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'Twilight' Countdown: Why are you running, Edward?

26 days left...


Introducing Caption this! Saturdays. This little-seen picture of Edward darting through the woods practically begs for a good caption. Be creative. You can find inspiration here and here.

Give it your best shot below and next Saturday the winners will be celebrated right here.


In other news, on Monday I'll also be talking to Ed Gathegi, who plays bad vamp Laurent. If you've got questions for the actor, I'll get the answers.

Twilight Lexicon says that tickets for the first midnight "Twilight" showings are on sale for select locations. Check with your local theaters.

Finally, keep the soundtrack reviews coming -- I have yet to hear anything positive!

-- Denise Martin

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Robert Pattinson in "Twilight" /
Summit Entertainment
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My entry:

Also, the majority of the soundtrack is quite good. Rob is receiving good reviews all around, and it's also been found out that iTunes will be releasing extra tracks if you buy the soundtrack from the iTunes store (one of those extra tracks being Rob's second song 'Let Me Sign')

How exciting!

As for the lullaby, people are very mixed about it. Majority still wishes Rob's version was being used, but we can't all win, now can we?

We haven't missed a single day. Keep 'em coming.

This is my caption for the Edward picture.

It's just one of those days a vampire can't get any rest from the fangirls. Edward, time and again, had to run away...this time they brought the hound dogs.

Robert Pattinson- Late again for a magazine interview.

1. Edward: "The fangirls want to do WHAT?!"

2. Edward:"Maybe the fangirls will leave me alone if I make an ugly face while I run."

3. Edward: "OH CRAP. The fangirls have found me!"

"Ah, Crap. Theres no bathrooms here! I need to do the "two" so badly!"

here is my caption for edward's running picture..... =D

"Oh no!! I forgot about my pie in the oven!!!!"

Qs for Ed:
Do you like playing the role of Laurent? What do you like most about playing the role of Laurent? If you could play any other character, in Twilight, who would it be and why? What was your favorite part while making the film?

Jasmine 15

Don't tow my Volvo!!!!!

You haven't heard anything positive? Well, let me be the first.....the soundtrack is AWESOME!!! I know that sounds like what any other teenager would say (and I'm not definitely a teenager) but I love the songs I heard. Robert Pattison's song was unexpectedly very sweet and poignant. I heard his music before, but there is something special about this one.....it has a soul to it. Bella's lullaby was also unexpected because I thought it was going to be entirely a piano piece. But the song was a combination of other instruments, more like an orchestra, so I'm interested on how it would be in the film. I guess what I heard on the soundtrack is more of the "hollywood version" as oppose to what would be shown (or heard) in the movie because Edward is suppose to play it in the piano. Overall, I thought the whole soundtrack is very "Twilighty" and reflected the romance, tension, and conflict that Bella and Edward shared. So, BRAVO!!!

my question for ed,
are you excited for New Moon where you get killed by a werewolf?

was it fun playing a bad vampire?


Oh crap...maybe playing 'messing with werewolves' wasn't such a great idea! Emmett!!!!

Holy Crow!! I've got to get away from these fangirls and their mothers!!

Caption: "Oh, god! Stay the hell away fangirls!" - Edward


My question for him is:
What actor on set impressed him the most?

What do you mean about the soundtrack. All I've read are positive reviews. Everyone adores Rob's track and the Paramore single. The lullaby is not quite what was expected but fans ahve coemroudn to that too. Havent you read EW - even they adored Rob's song and most of the tracks on the album. I've even read gossip hacks articles which say how good Rob's track is.

for the caption contest... here is my thought on the picture...


Caption: OH CRAP VOLDEMORT IS BACK.. he won't get me again! pants **

Hey Denise...did you mean you haven't heard anything LESS than positive...because we've been hearing ONLY positive reviews regarding the soundtrack...

I hope that's what you meant! :)

Caption- Edward running from a PSM-ing Bella

Is this were we submit our captiions? I would say...

Edward panicking to himself. "Crap crap crap, in my excitment to play baseball with my family I totally forgot Bella in the jeep! Crap!"

Okay, mine would say, "Run Edward, run!!!!!!!!" The tween fangirls are a block away from you!!!!!!!!!"

i must get back to my stylist!! my hair is deflating!!!


This is for Edward's pic:

*Chasing after Forks' only hair stylist*

"Wait! Wait! I know my hair's a mess, but I really need it cut! I'm taking Bella to prom soon!"

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