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'Twilight' Countdown: Vote for your favorite scene


25 days left ... And the excitement is building. I'm curious to know what you guys are most stoked about seeing.

-- Denise Martin

Photo:  David Strick / Hollywood Backlot

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Definitely the meadow scene!

the port angeles scene!! or the hospital scene :)

I'm looking forward to the dinner in Port Angeles and the drive back to Forks

Confessions...The Meadow scene!!

Um, definitely looking forward to THE KISS the most, I've heard they had great on screen chemistry, and his sexy smirk...*sigh*. Can't wait!

I'm most excited to DROOL over Robert Pattinson for an hour or two!!!!!!!!!!


Bella realizes that she was unaware that Edward had been staying with her at night.

I think I'm looking forward to the Port Angeles scenes the most but I'm also realllllly looking forward to Meadow/first kiss scene!

I Can no't wait!!!

Port Angeles scene --Edward coming to the rescue!

Spakling Edward and the whole meadow scene.

ALL of it ,and I just cann't wait to see the first kiss !

Bella & Edwards kiss!!!

edward and bella in the meadow

i'm really looking forward to the moment after the battle when Edward feels that he's going to lose Bella. Not to see him suffer *tear* but to really see how much he cares for her. Actually what i want to see the most is the chemistry between Edward and Bella, how when they look at each other you can feel the "love" between them =]]
i can't wait for this movie!!!!!

THE kiss between Edward and Bella of course

I'm looking forward to the entire movie....i'm so excited for it to come out

I am looking forward to see how the actors bring to life the characters that we have all come to love. To see ihow they interpret the characters from the book. That is what I am really looking most forward to seeing.

I'm looking forward for the kissing scene

Either the meadow scene or him playing the piano, I can't decide.

the first kiss!!! duhhhhh!

the thing i wanna c most...
how about... their first kiss?!?!?!
o yea, and how the students at forks high school react to seeing bella + edward together TOGETHER... priceless...

the meadow scene

I'm looking forward to the first night they spend together... it's one of my favorite parts in the book

what im most looking forward to see is the moment (the whole scene) where edward and bella kissed

I am most looking forward to the Meadow!!! When they confess their love for each other... Also, "I just want to try one thing...." I can't WAIT!!!

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