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'Twilight' Countdown: Vote for your favorite scene


25 days left ... And the excitement is building. I'm curious to know what you guys are most stoked about seeing.

-- Denise Martin

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Um, Meadow scene anyone???

im looking forward to the moment bella and edward confess their feelings for eachother and when they are in their meadow.

The scene in the meadow!

the moment that im most looking forward to is when the 1st time they tell each other "i love you" after bella wakes up and they're both sitting in her rocking chair. though im not sure the movie can capture the emotion as well as it was written...

I'm looking forward to when the nomads come!

I am so very excited for the part in the book where Bella is in the alley way and the gang is going to attack her and then Edward just races up out of nowhere. I love that part! My Favorite!!!!! oh! and the meadow scene of course =)

I absolutely can't wait to see the meadow scene!!!! Yeah for sparkling Edward!

I'm most looking forward to seeing Edward SPARKLE (I will be really disappointed if this isn't in the movie).

The medow!!!

The meadow scene ...

Edward in the meadow..all sparkly.. =]

The meadow and that first breath-stopping kiss......

I think I'm looking forward to the meadow and the prom scene.

The scene I'm most looking forward to seeing - the meadow scene of course! That's what started this whole phenomenon anyway, Stephenie's dream of the meadow scene.

The scene that I can't wait to see is the first biology scene. It's the first time Edward gets a whiff of Bella's scent. I'm curious to see how Pattison dealt with Edwards wide range of emotions in that moment. After that, I can't wait for the first kiss scene.

Edward will sparkle. Nuff said.

The meadow?

I'm looking forward to the meadow!!!! OME i'm soooooooooooooo excited.


Bella and Edward in the meadow!!!

And all of the kissing scenes!!!

the meadow when Edward sparkles
in Biology class

The meadow scene...where it all began :)

I cant wait for all of the movie ut particularly excited about all of the time Bella and Edward are getting to know each other...Like when he is being really secretive and stuff and then when she finally gets answers at port angeles :]

I want to see the whole 1st kiss scent. The teaser trailer gives a good peek but the whole scene should be AWESOME!

how come you don't have any stories on Twilight in your newspaper- why are there only stories about Opera and Museums? If you gave us younger people a reason, maybe we'd read the paper and the newspaper industry would grow.

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