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'Twilight' Countdown: Robert Pattinson and his vampire pals

20 days left...


As promised, here is the early edition of the paper's Sunday story on "Twilight." Times writer Gina McIntyre spent a sunny afternoon -- read: scorching hot at 100 degrees F -- with the actors who play three Cullen sibs: Robert Pattinson (Edward), Kellan Lutz (Emmett) and Nikki Reed (Rosalie).

She learned about Robert's "embarrassing" on-set injury...

For the movie's action sequences, the actors experimented with stunts and wire work, which Pattinson admits did not play to his strengths. "I got injured on the first shot of the first day," he said. "I wasn't even doing a stunt. I was just trying to pick up Kristen and I almost tore my hamstring because I hadn't been doing enough squats. It was very embarrassing."

...and what the boys did to wind down...

"When we did have those hard days," added Lutz, 23, "we would go back to Rob's room. He had a couple of guitars in there and a lot of great music. It was really fun being able to relax and have the cast come together, having that time just to bond and not really be actors but friends."

Rob_5Read the whole thing here, and leave your feedback below.

And I have more good news! I just confirmed that I will be talking to RPattz himself Election Day  Tuesday. I'd like to devote that Q&A strictly to the best questions I get from you guys, the fans. I won't be able to ask every single one submitted, but rest assured I'll select a most representative bunch. Once again, fire away!

Also, don't forget to check back in tomorrow to find out who won last Saturday's Caption This contest, and to participate in the next.

-- Denise Martin


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Are you aware of idiots on the web who infur from your scruffy dressing and heavy stubble/untidy hair that you must be taking drugs. Can you shut these idiots up once and for all and confirm your views on drug taking.

Note: Fans have to keep defending Rob on a number of sites so it would be good to get a definitive response (although I'm torn about flagging up this question as these idiots dont deserve the courtesy of a response). However I am tired of the stoned/cocaine comments.

Ohh and one more: How has he adapted to, or what does he think so far, of the American lifestyle? Or what he's seen/lived so far?

Which british actors does he admire?

Is he able to talk about the circumstances surrounding him being removed from his first theatre role in London e.g what was the reason and what did he learn from the experience.

Is he able to explain why he was expelled from school and again what impact that had on him.

He seems to have so many interests that fans wonder if that will affect his acting career (e.g wanting to write, his music etc). Does he think he needs to remain focused to be a successful actor?

Question to Rob:

I heard one of your favorite actors was Jack Nicholson and that there was a time you wanted to be and act like him. If you could re-do one of his movies what would it be and why?. Also, is there any anecdote or moment in your career that you tried to act like him?.

Question for Rob.

You went from anonymous actor to the hottest thing in Hollywood. You have teen and 20 something girls screaming your name and saying "I love you". I have heard you say you think it is because you play a character that they have become attached to. I can tell you first hand, for us mature women, that's not it.

My question is, How do you feel about the group of woman that are 30 years old and older that think you are just the sexiest man ever?

Question for Rob,
Rob you seem to have the ability to cause girls (and women) to swoon by a simple look. When did you realize that you possessed this power? Was it something you learned or have you always had this ability? If so how have you used it to your advantage?

A question to ask Rob:

Who as an actor, inspires you? What would be your favorite movie to play in or your favorite role to play?

You have a tremendous talent, I hope to see you in more films.

I hope you do ask a lot of new questions! Its seems in most interviews that the same questions are asked over and over and over again! We would love to know fresh stuff!

I have a few questions:
1- What is in your wallet? not cash...just other random stuff
2- Do you get a ton of fan mail, and if so, do you open it?
3- What is the coolest thing a fan has sent to you?
4- What is the strangest thing a fan has sent to you?

I don't send fan mail...but I am always curious what people do with it all and if they
even read it...or what they think about random strangers sending them stuff!

I have heard Robert say that the rising fame is great and talk about what he like to do in the future but what I would like to know is where he wants his personal life to be say in 10 years. Where does he want to be living,married, kids etc..

Question: Whats your most favorite thing to do when your alone, at home (here in LA or in England) and not working or promoting for your movies?

Angel ...xoxo

Before I tell you my questions for him, I want to ask you to please send him the best wishes from his fans, no matter what questions you will choose in the end. Please wish him nice holidays. I think that's even more important than the interview itself. He should know people are thinking about him and that we want the very best for him. He would want the same for us, I'm sure. Please thank him for everything he has done for us fans already. Please tell him we really appreciate it and don't take anything for guaranteed. Please send him our best regards and best wishes for the future. He deserves that.

My questions:
Well, most of the Twilight related questions have been asked already, so I don't want to bore anyone with that. But as a joke you could ask which blood type he has *lol* Maybe you could ask him where he sees himself in 5 years from now. That would be interesting to know. Maybe you could ask him which characters he would like to play in the future. Maybe you could ask him how he handles all the fame and screaming fangirls. Maybe you could ask him what he always wanted to tell his fans. I would like to know what he watches (TV, cinema), what songs he listens to and what sort of books he's reading (Maybe asking for his favourites would be a good way). I would like to know if he's still seeing his family every now and then. I would like to know how he handles to be so far away from home. I would like to know a bit more about upcoming projects, maybe just small character describtions (I don't really need names, if he's supposed to keep it a secret). I would like to know how the perfect girl for him should be like (What would his Bella be like?). Maybe you could ask him if he already knows about the latest fan driven projects (Does he know about Operation Plaid already and how does he feel about his fans doing something crazy like that for him?), Maybe you could ask him how an average day looks like for him. Maybe you could ask him how he feels about his fans saying they love him.

*Rob, you've been truly inspiring to people in your work and music. You bring so much heart in to all you do. Thank you for all your hard work. What advice can you give to those other artists out there? Anything you would like to tell your fanatic fans?

Thanks again,

I would like to know if he has any romance spark with kristen? how is he handling all the media and harrassment?

Is there anything that you hope to accomplish through your career success?

Questions for Rob:
-After playing more unusual parts in Little Ashes and How To Be, what drew you to the seemingly more mainstream character of Edward in Twilight?

-What is the ultimate role you would like to portray or type of movie you would like to be in?

Robert- if and, lets face it, when they make the next movies, what are you most excited to do? Any part in the books that is your favorite and you want to translate onto the screen?

You're awesome-much love

Hello Denise! Here is my question:

You have said that instead of becoming an actor you would have been a writer, what type of books would you write? Specific genre? Something similar to "Twilight" perhaps?

Thank You

Question for 'The Pattz':

What book or song would you say describes/relates how your life is going right now?

Was there a prankster on set!?

If you weren't actor what would be your choice of career?

Is he dating Camilla Belle?

With the little time you have lived here, you probably aren't registered to vote here. In the spirit of Election Day, who would you vote for?


Question for Rob (Dammit, someone ask this pleeeaaase):

This is more of an accusation then a question.

Admit it Rob .....The REAL reason why they ran out of honey flavored chicken, and had to switch to melted cheese [for the fight scene] was because YOU ate it all >:-D (lol!)

Question: Wat was it like on the first day of shooting and filming with the cast?

Okay there are lots of videos named "twilight parody" on internet which are filmed by obsessive fans like my bestfriend. She's spending her time on making these parodies, searching for the recently uploaded pictures and latest news. And actually she has sort of fans,too. I mean she got 2,o56 mails for her last video. I've wondered if robert pattinson has ever watched the videos twilight fans made?

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