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'Twilight' Countdown: Will the sequels get made?

4 days left...


As many of you read on Friday, my former colleague and pal Steven Zeitchik at the Hollywood Reporter wrote a story about Summit Entertainment ramping up development on the next two films in the "Twilight" franchise:

The company has acquired rights to the next three novels in Stephenie Meyer's blockbuster vampire series and has hired "Twilight" scribe Melissa Rosenberg to pen scripts based on "New Moon" and "Eclipse," the second and third books, respectively.

Rosenberg has said that she would adapt anything Meyer writes and sources tell the Countdown that, in fact, she is already at work condensing "New Moon" into a feature-length script.

The movie's director Catherine Hardwicke told Entertainment weekly that "Twilight" would have to gross $150 million for the studio to give a sequel the go. ''This has to be a crazy hit,'' she said. ''Nobody can say that it can do that well right now.''

To put that in some perspective, the most recent "Harry Potter" film ("Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix") grossed more than $292 million in the United States alone. And the lowest-grossing of the franchise ("Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban") made almost $250 million in the U.S.

But the Potter movies are also considered family films, which appeal to a larger broader audience. A better comparison might be the female-skewing "Sex and the City," which in spite of its R rating made more than $152 million domestically.

It's not clear whether or not Hardwicke meant $150 million total (in the U.S. and abroad), but do you think "Twilight" can hit that mark? Is it a slam dunk? Are you planning to see the movie more than once to make sure "New Moon" will be brought to life?

Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Come back tomorrow to read my exclusive interview with Stephenie Meyer, who talked about missing face time with her fans, debating Edward with star Robert Pattinson, and which scene from the "Twilight" book she asked to have added to the movie.

***A note to fans in the Los Angeles Area: Today (Sunday, Nov. 16) Twilight Live and Twilight Series Theories will be hosting a live podcast from inside the Westwood Borders (1360 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA). Wristbands ensuring access will be handed out when the store opens at 10 a.m. so get there early. Actors Peter Facinelli (Carlisle), Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) and Michael Welch (Mike) will be on hand. The event itself begins at 1:30 p.m. with a concert by the Twilight Music Girls.

Catch up on past Countdown interviews: Robert Pattinson (Parts 1, 2 and 3), Kristen Stewart, director Catherine Hardwicke (Parts 1 and 2), screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, Peter Facinelli, Edi Gathegi and Taylor Lautner.

-- Denise Martin

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Photo: Fans wait for "Twilight" stars Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed at Hot Topic in the Garden State Plaza on November 14, 2008 in Paramus, New Jersey. Credit: WireImage

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Twilight is going to rock the world Im sure it will make more that $150 mill. ome im about to go see it right now!!!!

Breaking dawn was the best book for me I cried and i did in all the others too if u were true twlight fans you would support twilight some of you are like 'oh breaking dawn will be horrible blah blah blah' well did you even read the ->book <- correctly? it was awesome so i dont know what you guys are talking about

i just took my gf to see this movie, i read the books, she hadnt. i can honestly say some parts of the movie people laughed at that werent meant to be funny, and also, the special effects were low, you could tell it was a low budget film. but never the less, i enjoyed it and want them to continue, however with better people doing the spfx, maybe they can afford it with the success of twilight

To start I want to say any other dudes like me that think its too girly its not. It was really cool even for a guy. Twilight will make the 150 mil mark. I saw it tonight. It was awesome and the premiere theater was full. It was sooo full we had tro sit in the front row with our naecks completely burning with pain staring upward. I really enjoyed the movie. I read the books and the moveie was just awesome. You should see it.

alright, today is the 21st. Opening day for twilight in the united states. I went this evening with a 3 friends to see it. i walked in at 5 and every show had been sold out since noon until midnight,.. IN ADVANCE. my theater had approximately 20 showings all day in 250 person+ theaters. at 12 dollars a ticket i dont think they will have any trouble making enough cash for a sequel. We got lucky because as we walked in i said to one of my friends that it sucked that we couldnt see it and a woman approached us and said she had four extra tickets and gave them to us for 10 dollars. we were able to see it and it was a very good movie. there were parts that were a little altered from the book and a couple that could have been fixed up a bit but all in all the movie itself was great. it was a little girly and al the teenaged girls screaming and ooh-ahhing everytime edward came on screen was a little obnoxious but it wasnt unbearable. The three of us are all on the football team and we still loved it. They leave it WIDE open for a sequel anyways at the end. not going to give any spoilers but IF they were to decide not to make the sequel, EVERY viewer would be very upset due to the way the movie ends.

