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'Twilight' Countdown: Vote for your favorite scene


25 days left ... And the excitement is building. I'm curious to know what you guys are most stoked about seeing.

-- Denise Martin

Photo:  David Strick / Hollywood Backlot

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I can't wait to see the whole movie...

Mostly the night in Port Angeles at the restaurant....the kiss scene(of course)....Oooohhh the part where she sees him for the first time in the cafeteria....

The meadow scene!!!! It was amazing in the book and I can't wait to see it played out in the movie.

I'm curious about the first time Bella sees Edward in the cafeteria :)

when bella first meets the entire Cullen clan.
The port angeles scene
and when they first set eyes on each other in the cafeteria
cant wait for this movie!

When bella meets the entire Cullen clan at their place
the port angeles scene beginning to end!
and when they first see each other in the cafeteria

The first kiss and the meadow scene. I'm surprised you guys didn't make that one of your options. But, its okay. Thanks for asking.

I'm most looking forward to...

The Meadow Scene!!! :)

I can't wait! :)

What is not to look forward to in this movie ??? i cant wait to see the entire movie...... But there a some scenes that im curios about 1. when Edward & Bella first see each other in the cafeteria 2. Edward's reaction when he first smells bella 3. when Edward tells the Cullens he's in love with Bella 4. Port Angeles 5. The Meadow 6. when Bella visit's the cullens house 7. Edward singing Bella to sleep 8. Alice, Alice, Alice.........

More of the kiss we get to see in the newest TV Spot!

Of course all of the above, but also:
The Meadow Scene
Jasper telling Bella she "Is worth it"
First kiss, Memory Tampering kiss, well shoot ALL kisses!
Angry Edward in Port Angeles.
Would have loved Blood Typing scene but I know thats not in there.
Seeing one another for the first time.
Biology struggle
Flash backs
La Push
Vampire Baseball
The Prom
Really.....ALL OF IT!!!

i cant wait for their kissing scenes!!! especially when they were about to goto the baseball game.. hope that's in themovie as well. but any make out scenes would be fine.. lolz.... theyre both hot indivisually and together! no doubt about that.

The meadow scene and every kiss! Actually, who am I kidding? I can't wait to see the entire movie!

i just can't wait to see the following xD
* the first sight in the cafeteria
* the akward conversation in biology when he returns from alaska
*the port los angeles scene ( the whole driving back experience)
*of course the meadow.... omg the sparking edward!!!
* omg my favorite!!! the first night edward stays in bella's room watching her sleep!
* edward playing the piano (priceless)

I'm looking forward to the Biology Classroom scene, it would be interesting to compare what i've read in Twilight and Midnight Sun.

I really want to see the first time they start talking, the meadow, the night and morning after the meadow, after he saves her from James, in the hospital both times, the kissing scenes, port angeles, so yeah all of it right now because I do not want to wait a month.

I'm looking forward to the fight scene, Port Angeles, the first cafeteria scene, the flashbacks, the prom and I can't wait to see how they make Edward sparkle. I don't know why Bella & Jacob's dance at the prom is even on the list. Not exactly momentous.

Definitely the meadow scene. I want to see Edward sparkle!!!!

i cannot wait to see the part where they're in the the meadow.
it was one of my favorite parts in the book.
ahhh they're all my favorite parts, i just hope they're all in it.

My favorite is when they finally kiss!
That whole scene where he says "Can I try something?" And he finally kisses her makes me lose my breath for a minute! I also scream a little and turn into a fan girl for a second! It is so HOT! They build you up for it and when it finally happens it's like 'please don't stop!'

oh oh oh and the part where she gets all puky because of the blood! That part made me laugh so hard I looked stupid.

M-E-A-D-O-W please...with tones of sparkles ontop!

I'm also curious about the flashback scenes with the Cullens. The pics look amazing.

I cannot wait for Edward and Bella's first kiss!

I can't wait to see the scene where Edward dazzles Bella to get her on his back again. When he has her against the jeep and is "seducing her" into running with him... OME... that part in the book took my breath away, and I can't wait to see it on the big screen!!!

my favorite part of all the books is the meadow. it is probably the most magical part of any of the books. Its when they knew that they loved eachother. :D

I cant wait for:
1) Car Accident
2) Port Angeles
4)Meadow(first kiss)
5) Edward's first night in Bella's Bedroom

I am most looking forward to seeing The cullens house

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