you back to a time when you got your first kiss, the first time you fell in love and the feeling that you couldn’t breathe or your day couldn’t start until you saw that one person; the love of your life. The Twilight movie totally failed to capture the essence of the book."

Caroline and her group of pals both liked and disliked the movie. On the plus side: "Best PG-13 make-out scene EVER. (Major squealing!) The sexual tension! The chemistry! The conflict, the passion and the terror! All the characters were excellently developed. We loved Charlie, Jessica and Jacob. Also, the Cullens were perfectly cast. Many major scenes were done really well....The music was fantastic and well placed throughout the movie."

Not so good was: "The general tone of the movie didn't quite match the book. Translating the book to the movie cost us the romance. All the little conversations and scenes where they develop their feelings for each other and the sexual tension (i.e.: hand tracing in the meadow)  were not evident on the big screen. The meadow, as written, scene was non existent. THE MEADOW SCENE!"

Brianne couldn’t get over the dazzle –- and not in a good way: "It looked like someone just dumped a jar of glitter on him, not to mention it was hard to see his chest sparkle under all of the hair. He was meant to look as though he was made of marble. Marble is not hairy, my friends."

Robin from Woodland Park, Colo., liked it so much she's taking her kids to see the movie a second time. Her one quibble? "Some of the fast-moving scenes with Edward were a tiny bit cheesy (I suspect because of budget constraints for the first film).  It did not affect how I felt about the film however."

LyRonda from West Virgina and her 13-year-old daughter were split -– Mom loved it, while her daughter was "frustrated when cast members did not say their lines the exact way they did in the book."

And the humans get some love from Lexy G. and her boyfriend, who both appreciated Bella’s high school pals: “The supporting cast was great as well, especially Bella's human crew, which was 10  times cooler on screen than their literary counterparts."

Finally, someone pays respect to Bill Burke, who plays Bella's dad Charlie. Thank you Jessica from Atlanta for writing: "Surprise MVP: Charlie Swan and the other humans, who brought the light-heartedness and playfulness back into what could have been a full-on angst fest. Charlie’s character, though barely present through the book, is brought to the forefront a little more in the movie, and his reactions and discomfort at learning how to deal with a teenage daughter are hilarious and ring true."

Jessica also takes issue with folks who say too much was changed from the book: "True fans will be pleased that much of the dialog and voice-over from Bella is verbatim or paraphrased from the book; yes, it’s cheese-tastic, but that’s a large part of the appeal.  Where else can someone get away with saying 'And so the lion fell in love with the lamb…'?"

Tara from Hadley, Mass., misses "crucial one-line moments that could have been in the movie that would have helped develop the intensity of their relationship some more. Like when they are at the piano, that is when Bella finds out that Edward wrote her a lullaby. Him telling her and playing for her is pretty significant. It comes up a lot in their relationship throughout the series."

And then there's Nicole Marcks, who had a "Twilight"-themed wedding. She says: "It wasn't perfect, but it was so much dang fun. Moments of the uber-sincere performances edged on over-the-top, but honestly, with a crowd of 'tween-types squealing every time Robert Pattinson gave a smolder, it was hard to tell whether or not the environment was gilding the acting lily."

.... And with that, the Countdown signs off. But never fear, there will be plenty more "Twilight" coverage as news breaks. Keep the reviews coming in through the comments below. I'm always up for a healthy debate.


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-- Denise Martin

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I think that the movie was good. I hate that people are complaining that the movie wasnt exactly like the book it wuld b so boring and too long! im happy with the outcome and only the die hard fans wuld understand that on the budget that they have its the best that they could do. the budget will b bigger nxt time so then the movie will improve. This is like the harry potter stuff people critized that movie and its like the biggest movie/book like ever. not everyone liked it, the movies have gotten better, and people like them, graphics r great soooo. just deal alright! some of us out there enjoyed the movie and are tired of people putting it down. Like the breaking dawn mayb stop puting ur hopes so high!

