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'Twilight' Countdown: Will the sequels get made?

4 days left...


As many of you read on Friday, my former colleague and pal Steven Zeitchik at the Hollywood Reporter wrote a story about Summit Entertainment ramping up development on the next two films in the "Twilight" franchise:

The company has acquired rights to the next three novels in Stephenie Meyer's blockbuster vampire series and has hired "Twilight" scribe Melissa Rosenberg to pen scripts based on "New Moon" and "Eclipse," the second and third books, respectively.

Rosenberg has said that she would adapt anything Meyer writes and sources tell the Countdown that, in fact, she is already at work condensing "New Moon" into a feature-length script.

The movie's director Catherine Hardwicke told Entertainment weekly that "Twilight" would have to gross $150 million for the studio to give a sequel the go. ''This has to be a crazy hit,'' she said. ''Nobody can say that it can do that well right now.''

To put that in some perspective, the most recent "Harry Potter" film ("Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix") grossed more than $292 million in the United States alone. And the lowest-grossing of the franchise ("Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban") made almost $250 million in the U.S.

But the Potter movies are also considered family films, which appeal to a larger broader audience. A better comparison might be the female-skewing "Sex and the City," which in spite of its R rating made more than $152 million domestically.

It's not clear whether or not Hardwicke meant $150 million total (in the U.S. and abroad), but do you think "Twilight" can hit that mark? Is it a slam dunk? Are you planning to see the movie more than once to make sure "New Moon" will be brought to life?

Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Come back tomorrow to read my exclusive interview with Stephenie Meyer, who talked about missing face time with her fans, debating Edward with star Robert Pattinson, and which scene from the "Twilight" book she asked to have added to the movie.

***A note to fans in the Los Angeles Area: Today (Sunday, Nov. 16) Twilight Live and Twilight Series Theories will be hosting a live podcast from inside the Westwood Borders (1360 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA). Wristbands ensuring access will be handed out when the store opens at 10 a.m. so get there early. Actors Peter Facinelli (Carlisle), Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) and Michael Welch (Mike) will be on hand. The event itself begins at 1:30 p.m. with a concert by the Twilight Music Girls.

Catch up on past Countdown interviews: Robert Pattinson (Parts 1, 2 and 3), Kristen Stewart, director Catherine Hardwicke (Parts 1 and 2), screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, Peter Facinelli, Edi Gathegi and Taylor Lautner.

-- Denise Martin

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Photo: Fans wait for "Twilight" stars Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed at Hot Topic in the Garden State Plaza on November 14, 2008 in Paramus, New Jersey. Credit: WireImage

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they have to make the sequels!!!

Twilight can EASILY make 150 million. I predict that within the first week it will make that much.

without a doubt Twilight will gross over $150 mil. That is a no brainer. I think they just don't want to jump the gun and have fans pissed if the sequels were to fall through. MTV did a special this weekend called Spotlight" were they talked to some of the cast members on a red carpet. To me...it sounded like T.L. let it slip that there would be sequels... JMO, but I know it will hit that mark.
I already bought my tickets for the 21st 2 weeks ago!!

If the movies are anything like the books, they're definitely going to be a huge hit. Even though the first movie hasn't been released yet, I'm already looking forward to all of the books being made into movies. They're too good to not want more!

It definitely will
make that amount.
Harry Potter hit that mark because it is GOOD.
Unlike Twilight.
And since only young teen girls, generally, will see it, that's a DRAMATICALLY smaller audience.

No sequels are coming, thank GODS.

All of this box-office talk makes me nervous and excited. There are days when I think Twilight will do decently, but that it won't live up to its hype. Then there are days when I feel certain that this WILL be a huge, huge hit. I'll definitely do my part by going and seeing it a handful of times...and taking my 3 sisters along with me.

am i alone in thinking that breaking dawn will NEVER become a movie?

"am i alone in thinking that breaking dawn will NEVER become a movie?"

I think so too.. maybe new moon will be a success but then it just go down.. if they continue with the low-budget those werewolf-effects will not look good..

breaking dawn would be a horrid movie! the birth scene? creepy cgi nessie? not to mention the final confrontation (and plot in general) would be so boring.

I'm going 6 times!!!! With a diffren t group of friends each time!!!!
No doubt in my mind that it's going to make{atleast} the 150 million they need to make the sequel. Especially since they're getting $200 from me opening weekend alone. {Not counting the times I'm gonna go during thanksgiving break!!!

I am confident that it will make enough money. But I am scared that because we all assume it will make enough money, nobody will go see it several times. If everyone did that it wouldn't make enough! I hope all fans go several times.

I love the books and I really hope the next three get made into movies!

I'm hoping it will make that much! I already have tickets for the midnight showing with two of my friends, and huge group of other people from my school are going midnight too--like at least ten people. i also have two tickets for friday night to see it with my mom. i hope they make all of the movies, but if they make breaking dawn they might have to pull a star wars thing and come back like a long time from now just so they have the right sort of technology to do it.

Twilight (and the sequels) are great stories. I am sure the movie is going to hit more than 150M. I will go as many times as possible.

I actually am hoping they DON'T make BD into a movie...I didn't like it that much...maybe it could end at Eclipse with Edward giving Bella the wedding ring?

