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'Twilight' Countdown: Vote for your favorite scene


25 days left ... And the excitement is building. I'm curious to know what you guys are most stoked about seeing.

-- Denise Martin

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I can't wait for the cafeteria sceen (if there is one... i hope) the first time Bella lays her eyes on Edward Cullen ...ome i can't wait!!!!!!

ome i can NOT wait for the cafeteria seen where bella first see's Edward Cullen !!!! OME i can NOT wait!!!! :)

I truely cant wait to see this movie!!

The turning points are what I am looking forward to:
1. The first interactions between Bella and Edward at school(including the near accident).
2. The night of Port Angeles.
3. The first night Edward spends in her room.
4. And, of course, the meadow scene.

the meadow scene for sure! it's when Edward and Bella proclaim their love for each other and Edward shows Bella why he can't stand in the sunlight! He sparkles! I wonder how the movie is going to pull that one off...

I'm most excited for the meadow scene!

i cant wait till twilight comes out!!OMG..i have read all of the books and im so excited...
25 more days!!

I can't wait to see the whole movie but specialy
I am excited to see the medow scene (if it exist in the movie) and of course the first Kiss!!!

Thank you so much! for bringing a little bit of Twilight, while we wait for the movie
you guys are great!

Looking forward to the moment Edward and Bella first meet each other... the beginning is also the most exciting.

I am looking forward to the meadow scene and seeing how they will make Edward sparkle (hopefully, without him looking like a fairy).

The first time Edward and bell speak to each other.

I'm looking forward to the meadow scene. Thats what started it all & it was my favorite scene in the book. I hope it's as beautiful as it was described by Stephenie Meyer.

The meadow scene of course!

There are two scenes that are tied for what I am most looking forward to seeing; the meadow scene and the prom.

Well, the meadow scene obviously! and the first kiss. We got a peek on the trailer, but I want to see more!

I'm most looking forward to the Meadow and the love scenes with Edward and Bella. I'm also looking forward to the additions in the film such as the greenhouse scene and the Port Angeles scene.

None of the above! THE MEADOW SCENE!

I am most excited about the Port Angeles scene--where Edward rescues Bella from the menacing strangers on the streets.

The kiss!

I cannot believe it..Nov 21st cannot come fast enough...I am most excited about seeing "the kiss" with all the build up that will come along with it...Kristen and Rob just ooze chemistry as Bella and Edward and cannot wait to see them play off of each other!


i couldn't vote because im anticipating to see all those scenes on the big screen!! i seriously can not believe it's only 25 days away!! i think i'm going to go crazy when it gets down to the week when Twilight comes out!!

The kiss you tools! Why is that not even an option?

Bella and Edward's kiss! And the Cullen house and the scenes in Port Angeles andd all the other bazillion amazing parts about Twilight that we all know and love :) But definitely the kiss!

I'm looking forward to the scene with Bella and Edward in the hospital. Catherine and Stephenie have mentioned a few times in interviews and I'm curious.

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