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'Twilight' Countdown: Why are you running, Edward?

26 days left...


Introducing Caption this! Saturdays. This little-seen picture of Edward darting through the woods practically begs for a good caption. Be creative. You can find inspiration here and here.

Give it your best shot below and next Saturday the winners will be celebrated right here.


In other news, on Monday I'll also be talking to Ed Gathegi, who plays bad vamp Laurent. If you've got questions for the actor, I'll get the answers.

Twilight Lexicon says that tickets for the first midnight "Twilight" showings are on sale for select locations. Check with your local theaters.

Finally, keep the soundtrack reviews coming -- I have yet to hear anything positive!

-- Denise Martin

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Robert Pattinson in "Twilight" /
Summit Entertainment
Ed Gathegi /

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Edward: "I got it, I got it -- it's mine!!"
(I LOVE Rob in uniform!)

What ? I LOVE EVERY SONG ON THE SOUNDTRACK AND don't mind the Twilight fans they can be VERY judgemental and very picky !!! IF IT DOESN'T LIVE UP TO WHAT THEY HAD in their minds they hate it !!! But yes I loved everyone song and a couple of questions for
1. So what's next in your career ? Any new projects ?
2. If you could play any other role other then Laurent who would you be ?

Well thanks L.A times I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE !!!!

"What...free tacos!"

"“I forgot to set my Tivo for Heroes!”

"Seriously a ticket, I thought I was only parked there for two seconds."

Edward is running away from Bella's delicious scent & just happens to be in a baseball jersey!!!!

"Now where did I drop her??"

Uh oh! rosalie broke a nail.

Edward freaks out when Bella shows him...her love

*Indiana Jones theme music* *Edward Runs from a giant boulder* Damn it I new the sandbag trick wouldn't work!


I want to know what it was like for Ed to go from working as a doctor with Hugh Laurie to being a vamp with Robert Pattinson.

As for the caption: Oh crap! I left the stove on!

Oh God!!! I think I left Bella alone!!!

What does a vampire run from?

Edward needs to run. Emmett is after him for stealing his jersey. It's obviously his, it's way too big!

Could you ask Edi how he interpreted his role as Laurent, since his character is the more civilized and reasonable of the three bad vamps? I was itnerested if he put any sort of thought into how he wanted to portray that difference between him and the more nomadic and feral James and Victoria.

Laurent's the most interesting of the bad vamps because he's less predictable....

Can't wait for Edi's interview. I find him and the girl who plays Victoria to be the most eloquent and well spoken actors at all the press junkets!

I was wondering if Edi put any sort of backstory to Laurent's character. We aren't given much information about him in the books. And yet, with his name and more progressive ways(he's willing to give "vegetarianism" a try and heads up to Denali), I would imagine his backstory is much more interesting than James for instance.

Did he approach his character by sort of filling in the voids of his background?

I"m so excited to read Edi's interview! I love him as Laurent and I love him with the dreads and the rock star look!

My question for him is:

Did he read Twilight and what were his impressions of the book? And what was his favorite scene to shoot?

Okay, I'm going to have a go. My caption is:

"Crap! Tanya found me!"

It really is the best thing I can think of without stealing someone else's work :)

Robert Pattinson: "I have to run faster. They are still close behind me. Gosh, it's really dangerous to play a supernaturally handsome vampire .... especially when they really believe you are handsome ..."

Crowd of girls behind Rob (invisible behind the trees): "ROBERT!!! Please wait!!!! Robert I love you!!! Will you marry me Rob?"

Damn that Jessica's persistence!!

Picture Caption:

I'm running towards Bella because Jacob is once again trying to put the moves on her, the mangy mutt!

Soundtrack review: I went to Hot Topic on Friday and enjoyed listening to the soundtrack. I really liked most of it, Rob's song was my favorite. Bella's lullabye is o.k., but it should have been a piano solo like in the books. Over all the cd was good. I think it takes some getting used to because most of the loyal fans are used to Stephenie's playlist for Twilight.

Edward lost a hold on his new doggy :(
"No, come back here, (insert name here)!"

Help! The fangirls are coming!

OH NO! It's almost time for Emeril

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