41 years old. followed the vampire lestat in the 90's thought interview with a vampire movie was true the to ann rice novel just would have cast pitt as lestat,have now read all twilight books and just got back from the movie,the movie fell way short of the book was very dissapointed. hollywood's edward just didnt fit the bill he did't even come close to the fictional charecter in the books. hollywood could have done better casting and so much more.

omg the movie was so awesome...i mean i no some ppl thought they were going to write the script exactly like the book but come on any book ever brought to life on the big screen is just based off of it they cant put every little line in the movie....i was mad tho that they took out the rocking chair and the blood type scene...props to kristen stewart she did such a good job when james had to bite her...idk if anyone else could have pulled it off like she did..and robert pattinson was so cute when he said im going to make it go away or something like that...i also liked the ending when victoria came back that just gave me goosebumps it sorta had that oh know u didnt feel to it...oh and dont even get me started about the music =] so awesome
great movie overall cant wait till #2

Oh, fandom. The world where critical analysis of film is immediately dismissed by the foaming-mouthed fangirls. Obviously, anyone with any reason to dislike your primary text only does it to make you unhappy. Sigh.

I saw the movie with my 14 year old daugher and her three girlfriends. It was great! I teased them on how they giggled and screamed every time Edward appeared on the screen, but the thruth is, I was loving it too! (I tried not to scream too loud...LOL!) My daughter made me read the book and since then, I been in love with Edward. The movie has a little bit of action, comedy and the best part...romance!
I hope the screen writers make Bella more likable, more relaxed and have her smile more in the next movie. I kept thinking why would he want to spend time with her, she always seemed to be "constipated":

Where do we start?!! the biology scene.... what can we even say about this??? It was OVERdramatic... he's not supposed to look CRAZY, he's supposed to look mean and uncomfortable. instead, he makes a rather humorous attempt at showing how much he can't stand to smell Bella. in general, the movie was inCREDibly hilarious, and NOT in a good way... so many of the scenes were OVERacted and campy that the plot of the movie turned from a sweeping romance into a parody-like comedy. it seemed like they tried to make it into some sort of a horror movie, with all of these complicated shots that were from up, down, all around, and frankly unnecessary. and OMG the editing was incredibly flawed... for example, the scene where Jacob is talking about the legends and there are his ancestors/wolf people running around with WOLF HATS and spears... is that supposed to be a WEREWOLF??!! because I'm pretty sure that they would NOT be wearin those WOLF HATS!!!! and we realize that there was a limited budget, but what they SHOULD have done was pay robert and kristen less money (because, let's face it, they REALLY ruined the characters of edward and bella...) and put MORE money into the special effects fund. OR get rid of some of the unnecessary fight scenes which actually added more comic relief. and the climbing up the trees, and the fake flying like a 1970's Superman was utterly hilarious. (though probably not meant to be...) oh and probably the biggest let down of the entire movie was the meadow scene.... OH WAIT it WASN"T in the film... instead they replaced it with the "FOREST SCENE" where edward is bouncing all around with incredibly choppy camera angles and semi-hilarious faces (could his eyes GET any bigger??!!!... on a similar topic, his eyes throughout most of the film resembled Katrina-stink-eye from Juno... you know you saw that too...) so then edward DRAGS bella up the mountain... and I'm pretty sure that he would never have been so violent with her.. I mean hello, she's like FRAGILE... so then he tries to show her what he looks like, and not only is the sparkling skin the result of horrible special effects, but there are SOUND EFFECTS!!!!!! WTF???!!!! I'm pretty sure that his sparkly skin did NOT have sound effects... and the "makeout scene"... are you KIDDING me??!!! they did NOTTTT get all hot and heavy in the book, yet somehow he's able to go all hot and heavy on her bed while she is only wearing UNDERWEAR????!!!! totally messed up the POINT of all the love scenes, which is to demonstrate how FRAGILE and BUBBLE-LIKE bella is, and how they develop a DEEPER connection first, not a PHYSICAL one... oh and they REALLY messed up charlie... the actor did do a good job, but the CHARACTER was NOT the real charlie!!!! charlie is quiet, and meek, and shy, not a dad that would hike a rifle when his daughter said she's bringing home her boyfriend OR yell at tyler in the hospital, telling him that he's about to LOSE HIS LICENSE!!!! at the same time, there were a few small things that we did like about the film. Alice, for example was very well-cast and she played her character flawlessly. also, Jasper was actually rather humorous, although whether that was the intention, we'll never know... yet he had the faces down perfectly. and the last dance scene was very cute and fairly accurate... and then just when we thought they had ended the movie right, VICTORIA pops up at the PROM!!!!! WHOAH???!!! like we totally thought that was the beginning of another movie, and frankly, it kind of ruined the ending... so all in all, the movie was way over-hyped and incredibly campy. overdramatic is a pretty good way to describe it. if you have any loyalty whatsoever to the true story of twilight, you will undeniably be disappointed. peace out.