The twilight book series is very detailed about the emotional bonds between the characters and it is very hard to portray that on film leaving it vulnerable to unintenionally funny parts and scenes of awkwardness, but as isaid, it didnt detract from the movie it more or less added to it

i give the movie a 4.5 out of 5 easy.

amazing movie

My Girlfriend is obsessed with these books. last night she took me to see the movie and for a guy who hates chick flicks and hated those books. i have to admit the movie really wasnt that bad. although its romantic the fight scenes have amazing graphic effects and the intense emotion really got me going the whole movie. im not so sure about the sequel but i have a feeling the box office is going to be around harry potter.

ok..... i have my doubts on the new moon making cause i keep on checking on the internet like know to know how much it made..........and OME it made $7 million in it's FIRST HOUR!!!!!!
I'll be watching it like gazilions of time. And i'll be sleeping over night to get the DVD and twilight guide coming soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They just announced that they ARE going to make the NEW MOON MOVIE...so hahaha to all you haters out there. Anyway, Twilight was great and I thought that they did a really good job with the resources they had. I don't understand how people expect a movie to be EXACTLY like the book...please...be real....it was wonderful. Robert and Kristen were amazing...no one better for those roles at all...perfection to the max!

I love how people keep saying that it is all young girls who will see this....I saw the movie twice... the first time it was a theater full of Housewives...they were all in their 40's...going to the movie while the kids were in school...the second time it was a theater full of everyone from young, young children to seniors...they profile the fans into such an acute population, when in reality it is all across the board.

If they don't make the sequels i'm gonna cry.

I very very much hope that Twilight will gross more than $150 million. I have been a fan of the books since they first came out and am a co-president of my high school's Twilight fan club. I know that teen girls will make up most of the movie's fanbase--you go, girls! Twilighters forever!--but really think that the books are growing to appeal to a broader audience. There are guys in my fan club. I attended the movie Friday night with a group of eleven--four of which were guys.
I encourage all Twilighters to go out and see the movie multiple times. Come on. Harry Potter? That lame wizard was never as hot as Edward Cullen! I saw the movie Thursday night in a ten o'clock prescreening with my boyfriend, on Friday with the group, and am planning to go Saturday night with my parents and sister. Sunday I have plans to see it yet again with three friends who were unable to go Friday night. That's four times in four days! But I can't convince Summit and Catherine Hardwicke to make New Moon the movie on my own. I'm calling on the rest of the Twilighters here, because I know we can do this. We can show the entertainment industry that J.K. Rowling is not queen. We can make people forget about Bolt and Quantum of Solace. We can make the box office respect the teenage girl demographic like they never have before. Everyone has underestimated us. Now let's go out and show them all! Seeing Twilight ten times is not excessive!

There will be new moon its predicted to be out 2010 woo class of 2010!! .... who knows about bd tho umm it will be cool if they make it.. And about only girls see the movie its not true I went to the midnight show I got there at 10 pm and it was already sold out there was teachers, couples, single guys girls, moms, dads I didn't see little kids tho under 11 oh and it was funny cos there was a grandma wearing team edward shirt lol the movie was great I loved it tho my cousin didn't but she's just a hater . Yeah the only thing I didn't like was stupid annoying girls kept ohhing and awwing everytime edward would come out or jacob and they just kept cheering for everything it was really annoying cos I couldnt hear sometimes what they said but other than that it was great ill probably go again later so I can watch it in peace

okayyy i saw the movie and thought it was amazin! i mean at first i thought wat the hell? but thts because i had HIGH expectations for a movie that was low budget, independent, and not expecting to be a known by the entire world! i thought they did a great job for wat they were given. i hope they do make all of the other books into movies. i read SM rough draft of Midnight Sun- from edwards point of view and it was absolutely AMAZING. i mean if breaking dawn is made into a movie (which it prbly will) tht doesnt mean its the last book or movie. It may just end in Bellas perspective. i mean SM already wrote half of Midnight Sun in Edwards point of view before the whole publishing thing happend which i think was the most hurtful thing you could do just by the way! I hope she does finish that book and continue on either in Edwards point of view or Nessie's.

