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'Twilight' Countdown: Robert Pattinson and his vampire pals

20 days left...


As promised, here is the early edition of the paper's Sunday story on "Twilight." Times writer Gina McIntyre spent a sunny afternoon -- read: scorching hot at 100 degrees F -- with the actors who play three Cullen sibs: Robert Pattinson (Edward), Kellan Lutz (Emmett) and Nikki Reed (Rosalie).

She learned about Robert's "embarrassing" on-set injury...

For the movie's action sequences, the actors experimented with stunts and wire work, which Pattinson admits did not play to his strengths. "I got injured on the first shot of the first day," he said. "I wasn't even doing a stunt. I was just trying to pick up Kristen and I almost tore my hamstring because I hadn't been doing enough squats. It was very embarrassing."

...and what the boys did to wind down...

"When we did have those hard days," added Lutz, 23, "we would go back to Rob's room. He had a couple of guitars in there and a lot of great music. It was really fun being able to relax and have the cast come together, having that time just to bond and not really be actors but friends."

Rob_5Read the whole thing here, and leave your feedback below.

And I have more good news! I just confirmed that I will be talking to RPattz himself Election Day  Tuesday. I'd like to devote that Q&A strictly to the best questions I get from you guys, the fans. I won't be able to ask every single one submitted, but rest assured I'll select a most representative bunch. Once again, fire away!

Also, don't forget to check back in tomorrow to find out who won last Saturday's Caption This contest, and to participate in the next.

-- Denise Martin


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I would just like to know if Robert Pattinson actually does to drugs, and if he actually hates twilight like I've heard from alot of people.

Rob, just in case you have time to read this.... I just want to tell you to please keep your feet on the ground... enjoy every minute of this fame and attention but dont get yourself lost in this uncertainty...a lot of actors got hooked on drugs and stuff so I hope you remember who you were before you become famous....be well grounded.. Remember the persons who loved you ..the real you....you should also study and improve your craft. The fans... the glimmering lights will eventually fade and the fans easily forget. So i hope you take care of yourself. Yes you're too young... as of this moment and you dont want anything to do with children...there must be a reason behind it....but i hope you reconsider when you get old so there would be cute little versions of rob long when you're gone. Too serious eh! :)

It would be cool to know what kind of girls he goes for...older, younger, same age, looks, character, abilities, even spirituality and/or nationality (if he has any specific one) I hope someone gets to ask him that in an interview!

dear twighlte
I love the movie.i hope u gte this mesigeis lorah rillr frinch?if he is tell hem i said bla bla bla bla bla

love alyssa

I can't speak English. But I try to said something for u, rob. You kounw u make me smile again and agains. thank you for your smile rob!!

Which do you prefer? American girls or English girls?:]

Hi there, just a question for Robert,
I've heard that you are planning on doing something music-wise after or possibly even during the Twilight series (which by the way looks amazing, I couldn't picture anyone other than you playing Edward Cullen, and the posters are very hot I have to admit!).
Obviously, what with your acting and "ex-modelling" (I saw your interview with Hayley Williams from Paramore, it was really great to watch!) career so far you'll probably make it into the music industry quite easily,but how are you going to get there-? I love music too and it's pretty much the main part of my life. I can only really see myself doing one thing in the future- singing, but there are so many ways to get there, I wouldnt know where to start. I've been told many a time to go on some form of talent show like the X Factor or something, but it seems like a bit of a superficial way to get to the top if you see what I mean.
I think you played Edward Cullen in Twilight amazingly, he's one of those characters all of us girls fall for, and my friends and I cannot wait to see it tomorrow when it comes out here in the UK!! I think that the contact lenses are rather sexy (!), even if they do make portrtaying emothions hard which you and Kristen do so well.
It would be amazing for you and Hayley Williams to do a duet, and to hear more from you musically in the future.
Good luck with everything!!

i have heard from a lot of people that you will not be in all of the movies that are in the twilight series. i am starting to get really confused. i really want you to play Edward Cullen in the movies. you are such a good actor. i could not see anyone else being Edward. if anyone else did become Edward i would be so sad and i probably would not be that interested in the movies you are not in. they just would not be the same. so my question to Robert Pattinson is are you going to be in all of the movies that are in the twilight series?

A quick question for Rob:
I wanted to know on which website (like myspace, facebook...) does he spend the most time? Becouse on his myspace account he hasn't loged in like for 2 months or so. So if it's not too late could you ask him this question? thanks

robert i really like u will u go out with an 11 year old i am extreamly inlove with u please if u say no my whole life will be torn apart pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee i really really really really really really like u please please please please


If this ever is actually read by Robert (which I sadly doubt), I just wanted to say that I think all of this hype is crazy. A lot of young girls seem to have it in their heads that he IS Edward, but he's not. He's Robert, and I can't begin to express just how sorry I feel for him that a lot of them can't figure that out. Getting to the point, I would just like for him to know that he gets a lot of respect in my eyes. It must be so weird to go from being just another guy on the street to THE guy on the street, but I think he's handling it well.

So anyways, good luck Rob, I wish you the best of success. And maybe a moment to breathe once and a while ;-)

hi rob i think you are so sexy!

omg robert pattinson...HOT!!!!!
omg talor lautner...so not!!!!!
talor is sutch a but hole he stole roberts spotlight in new moon,I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!

what do you think about girls of young age who are your fans?

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