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'Twilight' countdown: Look like Bella and Edward on Halloween

Twenty-eight days to go...

Perhaps more important, there are only eight days until Halloween. So today's offering is a "Twilight" costume guide. Because, let's face it, it's not easy to dress up as "Twilight" characters (at least in ways non-fans will understand.) Bella's a pretty normal if clumsy girl with sometimes frizzy brown hair. She wears jackets most of the time in cold, overcast Forks. Edward's a vampire doing his best not to look like, well, a vampire.

So how best to celebrate in costume? Work the details:

Goldeneyes_2 A dazzling eye. Edward's eyes. One of the most trafficked "Twilight" fan sites heralds them as "his golden eyes." Vision Direct has eight pages of Halloween contacts in every shade and design imaginable. (You can go red if you're looking to be newborn Bella or wolfie black for Jacob.) Be warned: the palpatine custom lenses shown, which look pretty darn close to the ones Robert Pattinson wears in the "Twilight" posters, will set you back $115. Fire/Darth isn't so bad at $34.95.

Promdresses Bella's prom dress. On Stephenie Meyer's website, she says the dress on the far right was her inspiration in describing Bella's blue prom dress. Kind of high-end for high school, though. The movie's director, Catherine Hardwicke, went with a simpler, more realistic take (as seen on Kristen Stewart in the middle) -- as did we. The silk chiffon halter dress works just as well -- and at the right price, no?

Whitefacepaint_2 Marble-like features. Be generous with the face paint. The paler, the better. And darken those bags under the eyes. Edward hasn't slept in over 100 years. (Oh! Stuff a few ice packs in your pockets to get that cool marble effect.)

Blood Blood. You'd think that being surrounded by vampires would be Bella's biggest  romantic hazard, but usually it's her own awkwardness. She runs into things, falls off motorbikes, plunges off of cliffs -- it's a wonder Edward manages to not go insane. A little blood (maybe where James sunk his pearly whites into her hand) is definitely a Bella Swan earmark.

Fangs_2 Fangs. We only hear about them when the vamps get protective or pissed. So keep them small and subtle. Chomping down on your own cheeks or tongue could ruin the night.

Ring Bella's engagement ring. A splurge item to be sure, but the devoted Bella wannabe can sport a Stephenie Meyer-approved engagement ring if necessary. TwilightTeez.com has got 'em for as little as $59 for a replica and up to $2,199 for the real, 1.6-carat deal. (I try not to judge, but please remember it's Halloween, "Twilight" fans. And Edward isn't actually giving you the ring. Use your discretion.)

Bball_3 Edward's baseball uniform. Again, how does one "dress up" as Edward, a teen vamp whose family goes to great pains to blend in as humans? After you powder up, pop in the colored contacts, and get your fangs fitted, your best bet is dress up as Edward At Play. It's "inside baseball" -- and it's cute.

***A note about this guide: I can not vouch for any of the merchants listed (not even Amazon.com). I have not purchased any of these items from any of the sites linked myself. If anything, let this guide serve as inspiration as you make your Oct. 31 plans.

-- Denise Martin

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I'm sorry, but I would just like to state that the Twilight vampires DO NOT have fangs.

Denise do you have a view on Rob Pattinson being left to fend for himself in Mexico with very ittle support from Summit/his management. You must have seen the airport footage by now? Summit have arranged for Rob to visit shopping malls before the film is released. This seems a recipe for disaster unless they have enough security. I'd be interested in your take on events.

GOD! WHEN WILLPEOPLE LEARN THAT THEY DONT HAVE FANGS?!?!? srry.touchy abou that. love everything else!

I stand corrected. They do not have fangs, just sharper stronger teeth. The subtle fangs still work, I think. You don't want to entirely blend in, right?




no, we do not want to blend in completely (although part of the whole cullen thing IS trying to blend in, actually). but we also don't want to look like idiots to our fellow twilighters. fangs are an absolute joke.

that's fanatastic! i was thinking about dressing up as someone from Twilight for Halloween but I didn't really know how to go about it. Thanks!

and no, they DO NOT have fangs lol.

Just to let you know these vampires do not have fangs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you want to dress up as them don't wear fangs!!!!!!!!!

THEY DONT HAVE FANGS!!!!! yeah, im a bit picky about that

Denise, I'm curious about the airport in Mexico situation as well. Poor guy was almost mauled. Do you know if he will get more security for the mall tours?

I'm rocking old school vamp for Halloween, since Twilight vamps are very low key. Nothing major tho, just a hooded dress, pale skin and small fangs.

As for the Rob in Mexico thing...it may just be my age showing but, flash back about 10 years to when Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears were all the rage. If you can, look for videos of them in Asia and tell me they didn't have it 100 times worse than Rob.

Rob in Mexico wasn't really that bad.

my friends & i dressed up as Laurent, Charlie, and other random Twilight characters for the release of Breaking Dawn. Here are a couple pictures:



alexismarie --

Nicely done!!! I like the choice of "Twilight" side characters -- the expression on "Laurent" is priceless. He's crazed Laurent! And Charlie has about the coolest 'stache I've seen recently (apart from Grant Show on "Swingtown.")

Thanks for sharing!

What I would love to find is a source to buy just one or two pairs of actual prescription colored contacts. All I can find are sources for whole boxes of contacts. And I'm crazy, but not $$$ crazy.


Don't forget one of the most distinguisable features of vampires! Thier cresent shaped bite mark signifying that someone bit them to turn them into a vampire. This is probably the heapest wasy to get the right color: use a silver sharpie tto draw it on! You can pick anyplace noticable and it'll totally look cool! I hope this helps!

Wendy, Good call. Judging by the comments, I should have suggested that as opposed to the fangs -- which the "Twilight" vampires do not have. I understand now guys. Major oversight. Apologies.

okay, i'm happy that you understand about the no fanqs thinq now...

&& iLOVEE the ideas.

i'm so beinq bella as a vampire in halloween.

I<3edward =D

Guys we know that the twilight vampires dont have fangs, but people who have no idea what Twilight is dont which is why if you dress like them and you say your a vampire they will look at you funny. LA Times was just trying to help, no need to freak out. Its ok, just breathe :)

This is great, I am going to totally do this for halloween!

ok, i think everyones realized that they dont have fangs. You guys dont have 2 keep goin at it. im sure she got the point.
luv the list, btw. cant wait 4 the movie!


I LOVE the ice pack idea, I can't believe I didn't think of that. I might invest in some of those contacts, because you can save them in a contact case and then wear them to the movie premiere and the official guide's release.
Also, I don't think they will be released in time for this Halloween, but maybe for next Halloween, Amazon.com is selling replica jewelry from the movie. They have Edward's wristband, Carlisle's ring, Rosalie's pendant, Alice's choker, and Esme's bracelet. (I know they're not in the books, but if you want to go for the movie effect)
Finally, it might make it more obvious you're a Twilight vampire/character if you carry around an apple. (Just a thought)

its funny how us real fans get so touchy over the fact that ppl think that twilight vampires have fang! and they dont! lol im a real fan and i get mad.. lol darn those ppl who dont listen!

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