and this whole thing about only girls are the audience is absurd!!!!!!!! i mean like other people above me ahve said, boyfriends, husbands, and friends have read these books to and are obsessed as much as girls are too! give it a break already.

I loved the twilight film, but like alot of people say it was different from the book and I think that Robert could've acted more overprotective and Kristen more careless like they were in the book, but all in all it was a good movie. I hope they do make New Moon exceptionally better though.....

i had a really hard time getting into the book but after seeing my mom of all people read a book and wanting to keep going till the end it made me really interested, so i decided to read the first book before going and seeing the movie open night and i couldn't wait till i got to the next book. i have seen the movie twice now and hoping to go see it agian soon.

Twilight was a FANTASTIC movie. If they don't make the sequels I may never go to the theatre again. I keep hearing peolpe complain that it was such a low budget film...WHO CARES. The story line is what matters, and it is fantastic. The actors were great and I am sooooooo thankful that they stuck to the book and didn't add any Hollywood fluff. I thought it was perfect and will probably see it again in theatre. By the way, my 9 year old son loved it too...he wants to be Edward!!!!

i went to see it twice

I enjoyed twilight. I love the books and I'm glad the movie did some justice to it. But seriously the annoying screaming girls that would clap and have seizures every time Edward would come on screen was a major distraction and kind of ruined the movie for me. But I'm going to go see it again once the crowds settle down

OMG they have to make the sequels! I love the books so much that I bought every one of them and i reread them! The way the first movie followed the book so well, they will have no trouble pulling in $150 million if not more- way more! I love the Harry Potter series, but this one is so much better! If you read the books or watch the movie, you will find yourself fallin in love with Edward Cullen, which is why so many teenage girls are going to want to see it over and over. Not only that, but the cast members will appeal to both girls and guys- if you no what i mean! but, for me, it's not just that, it's the story line- it's a cross between romeo and juliet, harry potter (fantasy), and modern day life. I love it! they have to make the sequels- everyone will be wanting more and more if they see the movie- i have already seen it 3 times!

I'ts been a while since somthing exciting happend in the thearter. People where waiting for this movie for a long time. People are itching for the others to come out.....Come on make it awsome!!! the first one was:)

I've personally watched this movie more than 5 times and i pray to god they do make the sequels cause i just have to know what happens next. i know that they can make twice as much money than harry potter's movie and if any thing if the sequels are anything as good as the first they'll make triple of what they did the first time i pray they do make the sequels i really can't wait till the next movie comes out

I'm begging that they will make the sequel!!!!!!! :)

People at my school where mad becuase they didn't put EVERY SINGLE DETIAL FROM THE BOOK IN THE MOVIE, but I tried to tell them it would make better sence if they read the book first and plus it would be to LONG if they did.

Twilight Rules :)

I will scream out loud if New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn aren't made. I read all the books and now I'm totally in LOVE with Robert Pattinson!!!

I love this movie! I've already seen it twice and wish i could see it again. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I so hope they come out with the sequels. ( OH and about the Twilight series being better than the Harry Potter Series) Its way better than Harry Potter, i mean in the Harry Potter series i kinda got bored at certain points but with Twilight i couldn't put the book down. Oh! and about only girls seeing it. I have a friend who's a guy and he was reading the book even before me! So guys read the book and go see the movie!


I think they have to do the sequels. I mean, everybody who reads the books will watch it in theater.
When there are doing "new moon" and "eclipse", they should make "breaking dawn", too.
If they aren't do it there is an "open ending".. (and they will have more money when there are doing the sequels)

okay.. but I would look the sequels... not only one time..

PS: I'm from Germany and there was every day in every presentation only 5 seets or less left... and that were big presentation-rooms



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