You can't expect the movie to be exactly like the books. It says its based off the movie, so its going to be a little diffrent. She had 40 million dollars so you have to give her credit for such a good well-performed movie with that much money. Also, You cant have every little scene from the book put into a movie, that would make the movie about 5 hours long! I think she did a fantastic job.

And to the person who complained about the script not being exactly like the books, Do you see Harry Potter books having the same exact lines in the movie? uh.. no.

The movie was also a good laugh and the angles the movie was filmed at were very unique. Not to mention, Robert played Edward amazingly. I can't wait for the rest of the films!

I have mixed emotions about the movie. So Ill start off with the good. They stayed pretty true to the book. I was impressed by how many of the quotes they used. Plus they kept many scenes to the best they could. Sure some scenes were gone and were replaced but hey thats hollywood, I think they did a good job with all the new scenes. Plus the casting was wonderful everyone was great. I espeically fell in love with Eric! omgosh I totally wanna date him he rocks! I was also impressed how they kept in comedy also. Emmetts charatcer was awesome and of course so was Eric!
On the down side. The whole movie felt sort of rushed. Each scene that was suppose to be I would think atleast like 5 minutes were like 1 minute! Espeically the ending when Jasper and Alice and Bella are in the hotel the whole thing was like 2 minutes and that was what really led up to the action and I wanted to see Bellawrite the note to Edward cause you see then how hard it was for her to write that and how much she loved him. Also the movie was suppose to be romantic/action. really I saw more comedy in the whole movie. Many of the lines were cheesy and I couldnt help laugh when they said the lion and lamb quote! But i dont think its the actors fault, Im used to seeing it how I want it said and hearing it said outloud in a different way made me giggle. I also feel like we didnt get a lot of the cullens. They also made Edwards character much more..intense, like in the biology room in the begging when he put his hand over his mouth it shouldnt have been like that it was way to obvious.
Overall I give the movie a B+ and in start I would give it a 3, mostly becuase of the rushing which I know they had to make over 500 pages into a movie but they still could have made it seem less rushed. Plus I could bearly tell edward glittered and yes I know its hard to do that too but still idk. If they were to make a sequel to New Moon I would go see it cause they would probabley have a bigger buget and maybe it will improve, plus Twilight is my favorite book. Will I go see it again, yes. Because I want enough money raised for them to make New Moon.

I didnt expect too much from twilight because i knew that will have ruined it for me i like Breaking Dawn the movie was good it was really funny i know it was rushed and the special effects weren't great but it was a low budget film so i wont judge and at least they made a movie because, i remember how the cast and crews were strugling to finish it they went through a lot of things Catherine almost gave up but she saw us and that gave her hope. So apreciate people not everyone gets what they want.

I am a fan of all 4 twlight books, so I was very excited to see the movie. I left the theatre very dissapointed. I thought the filming was awful, the closeups were too close and the make-up was bad! All I could see was lipstick, eyebrow pencil, and white makeup lines. The chemistry between Edward and Bella seemed forced. Kristen Stewart looked uncomfortable and self concious delivering alot of here lines. And Robert had quit a few over acted moments as well. Example- biology class. I was not convienced that Bella and Edward were in love, especially since they never said it to each other. Kristen and Robert physically looked the part but failed miserably to portray Edward and Bella's love and connection. The depth of these two characters went no deeper than smoldering glares and long gazes captured from across a room. The movie failed to capture and portray the excitement and feelings of first love. I really hope that Kristen and Robert recieve some good acting direction between now and the next movie. This movie was painful to watch.

SUMMIT, PLEASE REDEEM YOURSELVES. You owe Rob, Kristen, the fans, and especially Stephenie BIG TIME. PLEASE get a new director and a new writer!!! PLEASE!!! Hardwicke and Rosenberg have not given the first one justice. It's clearly not just a budget issue. Note to all: If they mess up New Moon as well please don't support the movie. Don't give the studio your money if they will just end up INSULTING the intelligence and credibility of the fans, the author, and Robert and Kristen. PLEASE, SUMMIT, FOCUS ON TELLING A GREAT STORY!!! GET THE ESSENCE OF THE BOOKS. GET A NEW INTELLIGENT WRITER AND MORE EXPERIENCED DIRECTOR!!! Please don't embarrass yourselves and show the world that you have some integrity, not just out to make bucks out of rubbish films to overly gracious consumers.

