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'Twilight' Countdown: Exclusive Robert Pattinson photo

Wolfierob29 days left...

In today's gift bag we have this exclusive shot of Robert Pattinson taken earlier this month for an upcoming story about "Twilight" in The Times. Publish date: Nov. 2. Write it down.)

You're welcome.

I now welcome your thoughts on it. The facial hair, I think, is very un-Edward. (Could Bella's marble prince even grow facial hair? It seems unlikely). But do we like it just the same? Does it make Robert sexier? More smoldering?

Or just too Wolverine?

Perhaps he's sporting the new look in the name of Spunk Ransom's next Whiskey A Go-Go gig.

Leave your theories and thoughts below. We'll duke it out.

Also, I forgot to mention in Tuesday's launch post that the Countdown updates will be posted every day at 2 pm.

"Twilight" at 2.

Even on the weekends.

-- Denise Martin


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Photo: Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times

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I actually really love this pic of Rob. There's something dark, yet vulnerable about him in that pic. Every bit the British badboy hearttrob look.

I happen to love beards and not all men can pull it off. Rob can! Love it!

O.o Uh... I just can't agree with the majority of comments on here. Facial hair =\= Edward. He kind of looks like...House. Bloodshot eyes, unshaven, 'Ima kill you' look....

Mm. It's good that the beard makes him look older. I feel like less of a pervert drooling over him this way.

I love this beard, I adore this beard, I adore this man!!!!!

Thank you L.A. Times!!!

Hopefully there are some interesting interviews left to come up!!!

I love it. I think the facial hair just improves the brilliance of his face.

is there nothing that can make him unattrative?
seriously. even when he doesnt have the accent its hot.

Ugh. I'm sorry Rob, but leave the facial hair. For Edward, I don't really think he CAN grow it, since he's a vampire (so dead), but personally I don't think it looks hot on anyone. Santa Claus much?
But he is HOTTTT either way. I just prefer him minus the stache. It scares me.


I prefer him without the facial hair. I'm not a fan of facial hair in general.

it may be a rather un-edward picture, however, it couldnt be more ROB... the shaggy look and the oh-so rob gaze is absolutely heart stopping!

Eh. I don't like the hobo look so much. Like a previous comment, his facial structure is just too yummy to cover up!

Just no. He has such a nice jaw, why cover it up? Facial hair is gross.

Not a big fan of the facial hair...he looks so much better with it shaved
but either wayyy hes still hott
just shave it...pleasee

Oh goodness! He'll always be hot hair or no hair! i wouldn't mind if he had third eye!
For some reason he reminds me of Brad Pitt in his facial-face times!

HAHAHAHAHA omg... i love him, but he looks waaay too funny.

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways."

The heavens smiled down on Robert Pattinson's parents when he was conceived.

Definitly wolverine; I don't like it:(

He is so gorgeous no matter what he wears or does to his hair. I just hope all the exposure doesn't overwhelm him. It scares me after what happened with Heath Ledger.

precious. with our without facial hair.


Rob needs to shave and wash his hair and smile, the grungy look is so unprofessional

I like robert without the facial hair. he looks better in the trailer.

Wow...ummmm....I'm not sure about that look....he does look like Wolverine.
He's so much sexier without the facial hair....

he looks like a shepard

a pretty hot shepard

but a shepard none the less

He is a wooly mamoth, but oh my! He is HOT!!!!
He can try to hide how gorgeous he his, but he just can't.

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