While I am totally obsessed with books, I don't think the movie will be as good and hope they don't ruin the other three books by making them into movies! I will remain a loyal fan by going to see the movie (once) but definitely feel that the casting is all WRONG! I like the actors and feel that they have done a great job on other movies but they don't live up to the high standards that Stephanie Meyer has set forth in all four books, nor will they be able to find any actors to fit those standards.

I hope that Twilight will make $150 million and I am much looking forward to actually seeing the movie. I'm sad that Harry Potter fans are making such a big fuss about the next movie being bumped into next year. I'm sure they had their reasons; can't the public just be patient?! The movie will be worth the wait. Also, if you're going to post something negative, find another site...something like anti-Twilight, so that the people who do like to hear and write about the books/movie don't have to be interrupted by negativity. Get ready for Nov. 21!!!

i def think it will make 150 mil! the books have sold like crazy over the past few years there are people obsessed like myself i have all books red them all i have a robert p cutout as edward cullen posters shirts everything! im planing on seeing the movie every chance i get and im seeing it difrent days with difrent friends. I personally do not think it will be as good as the books though.. and i hope there will be sequals but if there going to do the sequals they need to have really good graphics and effects for the werewolfs and such maybe as good as the graphics in i am legend

I have read all four books, and am very excitied to see all of them on the big screen. I don't agree that the sequels will fail, take a moment and look around at the thousands of people reading the TWLIGHT series, or listen as people discuss them, it's amazing just how many people love this series and are extremely excited about the hope of seeing them all on the big screen. I honestly beleive that the TWLIGHT series will be a big success.

well...considering i read somewhere the twilight had sold out in around 500 theaters by the end of LAST week...i it has a pretty good shot of hitting the $150 mil marker.

Ok, if Sex and City which was geared at woman could make the 150 million Twilight should have no problem. This movie is speaking to a wider audience no matter what anyone thinks. Speaking as a straight married man with kids who is 29 years old, the books had me and I have reread all of them at least twice so I am sure I will see the movie more then I have read the book. In fact my daughter and I are seeing it twice on opening weekend cause that was what she wanted to do on our day out.

The other thing people keep forgetting is that IF only teenage girls go see this movie they will no be alone. Boyfriends will be involved, and if not then it will be a girls night. I also know plenty of guys, (college, teen and married)that are planning on going and lots of woman going out in groups too so there will be a large crowd besides girls there as well.

But we will have to see come monday when the numbers come in, I think everyone will be surprised - dropping $25 for a book no problem for teens with expendable money, so $8-$10 for movie tickets to see a book they love on the screen totally worth it.

I am inclined to agree with you tlodean...I am 26 and married and my husband is almost addicted to the books as I am...as well as my mother and sisters cousins...we as a group are all going with significant others to see the movie on Friday...and my husband and I are hitting the movie again on Saturday for date night....Now my dad and brother in law haven't read the book but they are going because my mom and sis are going as well as my husband and sisters boyfriend who have read the books and love them...my husband is on the road for work alot and bought the series on cd so he could listen to them when he was driving...there is no doubt in my mind that the sequels will be made and I am really hoping that they do make breaking dawn a movie because I am interested to see how that turns out...and in light of all the complaining about the possibility of BD being made into a movie and the anti-climatic ending of that book I would like to remind yall that Breaking Dawn is not definitely the last book in the story....only the last book from Bella's perspective...so that may not be the final ending for our beloved story after all...only the end from one character's point of view....SM has said in articles that she may choose to pick up the story from someone else's side could be anyone but she was leaning towards Nessie or Leah I believe...can't remember exactly where I read it or heard it or whatever but I do know it was in an interview...

I have absolutely no doubt the sequels will be made. This movie is going to SCORE! I'm a 54 yo RN and this book is sweeping through my hospital right now. Adult RN's CNA's Resp Therapists, etc are reading it. If I take the book out anywhere I get comments on it by other women. It's not just for young adults. Friday a group of 5 of us are going to see it. One in her 20's, one in her 30's, me in my 50's and two in their 60's. The 7pm shows on Friday are pretty much sold out already all over Phoenix. It's going to be HUGE! Plus. People are going to see them repeatedly because all the girls are in love with Edward. Girls of all ages. The bar has been set much higher for boyfriends all around America!

hey, in every theatre in my state the midnight tickets were sold out within 20 min. i dont think anyone has anything to worry about, all te movie theatres are booked up for weeks

i think twilight will hit that $150mil mark.

in my school (all-girls), nearly every girl is reading or has read it and are planning to go watch it at the cinema with friends and BFs.

i believe that it does reach out to a wider audience than sex and the city...i have girls in my school that ave ever read an entire book, let alone an entire series and they have all finished the twilight series

my sis is taking me to see it and i cant wait
i have to wait until december 13th though...

and to those negative people who dont like the series, no one is forcing you to watch the series...there are plenty of other movies to watch

I love the series, except for the end of Breaking Dawn, I really was into it , the author built up the excitement and climax at the end, and then nothing happened! It was over, I understand where and why she went in that direction with the story but it was disappointing, but only one part in one book isn't going to ruin the series for me, I'm pretty sure even the so called die hard fans have different views of scenarios they wish would of played out differently, but alas to the question at hand, if the movie is good, and thru word of mouth, it will make $150 mil and thensome, otherwise it won't and the studio, unforunately for us fans, would be hard pressed to make the sequels.
P.S. And for all the other fans of other series like Harry Potter, who I love as well, you can't compare the series ' cause they may be in the same genre, fantasy, but the storylines are different, they are both great in different ways!

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