The movie definitely had its good points and bad points, but overall it was a hit. Most of the cast fall into the good category. I also liked the fact that they tried to stay true to the book. You have to give the makers of the film credit for that--It couldn't have been easy jamming 500 pages of book into a two hour film, but they tried. The special effects were horrendous though. It would have been better to leave them out than to leave them like that. I don't know what was worse, the wire work of the glitter bomb they hit Rob with. What made me happiest was that they left out the cheesiest line in the book--"Friends don't let friends drive drunk." I extend my thanks to whoever made that decision.

The only word I can think of to describe this movie is awkward. The acting was awkward. Bella and Edward? Come on! When she first walked into the biology class--> His face screamed "I'm Constipated" not "Your blood smells tantalizingly good- it's just my flavor of heroin" and oh my god the makeup? they all looked gay. I KNOW they're supposed to be pale and whatever, but it can't be obvious that they're wearing makeup. My only question was How much eyeliner was used per day of shooting? Every scene between Bella and Edward was just SO awkward. They didn't act madly and irrevocably in love- they acted like they were about to rip each other's clothes off. And I don't care if Edward was supposed to sparkle, he looked like they rolled him in glue and dumped a bucket of glitter on him. Not to mention the special effects were particularly bad, but that had nothing to do with the acting, directing, screenwriting, or filming. The camera work was AWFUL! I felt dizzy, and not in a good way. The fight scene in the ballet studio? not even gonna go there. The baseball scene? laughable. But the BEST part in the whole movie. They're in Edward's room. Sexual Tension could be cut with a knife. Or was that just they're lack of chemistry? Then "Hold on tight SPIDERMONKEY" ???? best. line. ever. Who the hell thought that would be a good line, cause I'm pretty sure that there are like 12 billion other obsessed teenage girls that thought that line was stupid. Or is that just me. And the running up trees and jumping from limb to limb. Oh my god. I laughed. Along with the rest of the theatre. I'm waiting for some news report being like "I'm so sorry folks, that Twilight was a directors cut they made as a joke, they didn't actually MEAN to release it in theaters. The real one should be coming out soon" And maybe I'm a bitter, hardened to the world and all sensitivity, 14 year old girl who just happened to hate the twilight books, but the best part in the whole movie was when Bella left her dad. Not because it was funny, but because it was the only part of the movie that was decently acted and didn't make me want to squirm. Or puke. Now folks, I've seen "The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking" and it didn't make me nauseous like this movie did. It had alot of potential, it really did, but what the hell was up with it? The obvious attempts at comedy "Her name's Bella, of course she likes italian food" had the whole theatre of idiots screaming laughter. But the funniest line in the whole movie "So the lion fell in love with the lamb... what a stupid lamb. What a sick masochistic lion" Had the theatre screaming laghter too... at the actors, not with them. And not to contradict any teenyboppers or risk death or anything, but Rob Patterson was HORRID! his acting HORRID. his attempt at portraying the beautiful and amazing and perfect Edward Cullen. ATROCIOUS. However he did succeed at being beautiful. But not as beautiful as Jacob Black--> that guy is freakin' AMAZING. but I have to go with TEAM MIKE. not like I'm making fun of any of the girls showing up in t-shirts with Edward's name on them or anything. I mean, who doesn't love a guy who knows his way around a sporting goods shop. That's real manlyness

i saw the movie with four of my girlfriends twice back to back and we were speechless(in a good way). i thought it was brillant given such a small budget. and kristen stewart is absolutely the perfect bella.
i know so many twilighters have high expectations and then get angry when it doesnt meet your standards..but really? what did you expect?? it's never going to be the vision that we all INDIVIDUALLY have in our mind. (i.e. breaking dawn)
as i was sitting in the movie my friend lend in and said " thats nothing the way i pictured charlie"...i said "hm. thats exactly how i pictured him"..noone had the same idea..thats why the book is soo loved. we create the world and the perfect edward and we see ourselves as bella.

point is: it may not have been perfect for you. but i suggest you go into the movie with a realization that this is an ADAPTION from book to film. it won't meet your expectations.

overall. the movie was amazing. ill be seeing it again. the actors did a fantastic job.

(note: I'm not a tween. I'm a 34-year-old college professor, so my reveiw won't have the whining you've seen from some tweens).

This movie was great! My sister and I went into the theater expecting it to be, but keeping ourselves grounded for two reasons: 1) no movie based on a book is as good as the book (especially when that book is told in first-person POV~note: very hard to translate to a movie!) and 2) we'd already been burned by Eragon two years ago and were worried about this film having the same outcome.

