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Richard Verrier Bio

Richard Verrier is a Los Angeles Times reporter who covers labor and production issues in Hollywood and the exhibition industry.

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Re your article in the Times today. I, personally, won't see as many films that I know I would enjoy because of the time taken up with commercials. A local cinema has begun "$5 Tuesdays" - - I went last week and was barraged with 35 minutes of "commercials - coming shortlys, food and beverage commercials - I wanted to scream "let's get on with what I paid for, I can read the "coming shortlys" in the Times on Sundays.
Sincerely, Joyce Hargreaves

ypur article about the actors discussing the formation one union between sag and aftra was well written. i can suggest a title for the proposed new combination to be called straf, screen,telivision, radio fderation.

new name for combined actors union, screen, television,radio actors federation


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