As soon as the movie started, my fears were erased. The soundtrack (score) is fantastic and totally set the mood (I'm going to preorder the score). The voice-over was something I didn't expect but loved when it did the exact same thing that was in the book (circled around). The young man next to me complained about missing football so he could accompany his wife, but that didn't stop him from laughing at the comic scenes, enjoying the action scenes (the baseball game was awesome) and not uttering one word of complaint (aloud) after the film started.

You can see Catherine Hardawicke's love for Twilight in the film because she did as much as she could to make it fantastic despite the low-budget she had. Some have accused Melissa Rosenburg of not being a fan, but I'm positive she is because she expressed that she wanted to handle Twilight with upmost care, that she didn't want to "kill" Stephenie's child and the fans' beloved book. She was pleased when "Stephenie expressed how much she loved the screenplay" she said. That's good enough for me.

If you haven't gone to this and you love Twilight, hurry and go before all tonight's tickets sell out. If you go into it expecting it to overshadow the book, you'll be disappointed. Go into the theater expecting the movie to be a movie (mind you, a movie with a smoking hot kiss scene, great action, and good storyline). If you do, you'll love it.

I loved it. I thought many of the changes that were made helped make the movie better. Obviously everyone has their own favorite moments from the book that may not have made it into the movie, but the essence of the book is there and was portrayed beautifully by Kristen and Rob. Also, I thought that visually much of the movie was beautiful especially the scene in the woods.

I love the movie and will hopefully be able to see it again. Though I wish the scenes were longer I think they did a good job for a $40 million budget and I can't wait for New Moon!!!

I loved the movie Twilight. Of course it was not an exact replica of the book but the movie did incorporate the major scenes. My only complaint is the Meadow Scene. WHAT HAPPENED? I mean, I find it odd that the director and the screenwriter portrayed this scene as a point of disgust on Edward's personal view and not a sacred part of the relationship between Bella and Edward. I was repulsed by how the scene was twisted. This scene was the dream by the author Stephenie Meyer. This scene created the whole series. Why twist this MAJOR part of the book? I t doesn't make sense. The Meadow Scene is a critical point in the book for the relationship of Bella and Edward because he shows her his true beauty. But, in the movie, the Meadow Scene is a point in which Edward shows what he belives portrays him as the monster he supposedly is. Other than this scene I feel that the Twilight movie was a comedy/romance that can be enjoyed by both young adults and older adults.

The movie was good...after i saw it the second time. I still am not happy with the feeling of being rushed through the building of the relationship. (it is a love story). The baseball scene was the best...probably because it seemed right out of the book. I really wish they had utilized the cast more (the Cullens). Two issues for me: Victoria at the prom (no way would that have happened: Edward can read minds and Alice can see the future) and the loss of the meadow scene (the one part of the book I thought they would keep intact since it was such a turning point in the relationship).

Will probably see it one more time.

Oh and mentioning Jasper's extra power would have been nice...as well as an I love you between E & B...

I agree. It should have been better. I have no problem with the cast they nailed their roles. They're all great. I also didn't mind the changes made in the movie.

But man! The director is another story. She needs to review on how to deal with scenes. SHE'S A FREAKING CUT TO CUT MANIAC! The pacing was too fast and there's no continuity in some scenes. And majors scenes were not really given any importance (like the others said) the meadow scene and Bella's visit to the Cullens.

--> There's a scene that Edward is telling Bella about what happened, there's a flashback and then the next scene its raining. Edward & Bella were both soaked.Then back to the flashback again and then BOOM! Edward & Bella were back on the first scene, all dry and sunny. She should have noticed that!!!

I hope New Moon would be get a better treatment.

I havent seen the movie yet but i read all the books more than once and now i can only hope that the movie is just k=like the book in EVERY SINGLE WAY people have told me thats not true and that they switched things around and if thats true than i will be one un happy custormore and i will just have to stick with the bookis GO TEMA EDWARD!!!!!!!

The only major problem I had with the movie was that because there is so much detail to put into the story, 2 hours wasn't enough. The Edward / Bella relationship felt as though it went from "hi I'm Edward" to "I can't live without you" in the blink of an eye. The whole relationship felt rushed, as though the creaters knew they had too much material to put into a 2 hour movie. Still - movies are never as good as books because it is so difficult to put the little details on the screen such as thoughts and feelings. I'm just glad that they actually made a movie, and hope they keep making then next three because I will watch them all. I wonder if I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't read the books first? I'd love to see Stephenie Meyer write a couple of more books in the series based on the Alice/Jasper and Emmett/Rosalie stories.

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